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David Lewis      January 03, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 3, 2018   8:28 ̶ 8:45 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

In Support of the Sacred Mission of Our Teachers

When we were meditating, I saw many divine beings who, I feel, are all teachers coming forth to share their wisdom with us. I saw my father, Robert Lewis; Madame Caspari, whom he loved; Maria Montessori, her guru, or teacher. I saw Mother, Jesus and the World Teachers, and Lanello, of course, and other Buddhas and blessed beings who emanate so much golden light of wisdom. So I'd like for them to be able to share with us today in a discourse what their message is.

Teaching is a sacred mission, and in this day and age it is very difficult. Dealing with the educational systems of today unfortunately involves a lot of political correctness and all manner of situations that teachers have to deal with, paperwork, grading and testing, instead of simply being there as a sounding board for the children's natural development—guided very intelligently with great wisdom by the teacher, who him/herself has become that nexus point for truth, for revelation, for understanding to come forth that will help the student to self-realize who they are.

The masters are aware of the inconsistencies within our systems today and that they are very suppressive of teachers and their innate desire to be of service to the souls of children and of adults, depending on what age group they teach. Their desire is to help us, and especially all of you who are teachers, to have the inner resources and the resolve to weather the storms of what is at play in the world today (especially in certain states that have become so politically charged with attitudes that are now bringing all kinds of perversions into the mainstream), including how we are to address issues such as sexual orientation and even things like sex changes among children. This was unheard of just a generation or more ago.

All of the perversions that are manifesting now within our society are taking a great toll on both the children, who are confused based on what society and the powers that are trying to change our civilization and culture with these perverse mores are projecting; and the teachers, who have to deal with all of these issues and try to help their students to be who they are while also navigating this political situation.

This is especially so in the public schools. Many of the private schools that are, let's say, sponsored by Christian organizations are maintaining, as a whole, their purity in terms of their teaching and their understanding of the importance of the nuclear family, the importance of having a father and a mother in your life, the importance of the family culture and what that has always meant in civilization, going back ages and ages.

So all of what Hollywood is projecting, what the powers that are attempting to coerce our civilization into a dark age are doing is really impacting many teachers' ability. And, of course, the top-down management from Washington, DC, with the NEA and what they have done in recent generations, has also exacerbated this problem. They've made it very difficult for teachers to simply teach, for them to share their adult wisdom with the students, to discipline them appropriately, according to what is really best for the child, with the right parameters, of course, without violence and yet with a little bit of an intensity to bring them to terms with who they are and to be causative of them self-realizing who they are.

So navigating all this is very difficult and stressful to the minds, the hearts and the souls of teachers. The World Teachers, Madame Caspari (Elizabeth Caspari), Maria Montessori, Mother Mary and others are very concerned about this. And they are discussing it in their councils and attempting to project waves of light into the hearts and minds of the true teachers and those who have this desire to help children and adults to learn and to grow.

The cultural shifts that have occurred are temporary, because they cannot last when they're built on a foundation of untruth, illogic and mores that are based on our current perverted society and what is being projected. We as teachers have to stand firm in our resolve to emanate light and the truth, regardless of what we are told by administrators, by principals, by those who are themselves navigating this political correctness situation. And we sometimes have to do this in spite of what we are told because we have to be true to divine principles and values and mores and the culture of divine love, divine wisdom and divine power (or faith). We have to be true to ourselves no matter what, because if we aren't, then we become part of this matrix of the downward spiral.

So truth is what we affirm, what we stand for, what we emanate. And if you are strong in your truth and you have discernment about how to communicate—even with administrators, principals, et cetera, who have unfortunately compromised who they are and are part of this downward spiral—and you don't compromise and you stand firm, heaven will support you. Heaven will encourage you; heaven will, at least privately, give you respite and peace even as you're dealing with all of these situations.

My father showed me his absolute consternation about what he's witnessed with the current situation with child sex slavery and what's going on on the planet and what has actually permeated the schools. In his generation, of course, young people were disciplined and there was no fear in disciplining. It was part of the matrix for adults to teach children, and part of that teaching was about discipline. Now much of this discipline has gone out the door in the public schools, and many teachers are in fear of gangs and gang-related violence and now shootings in some of the schools and what's transpiring.

So my father, Robert Lewis, ascended, has pled to heaven for dispensations to help this. He had a very large family of ten children that he sired with my mother, Verla. And they are intricately involved in helping to raise the culture now and to restore the sense of family, the sense of unity, the sense of community and brother/sisterhood so that we can get back to these divine mores and principles and values. It will take many Christians, because—even though some of the Christian fundamentalist teachers are not really what we accept, these are, by and large, many of the people that are standing firm for the truth in this day and age. And so we champion those who are following the principles of their Christian faith and traditions to help this society maintain that balance and harmony, because if there comes a tipping point where the entire public school system is so compromised that these Christian values are no longer inculcated anywhere in the public school systems, you will see greater and greater destruction, because heaven will not allow it. Heaven will not allow there to be another Sodom and Gomorrah. And, of course, parts of our culture and civilization are even worse than what was in Sodom and Gomorrah, with all the perversions.

So we have to pray very fervently that the teachers who have that inner core of strength and desire to be of service and who yet maintain the disciplines of a conscious and virtuous life will rise up and basically overthrow those who have compromised everything and are no longer really invested in the children. They are more interested in their tenure, in their income, in just having a job and showing up and getting their money than in actually stimulating the minds and hearts of these children and helping them.

It has become such a problem that it is rampant and widespread. And the teacher's unions, of course, are part of this issue and problem. Although they are meant to allow the teachers to have a voice—and the teachers should have a voice—the parents' voices have receded, and now the unions are controlling so much that it is a problem.

So we see many parents opting to have their children educated at home through homeschooling. We see the rising of other new Christian schools because of this problem, and the masters champion this. And yet they would love for the public school system to actually come into conformity with divine laws and with the true mores of the Spirit.

We have to pray—those of you who have been teachers or are teachers—that the right hearts, the right leaders come forth, the inspiring ones who will have the courage to call a spade a spade and to cast out these demons within the school systems that have inculcated themselves at all levels, and especially in certain individuals who are very controlling, very manipulative and very dark.

So in the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of beloved Jophiel and Christine, all the powers of heaven, all the teachers of heaven, the World Teachers, the great Buddhas and bodhisattvas of light, we call for the casting out of those in the public school systems who are unnerving our civilization through what they have unfortunately allowed to manifest through political correctness and through the degradations that are occurring—and even child abuse, the abuse of the minds and hearts of the children through the compromised textbooks, et cetera. Bind now these fallen angels in embodiment who are using this system to screw up our culture and to cause a great decline. We call for the right hearts, the virtuous hearts of true teachers to arise; for true administrators, principals and staff to arise, to defend the child—the light of the child, the hearts and minds of the child and their families in the true nuclear family. We call for a return to righteousness at all levels of our society and for God's holy will, wisdom and love to manifest.

We accept this, beloved Jophiel and Christine. We accept your intercession in our school systems. World Teachers and teachers in heaven, ascended-master sponsors of youth, thank you for answering our call and being there 24/7 to defend these precious children everywhere, to defend the family, to defend a true community of light in all of our school systems everywhere. Amen.

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