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Spirit of Mexico      March 15, 2018

The Spirit of Mexico
David Christopher Lewis
March 15, 2018   7:30-7:46 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

The Spirit of Mexico Expands the Light of Love Throughout This Sacred Land!

Blessed Ones,

I AM the Spirit of Mexico, come to bless the Republic of Mexico, her people, her land, her elementals, all her resources, both spiritual and material. Every nation has both spiritual and material resources. Its spiritual resources spring from the heaven world, the ascended beings who overshine the nation, and the causal bodies of all people evolving in its territory. These resources contain the collective divine energies, essences and momentums of all, woven into an egregor of holy light and love, of every virtue born from the heart of God.

As the Spirit of Mexico, I emanate many divine aspects of the Holy Spirit's universal Presence as qualified through this people, who have evolved from numerous cultures around the world and who now inhabit this sacred land. Many ancient civilizations have come and gone here. Many peoples have evolved upon this soil, including the Olmecs, Mayans, Teotihuacans, Toltecs and Aztecs. Yet, blessed ones, there were seven other previous cultures here before your recorded history, dating back over one hundred and fifty thousand years to antediluvian times, before the Great Flood. Outposts of Atlantis and Lemuria existed here and throughout the area that you now call the Americas long before what your current archeologists and historians are aware of.

Though God's Spirit has always been present within the Earth and upon this land, as cultures have come and gone the divine light has remained for those able to access it through love. Yes, love is the overarching spirit that abides here for those who desire to live from and through the heart, those who enter God's heart through a life of charity and compassion, through kindness and affection toward all.

In fact, dearest ones, I AM that Spirit of Mexico which is true love—love of God, love of all life, love of one another, love of each individual soul or spirit. When you love, I am there pouring forth light through your chakras, through the center of your being to all life in your domain. When you love, I expand your heart radiance and inscribe throughout your world the sacred essences that the Holy Spirit uses as blessings to all.

Did you know that your Spirit is a part of my Spirit, that your soul essence is a part of the Spirit of Mexico, who I AM? Yes, when you commune with me and invoke my Presence over your nation, I release, first through your heart, my spiritual fire to bless those in your immediate environment. And I fan that fire to bless a greater circle of life around you, until all that you can envision is influenced by this divine energy of love.

You have asked me to come and speak. So I have come, and I now increase the energy of the Holy Spirit throughout Mexico to assist her people to come up higher. I assist all souls to rise into the light of their Divine Presence, to feel a greater love for one another and for all people. And as the Spirit of Mexico, I commune in this moment with the Spirit of all nations across our planet to bring a greater unity field of consciousness, a greater level of higher beingness in God into play now! Blaze forth this spirit of unity, of cooperation, of collaboration and oneness among all peoples and cultures around the Earth, O God!

I AM the manifestation of understanding, patience and truth that unifies, blesses and enriches all in its aura of holy joy and divine friendship. O America, come into this unity field of beingness and set aside your prejudgments, your human analyses, your negative concepts about other peoples and cultures. Realize that all spring from the same Father-Mother God. Know that you are all born of the same eternal light.

Now let us perform an alchemy of light this night, dear ones. Raise your hands and close your eyes and see the light emanating forth to envelop every soul in Mexico, every man, woman and child in this nation. See each one whole and perfect! Accept each one as divine and radiant! Know each one as pure and holy! You see, I behold all in this state of divine grace, and you can too. When you pray, raise your hands and let the light flow forth. Let it go forth in its infinite power to dissolve, transmute and consume darkness and simultaneously to increase, expand and blaze forth light!

It is done, in the name of the Holy Spirit! It is done, in the name of the Father-Mother God and in the flame of the living Christ, Amen!

Now, precious ones, I seal you in the new Spirit of Mexico, expanded because you have helped me this night to make it so. Thank you.

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