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Magda      April 01, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Magda)
April 1, 2018   11:33–11:50 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Easter Resurrection's Miracle Is for Us All

There are many examples of the resurrection light and flame within life itself, within nature and within yourself, if you consider how God has invested this energy within the universe to sustain the ongoing nature of life. We have the seasons of nature, where spring is the time of the resurrection and all of the plants begin again to grow from their dormant state during the winter; when animals that are in hibernation or whose systems have slowed down somewhat or who have gone to warmer areas return to their natural habitats or begin to awaken and involve themselves in their lives, in their own form of procreation to generate new lives, new beings, according to their species. They regenerate through the sacred act of union in pairs of opposite sex, and this is a type of resurrection of life that is born again and again throughout the seasons, the years.

Your own reincarnation, lifetime after lifetime, is indeed a type of resurrection. First you resurrect from the body when the spirit leaves your body, and you are then in another plane of being, hopefully on the etheric plane between lifetimes until you qualify for your ascension. And in a sense, every time your spirit leaves your body, this is the resurrection of your spirit. Then when you enter a new body form in reincarnation, it is an amazing alchemy. God has offered you, through the mercy of this divine law, the ability to balance your karma, to fulfill your dharma and to qualify for the ultimate gift of the ascension, and prior to that, the final resurrection of your being before your ascension. This resurrection before your ascension is the most magnificent one of all.

You've already been resurrected many times by being allowed to come back into embodiment, yet the veil is drawn on your memory, typically. You don't always remember your past lives. Yet usually in the last few lifetimes, you begin having inklings of your past lifetimes, especially during your last lifetime. You often have many, many memories of having been embodied in various civilizations or cultures around the world. You start putting things together in terms of who you are, the stream of your awareness, the collectivity of your cosmic consciousness that you are giving birth to as an initiate. You weave these strands of light in your aura and you co-create with God your deathless solar body, your eternal light body, the merkabah, which spins and magnifies God in its spinning and in its glory. And as the resurrection currents begin to manifest because your threefold flame is balanced and it begins to spin, there is then co-created this magnificence of all the colors of the rainbow manifesting in the glory of this light body that you have prepared consciously through all of your givingness, your creativity, your love shared in this and past lives.

When you come to that point of the full resurrection current blazing within you, it is for the purpose of glorifying God and anchoring within the Earth the great light of your being to then offer as a spring of eternality for others. When Jesus resurrected, it was a demonstration of the victory over death. It was also the fulfillment of scripture and it was an example for all of us to follow.

Yes, Easter's resurrection miracle is for all of us, because when we proclaim “I AM the resurrection and the life”1 with Jesus, with all who have resurrected and ascended, we partake of the initiatic path, of what that means, the glorification of God within our cells, within our hearts, our chakras, our auric field, within the deepest part of ourselves, our soul. And as our souls are resurrected and as we continue to manifest that resurrection consciousness and flame and fire, we give birth within the Earth to the new field of divine joy within that resurrection flame that is our Christic Presence, our Buddhic awareness, our Mother light fully manifest.

Because Jesus so associated with God the Father, with God the Mother that he was able to coalesce the light within his being and be this great boon to humanity, this great example of a true Son of God, we too can follow his lead and garner that light within our beings; and we can follow Magda's lead, as a daughter of God fully Self-realized, and make it all the way on the initiatic path through the final initiations of the transfiguration, the resurrection, the ascension.

The transfiguration is very crucial in preparing for the resurrection, because we have drawn this light-energy consciously through our entire auric field by magnifying the Lord right where we are and glorifying God within the sacred space that God has provided as this energy field that is beyond the physical. It goes into the emotional, the mental, the etheric planes of being and then beyond that, as we continue to magnify the light, into the higher Atmic, Buddhic, Christic and universal planes of consciousness, and it expands and expands. And we tap into these divine resources in the higher realms of light, the thirty-three levels of the etheric plane, and especially the higher levels of the etheric where the ascended masters interpose themselves to provide inspiration to humanity. And as we commune with the ascended masters in our own higher state of awareness, we draw down that light and we do fulfill the divine law of God within our being—as Above, so below. Thy kingdom come…on earth, as it is in heaven.”2

So we are in a figure-eight spiral, glorifying God right where we are by drawing Spirit into matter, drawing light into the darkness of this plane, expanding that light and then returning it to God through adoration, devotion, spiritual meditation, prayer and oneness. So through that glorification of God right where we are, the figure-eight flow betwixt heaven and earth is sustained and the resurrection light continues to manifest.

We are experiencing this resurrection pulsation today on Easter Sunday, yet the goal is to sustain it every day in some way. As we rise in the morning, we are resurrected from the state of unconsciousness of our body and our mind when we are in activity in the etheric, hopefully, rather than the astral plane. And then as our conscious awareness comes back in the morning in this type of resurrection, we have the opportunity to glorify God, to dedicate and consecrate our day to God in our thoughts, our feelings, our motives, everything that we do, everything that we say, all our actions. And this glorification of God helps to sustain that resurrection flame within us.

I had an interesting experience last night and early this morning. And this is David, of course, not Magda. I had a dream, which was more than a dream, with President Donald Trump. We were talking and walking together and doing a lot of different things together. It was a very interesting experience. I won't go beyond that, save to say that we are working together on the higher planes—let's put it that way. This gave me pause to consider how all of us are doing work on the etheric in our resurrected state, in our higher state of being. It is a type of resurrected state in the etheric planes, where we commune with God and the masters when we make that call before we go to sleep at night.

