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Kali      December 08, 2017

Beloved Kali
David Christopher Lewis
December 8, 2017   8:00–8:11 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Kali Gently Cleanses Us

I, Kali, come with a gentle clearance of your beings in light as a cool breeze appears around you to refresh you in spiritual joy and a new vigor of electric beingness within the Presence, the Shekinah of the Mother. All require the gentle cleansing of light daily for greater virtuous living, for new understanding to come through the flowering of that grace that speaks of the tenderness of the Mother's touch, the hallowedness of her caring for all life.

So many witness me in the guise of intensity and even the blackness of the Mother destroyer. Yet I am also one who, through the energy of higher perception of the soul in its infinite capabilities and possibilities, works to strip away the identity that no longer serves the Higher Self, that ego nature so inscribed around one's core that it is often difficult for the soul to discern its true eternal nature.

So the cleansing energies of Spirit are yours to employ now, to use to wash yourself clean in light, to bathe in this eternal love-fire of the Mother's Presence in your midst, to provide an impetus for self-elevation on your path of oneness, and to discern day by day and hour by hour the optimal steps for your Self-realization, enlightenment and joyful living.

Often, dearest ones, you do yourself a disservice to live in a more erratic state of consciousness through a mind that goes here and there and all about, seeking to do so much so quickly, as if you were Kali or Durga or Avalokitesvara with many arms and hands. Yes, you would emulate us, yet our mastery comes from that point of centeredness, presence and oneness. And we can only deliver you from darkness when you know who you are through an impeccable awareness tethered to God within.

Thus, Shiva comes at my behest to strip away all illusion and maya from your midst, from your mind and from the places inside where you have deep emotional scars from the past, even in your subconscious from having been, in previous lifetimes or in this one, ignored, unappreciated, devalued. All of this sense of separateness is illusion. The sense of unworthiness to rise into your true, noble state of being is a mist of deception.

As Kali, I come to remove illusion so that you may move into the higher realms of sacred space in spacelessness and of sacred time in timelessness. Your sacred space is your auric field, one with God's eternal being; and your sacred time is the eternal Now. Through your heartbeats in unison with that of the Divine Mother, all is prescient of what is, of what is coming, of what has gone, of what remains within the Now.

Truth may be discerned through a principled diet of light ingested in stillness. Wisdom is that glow of knowingness in beingness that manifests when you live, move and have your being in your Presence. And through that Presence, you are present in the awareness of your oneness. Does this sound like a riddle? Yes, it is a koan of light, which you may feel, intuit and allow to be inscribed again and again within so that your implacable, less-than-diamond selfhood may be displaced by the impeccable allness of your true nature in Buddha, in Mother, in the all-providing Being, the creator of your Selfhood.

Breathe in eternal light, divine fire, compassionate love, and exhale all that no longer serves these essences of beingness. Make this your moment-by-moment path and practice— to breathe in God and to exhale the nothingness of your nothing self. Once you have ingested all of God, and there is no self save God within you, then you will know the allness of true being; then you will sustain that immortal spark as the present awareness of the Eternal within in a continuous stream of love-light, in an ongoing and effulgent awareness of the All.

Now the Lord Jesus comes with a message for ye all. Listen, consider, work, improve and rest in the knowingness of beingness and light. Thank you.

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