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Babaji      November 06, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Babaji)
November 6, 2017   9:00–9:15 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Babaji on Loving and Forgiving Our Enemies with Passion and Fervor

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. I guess I'm starting a little early because we may as well. Today is the sixth of November 2017, and Babaji is with us. He would like me to speak on the alchemy of ruby love.

            He gave me a few glyphs to share today, and this is for our enlightened self-interest. The self that we're interested in, of course, is the God Presence, the Divine Self, the Higher Self, the inner Self. He says that in enlightened self-interest, we should love our enemies with an even greater divine passion than we love our loved ones and heartfriends, and that we should forgive our enemies with an even greater fervor than we forgive ourselves and our dearest friends. We may have reacted to our enemies' actions, and then because of our reaction, we later have to forgive.

He says that the greater the fire in our love—our ruby love and our ruby forgiveness—the more comprehensive and fiery the response from heaven. This enlightened self-interest is something that we should take to heart, because if we continue to rail against our enemies, speak about all their dark deeds and focus too much on what the enemies are about, we draw unto ourselves, by our attention, some of the energy that they are purveying.

When we forgive and love, through that givingness that's in forgiveness and the energy of givingness that's in love, we set in motion an amazing alchemical dynamic that actually causes a shift within the worlds of the forgiven and the loved, because God is within that love; God is within that forgiveness. And God is the only one that can cause change, or transformation, within the lives of our enemies so that they may act better toward the world, toward us, toward others; so that they may “get it,” bend the knee and move upward on their own path of light.

So it doesn't serve us to continue to rail against the dark spirits that we think of as enemies, because even within them there is a core of divine light. When we pray with fervor and we forgive with this passion, there is an alchemy of ruby love that manifests that truly is great. And guess what? We are also blessed in the process of expressing that ruby love and ruby forgiveness by the selfsame ruby love and the light of forgiveness that is ruby in nature—beyond even violet in its intensity. It compresses that love within the forgiveness that God desires to be invested in the life of the so-called enemy.

At a certain point on our path, we no longer have enemies, we no longer react, we no longer analyze and we no longer judge from the human vantage point. We have entered our Presence and we begin to analyze only from the divine standard of pure beingness. There is no more human analysis, which leads to paralysis. There is the divine equation of perfect sight, perfect vision, whereby we hold the immaculate concept. And that itself pours this ruby-vision light, coupled with the emerald, into the life, into the aura of the enemy, who is now a friend. And there can be an amazing alchemy of grace manifest.

Now, we begin with our self. We do our Ho'oponopono, which contains the ruby love of radical forgiveness. This is what Ho'oponopono is. It's an alchemy of radical forgiveness, using an ancient formula that the Divine Mother expresses so beautifully in these simple words: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Who else could say these words save the Divine Mother? When we say them, the Divine Mother within us—our soul essence—is saying these words, expressing them to God as the Divine Mother. And because a mother's heart is pure and she loves all of her children perfectly, we too can enter into that love of the Divine Mother, which is immaculate, amazing, alchemical. And when we truly enter the sacred space of the Divine Mother's heart, there is not an iota of dissonance within us. There is not even an erg of energy of human reactivity. We've become divinely radioactive through that ruby love to express such an overwhelming tidal wave of holy love that it impels the evildoer to change his or her ways. It impels them to transform, to self-transform within their own Divine Selfhood.

How many stories have we heard of people who had been doing evil encountering a saint, a master, an amazing bodhisattva and receiving from that one such perfect love, forgiveness and understanding that it overwhelmed the nonsense of their human creation that had allowed them to be clothed in darkness? And then that light of perfect love got through to them, to their core, and they cried and realized, through the shame that they felt in that moment, that they had to change, that they had to bend the knee and put aside all that they had been doing of darkness. And some of these became the greatest saints.

Love overcomes fear. And those whom we consider to be enemies, temporarily, have a lot of fear and reactivity, through that fear, because they don't know who they truly are yet as God-created beings or they have forgotten it. So our job, as ruby-love exponents and proponents, is to love them to the core of their being so that they can feel that godly nature of their own True Selfhood again. They can awaken to it, be enlivened by it and actually get in touch with their divine feelings. We talk about people who are not able to get in touch with their true feelings. They've been shrouded within a miasma of negativity, their shadow, and of feelings that others may have projected upon them in their childhood or even in the womb, negativity from parents, which is now being outplayed as their own reactivity and their allegiance to something negative or dark or evil.

Love is the best and most powerful divine weapon that we have to transform evil in the world. And though we may still have to temporarily defend ourselves and our nation with armaments and things like that, the ultimate game really is about the divine design within every creature, accessing that, focusing on that with laser-like accuracy, with this ruby love—pressurizing that light projected from our heart chakras and from our I AM Presence unto anyone, anything to, in the modality of enlightened self-interest, see it transformed.

This is our new standard and norm lest we get caught in the mode where we think we know everything about everything and can judge another person. If the masters desire to say something about an individual and rain divine fire down from heaven to cause a shift, then fine—so be it. Yet we must enter into this ruby love and ruby forgiveness to allow the maximization of the light of love within us to maximize the effects, which are divine effects. In our causal state of being, we enter God's essence, God's heart, God's being. We now become causal in what we emanate, and in this causal state of beingness, what comes forth through us has to be love. Otherwise it's not in alignment with God. It has to be pure, undefiled and divinely radioactive in its holy effects to effect change.

This is the simple and yet profound teaching of Babaji today, which the great initiates East and West, the great saints—Padre Pio, Jesus the living Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assisi with his holy brothers and the Sisters of Clare, and others—have manifested. They practiced the presence of love and perfect forgiveness, and they modeled for all of humanity this dynamic of love to the max. So let us be lovers to the max with Maximus and Progeneta to inspire and to cosmically, spiritually incite people to return to who they truly are, even the darkest of dark angels and fallen angels, even those on the Earth who seem to continuously ignore what we feel are the divine principles of how to live in the light.

If we love, love, love, light flows from above, above, above. And there can be an amazing alchemy, through that love, of planetary transformation in the process of our true givingness and the authenticity of that deep love that comes from our core. And our core is God. Think of those whom you have judged, said negative things about, even those in the world, the media, leaders, whatever. And now go back in consciousness to that point where you said those words. Draw them back unto yourself and your heart. See those words transmuted in this ruby light of love. And now issue forth divine words praising God, honoring God and loving and forgiving with this intensity of passion and fervor so that we can recreate what we desire to now uncreate and transmute, and love our enemies. So we will do this.

I will turn the service back over to Ron and Dwinn. And I encourage you to play, even if you've already played it during the service, song 100, “Heal with Ho'oponopono,” and really feel the intensity of the ruby love of perfect forgiveness, perfect bodhisattvic joy in that forgiveness, which sees and feels all as divine, perfect, holy, undefiled. It starts with us; it starts inside of us. And when you contact that core of love, who is God, then God is the doer. God is the door through this alchemy of perfect love, perfect ruby love, perfect ruby forgiveness. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

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