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Gabriel      March 16, 2018

Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2018   8:04 ̶ 8:21 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana


Gabriel Inspires Us to Magnify the Lord unto Our Ascension

Dearest Ones,

As your Gabriel, I come to invest cosmic light within this atmosphere that you have created through your devotion; to accentuate the ascension current within you; to blaze forth into the receptacle of your soul the glory of God, the blessedness of beingness and the alchemy of love; to refresh you, invigorate you and to charge you with the light who I AM, the light who God is within you.

The archangels are here for those who believe in our presence and who call to us for assistance in anything that they require upon Earth in order to glorify God within their lives. Dearest ones, when you pray for illumination, for understanding, for wisdom, for truth, we are there instantaneously, at your desire and call, to assist you on your spiritual journey and path. And as you utter those words, “Come, O Gabriel, and help me this day!” I assure you that I am there in the etheric, ready to address your issues, your concerns and to lend the momentum of the light-energy field of my being—one with God and the ascension flame itself—to goad you higher and to strip away from you any aspects of your illusory self that no longer serve your life before and in God.

You see, dearest ones, when you call to us, occasionally the light is so great that some may cower a little bit in our presence. Even your blessed Mary, as a young virgin, was concerned when I came to address her and announce the imminent birth of Jesus within her. Yet saying unto her, “Fear not, Mary, 1 O handmaid of the Lord", and then giving her the revelation and the annunciation of the imminent birth of the Christos within her, she did say those sacred words: “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.2

When you can also reflect on these words within your soul, there is echoed back unto God—through that adoration, through that devotion to the One Eternal Light—your Presence. And then there is automatically the magnification of the light that you send forth by the mirrors of heaven, the angels themselves, to glorify God again within you, dearest ones.

And so you see, there is an ongoing process of the reflection back betwixt heaven and earth, between soul and spirit, and spirit and soul of this light dynamic, whereby there is an effulgence of the ascension flame that grows within you. And your aura is cleared again and again as you behold God within your midst—the light in your auric field—and as you surrender to that light, abide within that light and use that light daily to do the greater works that Jesus spoke of that his disciples would do because he would soon ascend unto his Father.3

I proclaim that you are ascending daily when you use light—the light within you—to glorify God. For what else can you do but ascend, dearest ones, when you use the energy vouchsafed unto you through your crystal cord to so magnify the Lord, to glorify God where you are? It is a natural process in which your very light-energy cells begin to be stimulated by the laser energy field of your Divine Presence in your midst, and then the gentle yet powerful currents of the ascension begin to manifest right where you are.

You see, dearest ones, you do ascend daily when you abide within your Christ Self and within your I AM Presence because this, as one said earlier this day, is the only safe place to live upon Earth. Yes, in the safety net of your Christ Spirit, there the I AM is manifesting within you and glorifying God in the cocoon, the chrysalis of self that you have built through your devotions, through your daily spiritual practices, through your meditations and prayers and through your understanding of the path of light that you walk in God.

Truly you know much, dearest ones, intellectually. And your life now—especially in your elder years—is one of the assimilation of what you know deep inside so that when that notable day comes, in that hour when God calls you home you are ready to say: “O Lord, I AM here. Take me unto your heart, unto your bosom, because I have surrendered all; I have given my all unto you. Receive me, O Lord, unto yourself. For I know that only you are real, only the light is divine, and so I seek only thee, my Lord, to be in eternality forever.”

When you can do as Jesus did on the cross—say unto your God, “I release my spirit now; receive me, God, unto thy heart”4—there is the alchemy of that mystical union of your soul with Spirit. And when you make this a daily affair in the mornings, dearest ones, as you consecrate your day to God, you enter into that mystical union and your day becomes magical and miraculous because the light abides where you are, because you have seen that light, you have felt that light, you are that light, and the light serves you as you serve the light.

Those who truly do desire to be of service to God receive the cosmic stimulating fires of heaven within. And there is a natural transcendence that manifests through their consciousness day by day, whereby the aura of purity accumulates within and around them this cosmic chrysalis of shimmering light. And some behold it and some will say: “There is something special about you today. What is it that you have done? What is happening in your world?” And you will smile and simply say: “I am in love with life. I am in love with God. I am in love with the light who I AM as a humble servant of the One.”

Yes, dearest ones, when your day becomes a humble offering of your essence unto God in your daily affairs of giving to life, there is the natural state of the current of your soul essence and Presence being extended to humanity, and you electrify the atmosphere where you walk, and the demons flee from you. And even your problems—and some that are deep-seated—simply seem to be no more, are not so burdensome unto you.

You see, this is the way of the healing manifestation of the white light of the ascension, where the light itself dispels darkness and anything that accommodates darkness—evil of any kind, impish thoughts, distractions that take you down or somewhere else than your centered state of being. Your life becomes pure, more rarefied in God's eternal light, and you simply must succumb to that which is of God's Presence because you now know that there is no other way to live save to live in the light of this pure joy-field of God's Presence.

O holy ones, I could speak for hours about the path of light that the initiates have walked, especially those who come to Serapis Bey's retreat over Luxor in Egypt, and how they learn so much from the great hierophant of the ascension flame. Seek to learn from this great chohan what you can while embodied upon Earth so that that short time between the expiration of your spirit from this plane to your ascension may be rich in simply being with the chohan of the fourth ray to prepare for that great experience and initiation of standing upon the dais and feeling this fire pouring through you, as you have meditated upon it this night. And I hope and pray that you felt those currents deep inside.

Now I compress the light of the ascension within you, concentrating it so that you may have, through all your days and all your nights, this aspect of God's eternal being manifesting within your consciousness to assist you in your daily work and service, in being more mindful, more respectful, more authentic, more real in everything.

Dearest ones, to understand your true nature, you simply have to be genuine, not putting on airs, yet putting on the air of your Presence and the white light of that nurturing spirit of the Divine Mother as a garment of grace that flows naturally from head to toe and all around. Oh yes, you will be dressed in those fine lacy garments of light. And some of you are even now experiencing, as I speak, these essences caressing your form and charging you with that light that you adore as God's beingness.

So live in your Presence, abide within the real-you state of love. And in this, you shall conquer every last vestige of darkness that would assail you, and you will set in motion the most glorious manifestation of victory—the victory of your soul wed to God, the victory of your spirit merged at last with the eternal light.

Now there is a gentle rain of light upon each of you in this room and those watching and listening on the broadcast, and those who will experience this HeartStream later. And this gentle rain is the grace of God that is your true food and nourishment. Let it flow upon you, O soul, to wash you clean this night so that you may ever be in that pure state, that inviolate state of perfect joy, harmony and grace.

I AM Gabriel, blowing my horn this night to acclaim that some are preparing for their ascension through the daily works of Spirit and through their attentiveness to the Presence, their love of God and one another and self through sacrificial giving, surrender and that selfless state of pure being in the Presence.

Thank you, dearest ones, for the grace of God that you bear and the light that you wield through joy and love. Good night.

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