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Durga      January 05, 2018

Beloved Durga
David Christopher Lewis
January 5, 2018   9:00–9:16 am MST
Livingston, Montana 

Assimilate Light, O Initiates of Sacred Fire!

I AM Durga, and I stand in your midst this day blazing sacred fire through your heart, through your chakras, through your life as a blessing to you, your family this year, and your nation and her people, blessed ones.

The light of God always prevails, and the beloved I AM God Presence is that light. Your beloved I AM Presence allows you to manifest light where you are. And if you would be invincible, as I am, you must dwell in this light; you must inscribe light throughout your day in what you co-create with God. You must release light through the pores of selfhood, through the vessel who you are—of God, of godly beingness and of God's essences, which may truly manifest through the aperture of self 24/7.

You expect me to perform a clearance? Well, dearest ones, when will you rise into that state of beingness where you are always clear, you are always pure and you are the one through whom the light manifests to clarify and clear and purify and rarify everything within your world? If you choose to be godly and to bear this light, then you may wield the sword of Spirit. You may truly manifest your divinity in ways whereby that light performs the alchemy of that clearance. And then, where you place your attention, the light flows, the light glows and there is the instantaneous manifestation of godly beingness.

Yes, I AM Durga, speaking on this fifth day of January 2018. It may be for you a seminal day of acceleration in light if you choose to manifest your destiny, to manifest your divinity, to manifest Durga where you are. And so you may say with me: “I AM Durga. I AM manifesting my divinity this day, this hour, this moment. And through the light of Durga, all is clear, all is pure, and all whom I love are now released to be who they are in God, as godly beings.”

Dearest ones, the truth shall prevail. The light is the means whereby all virtues manifest. Many of you have called forth that light of truth. And on this fifth day, representing the fifth ray, I accelerate the light of truth within the Earth and within you. If you would have the truth revealed to mankind, it must first manifest through you.

What is that truth that you desire to be revealed within the world? Meditate upon the light of the fifth ray within you, that light of truth. And then when you access that point of reality and you become that truth, you are invincible in that light of the fifth ray, and then that ray goes forth through you to be a blessing to all. And then all must choose, now knowing the truth, whether to abide by the laws of truth, the laws of justice, the laws of reality.

You see, it is one thing to have the truth revealed, yet how many will actually accept these truths as their new reality? For they have abided in unreality and untruth for so long that the light itself may be a shock unto them. Therefore pray both for the awakening to the truth and for the acceptance of that truth within all worlds so that that light will stimulate all to live in the higher reality of beingness in God.

Dearest ones, it is an interesting conundrum for many of you to know the truth and yet to still allow elements of unreality to abide where you are. You focus so much on the teachings of the ascended masters, and yet the teaching itself will not save you. Your resistance to fully knowing the truth crops up again and again. You must actually allow that truth to be inscribed within you and then assimilate it fully and finally.

Pray for the light within to be fully assimilated and integrated, because this is the crux of revelation. This is the crux of God's intent to raise mankind, every soul in the light, Yes, the light continues to be released through many dispensations of grace throughout the world, through a number of vehicles through whom God works and inspires mankind. Yet, again, the crux of the matter is, will all allow that truth to be for them their new reality? Will they assimilate the light within the light of truth?

When you pray for others, that prayer must first reside within you and have the power of self-conversion, whereby you become more and more attuned to the Divine, whereby you allow more and more godly light to manifest through you. If there is not the acceleration and the magnification of that light where you are, then how can this light go forth through your own witness, your own prayers to transform your Earth, blessed ones? Therefore it may be better for many of you to spend more time in the process of assimilation of light deep within your core before you attempt to transform or change so much in the outer world around you.

Ask yourself in the morning: “O God, what would you have me assimilate of your beingness within me this day?” Then rest in your Presence. Feel the empowerment that comes through the stimulation of your inner resources and spiritual receptors. And then as you feel the light increasing, dearest ones, use that resource to project that light anywhere and everywhere as a blessing to humanity.

Many of you launch into your fiery prayers without first gaining entrée into your true Selfhood within your heart, your mind, your being to allow that light to grow, to expand and to transform you anew each day. This is why we have the fifteen minutes of silent meditation before the morning broadcasts. This is the sacred time for the self-assimilation of godly light and beingness so that when you then open your mouths in holy prayer, in devotion to God through songs, mantras and affirmations in the I AM name, those words will have the living vitality and reality of who you have become in God in that moment of true connectedness, as you witness the Presence where you live, move and have your being.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for your daily witness to the truth and for being there for and with God daily, hourly for the light to expand. These keys that I provide this day, I pray, will allow you to increase your invincible nature of godliness so that you may be victorious in all that you focus upon, set your mind to, allow your heart to reside with through love. And then, affirming and reaffirming who you are in God—“I AM a manifestation of invincible light with Durga”—you move forward, ever forward, in this victorious light.

Now my blessing flows to Canada, to the initiates there, and then from the retreat of Heros and Amora over Winnipeg to the entire Northern Hemisphere. This is my broadcast of light, light, light to the Earth. The Earth is now encased, ensouled in light. And you now may become, dearest ones, bright in that light of Durga, Durga, Durga! I thank you.

David's Comments:

            Durga requests that we sing the Gayatri Mantra1 with the recording that has been recommended, which we've done many times in the past. And you can do this for a full ten minutes and really feel the essence of what this Gayatri Mantra is representative of, especially in the assimilation of light.

So the title for beloved Durga's HeartStream is “Assimilate Light, O Initiates of Sacred Fire.”

Thank you, Arny, and thank you, heartfriends of Canada and throughout our activity worldwide. God bless you.

Some of you know today is my birthday, which is also Yogananda's birthday. And I feel it's your birthday—it's your birthday in this light of Durga. And thank you, beloved Durga, for this message. So now on to the Gayatri Mantra. Bless you.

1. See prayer 8.001 in The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras. A footnote on the page reads: The Gayatri Mantra, believed to have been chanted for over 3,500 years, is an earnest prayer of praise invoking the Supreme Divine Spirit to awaken the higher mind to attune ourselves to the cosmic mind and to cosmic laws. There are seemingly many different ways to chant the Gayatri Mantra. One version that we find especially melodious can be found at


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