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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2017

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2017   8:57–9:07 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Gautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform of the Year for 2018

O Precious Ones, Joyous Hearts, Smiling Meditators upon the Divine Light, the Almighty Beingness,

I, Gautama, come at the crest of that moment between years when the old is forsaken and the new is embraced, when the past is released and the future within the eternal Now becomes for you reality in manifestation for your victory, for a new white page of glory in God's Presence and for Buddhic beingness to manifest within your world, through your consciousness, in every cell of your being.

God is great within the allness of the universal presence of love. And God is great within that same Spirit that vibrates your heart, that stimulates your mind, that impresses through your soul every holy essence, divine quintessence of joy, of radiance, of this beingness who God is.

Within every present moment of consciousness, you may access understanding of who you are, of who God is within you if you choose to so associate with your Divine Presence, with that reality—your Buddha nature. This association will grow as you feed it with love and light, as you nourish it with your heart's presence. And so my great desire for each of you in the coming year, 2018, is for your association with God, through your own Buddha nature, to expand and that through the infinite cycles of this beingness, you may draw forth from the holy light your inspiration; you may make progress upon the Middle Way; you may access that which is true for you, that which is hallowed, succinct in its manifestation of glory within that eternal Now experience and yet broadened in the way in which you represent God where you are in light, in love, in levity.

Angels of the sacred fire from the heart of Sanat Kumara now descend to deliver the thoughtform for the year AD 2018 for this planet and her people, for those who believe—devotees of light of The Hearts Center and those who would listen, see and behold this reality of glory. These angels come bearing this gift to humanity, bearing this ideal of a thoughtform and a geometrization of God manifest for the empowerment of light within you, right where you are, and the empowerment of God within this Earth.

And so the unveiling occurs, and the thoughtform is, dearest ones, a shining, golden pyramid of light. And from the apex, a cosmic ray arises and shoots forth straight up into the atmosphere, representative of the energy of God that this thoughtform facilitates in this geometrization of light. And from each face of the pyramid, there also goes forth golden light, illumination's fire, for enlightenment, for wisdom's flame to be accessed from within the higher minds of lightbearers everywhere. For it is time for many to awaken to their Buddha nature; to awaken to the light of their Presence; to be stimulated by that eternal love fire, wisdom bright that manifests through this light of glory—shining like the sun, manifesting the ancient wisdom and the new wisdom teachings of joy, of hallowedness from within the sanctum of the heart, the secret place where God resides to teach you everything that you require, where gnosis arises, where truth prevails.

Deep within this pyramid is a new tree of life that emerges, with many fruits to nourish your spirit in the coming year. What tree will you plant each day, symbolic of that which you are participating in with God in co-creating the new world, the new Age of Aquarius dawning of divine love for mankind? Each tree that you consciously plant is one that I, the Lord of the World, will feed with divine joy, with heavenly tears in order to nurture thousands and thousands of souls when the fruits thereof ripen and the wisdom comes forth for each one to know God in this relationship, in this cooperative spirit more each day.

Yes, your association, your relationship will be fed by many angels of the sacred fire as the fruits of your Self-awareness in God expand, as the ideal whom you have sought—of who you truly are and always have been—is now juxtaposed within your active, real daily life as the new you, as the bright being whom God has always seen you as and whom you can now accept as who you really are.

There is now arising in heaven a great chanting of light of thousands of Buddhas and devas, bodhisattvas and cosmic beings. And the swelling of this chant is such that the new vibration manifests throughout planet Earth, within the lives and hearts of the devotees of Buddha, the devotees of the Christ, the devotees of the Divine Mother, the devotees of Krishna and all avatars who have come as servitors of God to instill within mankind new light, new presence, new joy.

Sing then, precious hearts, to your Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light. For the toning and the vibration and the sounding of the waves and currents of light through this song is the mystical union of your soul with your spirit, within your Buddha-crystal nature of pure-light beingness. Every time you sing this song, you may realign awareness with your crystalline nature of light and be fed by the angels who come to sing with you in this joy-spirit field of glory.

I AM your Gautama. Choose to be who you truly are. Live in your Buddha nature and manifest your reality always, for that is where I AM within you. Thank you.


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