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David Lewis      March 16, 2018

David Christopher Lewis  Discourse
March 16, 2018   7:40 ̶ 7:55 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Reading of Chapter 32 from Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

The masters would like me to read Chapter 32 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance. This chapter is called “The Triumphant Aura: Conquering Self as Key to Claiming Your Victory.” And there is a quote from the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov from his Daily Meditations:

To give like the sun, to love like the sun . . .

This is an ideal we must strive to achieve one day.
—Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Daily Meditations

Friends of the Divine,

            During this penultimate discourse on the advanced studies of the human aura, I would like us to pause to consider the light that has been shared between us and the great joy that I feel in having released this series unto you and with the world. It has truly been an honor to have worked with your souls and spirits in attempting to grace your hearts and minds with a greater understanding of the nature of the Godhead and of the workings of the creative aspect of his consciousness through the receptacle of the human aura and its flowing light frequencies.

Today I would detail an aspect of these esoteric teachings for those who are determined to be victorious and triumphant in their application of the spiritual arts and sciences available to mankind in this hour. To have the sense of the immaculate in nature, the divine within all life, and the hope-filled possibilities in evolutionary advancement is essential to manifesting the triumphant aura of the true masters of love-wisdom. It is the setting of the sail of one's consciousness through an attitude of joyous expectation that creates avenues for victory in all things.

The triumphant aura is one that accommodates miracles and the awesomeness of higher realms and divine intercession. Devotees, through a heart-tone of blessedness and grace, co-create the miraculous in their lives because they have invoked it by providing the framework and platform for the I AM experience of life to emerge. When one calls to the Great I AM, instantaneously the holy Presence of one's Divine Nature answers and provides the light-energy for the fulfillment of the highest outcome within the call. The spiritual aspirant has unlocked the genie of divinity through accessing the Everlasting, using inner key words that cut through all human nonsense to bring eternal beingness into the Now.

The triumphant aura scintillates with crystalline light, and its essence of buoyancy permeates the surrounding atmosphere with an energy field of felicity that brings all into the peace-commanding Presence of pure solar joy! The triumphant aura assists the soul in attuning to its reality because its radiant potential is energized and activated through the higher light frequencies of the Holy Christ/Buddha Self. The aura becomes an “Arc de Triomphe,” a portal through which the individual experiences a new, divine life from the within out.

 The greatest example of a triumphant one that you may see and experience daily is the sun. It is constantly streaming forth rays of victory, rivers of light and currents of happiness, health and wholeness to all. By emulating the sun in all his ways, you will naturally develop the victorious sense of life and co-create a victorious aura.

When the sun shines upon your endeavors, all is well. The sun excites what is as yet spiritually unmanifest within you to emerge, to grow and to flower. The sun uncovers what has been hidden through the malicious, ignorant and sympathetic designs of the tyrant ego dweller—that part of you which has until now held the Real You in its lockstep on a march with death. The triumphant ones, the ascended masters, come forth and assist you in casting aside the denizens of darkness that have assailed you and in proclaiming your victory Now, even as you are continuing in realizing that victorious sense for the remainder of your tenure on Earth.

Blessed ones, it takes divine thrust to overcome the karmic pull, the gravitational dragnet and the illusory ways of the unconscious ones of this age. This thrust is the golden light of victory which crowns your work with light-energy, which catapults you into a new orbit and realm of spiritual beingness. It is a positive incendiary, a type of holy shock treatment that awakens and quickens you with lightning speed to your true course. Every victorious one at some point along the path received the touch of Midas from a heavenly muse to illumine the mind and open the heart to the transcendent, the beautiful, the divine. Let it be so for you now, O soul!

As your thoughts, emotions, words and deeds carry the spiritual fire and weight of victory, I will be here, soaring with you in realms of light and holy love.

Ever yours,



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