If we choose, we can do Leto's evening meditation, which is a beautiful meditation. It's only about twelve minutes long and prepares us in consciousness to go to the etheric and to commune with the masters, receive their instruction and/or to do other work on the etheric. I like to do work on the etheric and help the masters in teaching and doing other things and saving souls.

So the more you are aware of your resurrected light body, which is the you that coexists with God in the higher planes of being, and the more you commune with that and meditate and actually try to bilocate or go there—even while you're in your waking body on Earth—through your consciousness elevated to those planes, you can begin to experience more and more of your resurrected state of being. And this is where you do a lot of work. This is where you engage in a lot of service. It is not only here on Earth.

Some of you may have been told by people in the past that you are spaced out too much. Well, maybe so, but that space may be a divine space where you choose to associate with God, where you choose to meditate and think about divine things. And so if that's being spaced out, well, praise God! As long as you are still able to function on Earth and you are practical in other ways, what's so bad about contemplating God, feeling God's light, feeling God's Presence in your higher state of being, in your resurrected light body?

So the resurrection, just like the ascension, happens over time. It isn't only a one-day experience. You are constantly in the process of glorifying God and in that figure-eight flow, having the light of your devotion, your praise of God go up and collect in God's greater cosmic consciousness. And then God gives you back the light and the energy, and then it just keeps multiplying.

So when you understand this dynamic and you see yourself like the cover of the book Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, with those three figure-eight flows, the light, then you begin to understand this holy dynamic of how the resurrection is happening all the time. It's not just something we think about on Easter Sunday or that we celebrate Jesus having accomplished, and then we put that aside and say, “Well, he did it, but I'm not worthy yet.”

We have to get into the mode, Magda says, of feeling our worthiness to live, move and have our being in the glory of our Presence, of our ascended state of consciousness and of our resurrected state of consciousness, of our transubstantiated state of consciousness. The transubstantiation is the energy of the initiation before the resurrection, which is called the transfiguration. So the transfiguration and the transubstantiation, Magda says, are really one and the same thing. It is transforming from one state of matter into another state of light-matter.

So in our transfigured Self, we are no longer just matter substance on Earth. We become more light. We know even now that we are energy; matter is energy in a certain state of vibration. Light is a higher form of energy and a higher frequency. So when we are transmuted through consciously using the violet light and all of the rays to transmute ourselves into a higher frequency, or rate of vibration, we begin to experience this initiation of transubstantiation, which is—what again is it called? Transfiguration. I'm so spaced out, I can't even remember the word.

I think that all of us, and especially those who have balanced over 50 percent of their karma—you're moving into the 51 percent and beyond—have experienced some level of the transfiguration. And you have experienced, through years of giving the violet-light prayers, mantras, decrees and songs, the transmutation of yourself into a higher frequency. Well, it's natural for you to begin to feel what it is like to be transfigured. When you begin to feel radiation, the masters' Presence, your own Divine Presence and the frequencies of light that come into play during the dictations, the HeartStreams, the discourses, the darshans and through your own communion with God in your meditation, this is the beginning also of the resurrection for you.

So Magda says Easter's resurrection miracle is for us all. We have to work with it though. We have to believe that we are worthy to accept these frequencies of the resurrection light and to garner them deep within our soul, within our being and to learn how to sustain them through our daily spiritual practices and disciplines. And then by sustaining them and maintaining them, we can continue to just be joyous, happy, living in levity and in the eternal joy spirit of our Presence. And then, everything becomes what? Magical. Everything becomes magical. And really, another term for the flame of the resurrection is the magic ray. It's the magic ray. Everything becomes magical in the resurrection flame.

First it's a little mysterious. Then it becomes even more and more magical as we unravel those mysteries of our life, who we are, who we've been, what we're becoming. And then the true divine magic of the Presence—remember the book The Magic Presence?—begins to unleash within our worlds the majesty of the miracle matrix of perfection, which is the resurrection flame morphing into the ascension flame.

So if you feel like a mage, a magus, one of the Magi, it's great, because you are learning to be wise. Remember the Magi? The Three Magi are the wise ones, the wise masters. And we are becoming wiser and wiser in our use of energy, of light, of radiation, glorifying God through our use of it to sustain the magic of our Presence 24/7, to maintain our state of being in this elevated awareness of Presence.

Now, does this mean that we never do mundane things? No. We all have to do very down-to-earth things. We have to do the dishes, cook our food, engage in going to the bank and taking care of our finances and helping people and doing our work. All of what seems to be the daily grind is really not so much of a grind when we find our mind in God. The mind of God is a beautiful thing. And when we stay in that vibration of mindfulness with the Buddhas, then the daily grind is not so much of a grind anymore. It becomes masterful, magical and divinely mysterious.

So thank you, beloved Magda, for sharing this teaching so that we can attempt, through our days, to maintain this state of awareness of the mystical, the magical and the mysterious beauty of the harmony and the joy of our Presence.

And as we now have our love offering, our Easter Sunday love offering, in honor of Therese, who's here today, we have a beautiful song. It's 40.015, “Saint Theresa, with Us Glow.”

1. John 11:17.
2. Matthew 6:10.

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