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Four and Twenty Elders      August 23, 2017

Beloved Four and Twenty Elders
David Christopher Lewis
August 23, 2017   7:00–7:15 am MDT
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Four and Twenty Elders Announce the Judgment on False Media

We are the Four and Twenty Elders. And I, Vishnu, as a spokesperson for this august body, declare unto you this day that we have met and that in answer to the calls of the righteous upon Earth, light descends, judgment is enacted and the judgment that comes this day is the judgment upon the false mass media upon the Earth. Many who look to God for the answer to the current dilemma, wherein lies, propaganda and falsehoods are prevalent, may understand now, precious ones, that this action is indeed a result of these calls.

And there is an unleashing of a great light from twelve fountains in the heaven world that exist within temples within the retreats of the Universal White Brotherhood. And this light goes forth, and those who consciously have vowed to stand against the will of God, the wisdom of God, the love of God are now brought forth before our body in their finer bodies. And each one must give an accounting this day of the falsehoods that they have been an exponent of. And the records are shown of the truth from akasha, and each one is given an opportunity this day to make amends for their actions, for their words. And those at the heads of these industries, who are often the archdeceivers, are also brought directly before our council. And there is a manifestation of the flame of divine truth from the All-Seeing Eye of God manifest that none can deny, for the power of it, the reality of it is beheld by all. And when faced with this reality of truth, in a cosmic sense and on a cosmic scale, many shiver or cower before that light, knowing now that they have been often a tool of deception, dishonesty and intrigue.

This action of this manifestation of divine justice during this cycle of God-justice will continue, blessed ones, until every soul involved in this grand scheme, through the media, of nihilistic interpretation and delivery to the peoples of this Earth of their perspective, which is not God's perspective, is given an opportunity to be fully apprised of this action within our councils. And then the Lord God Alpha and Omega, through our representation, will pronounce the pronouncements and the consequences unto each one.

Blessed ones, though this may seem severe to some, it truly is an action of divine love in its highest fulfillment and offering unto mankind. For love is the fulfillment of the law of being within each one, and unless one embraces divine love within the heart, there can be no fulfillment of that one's divine plan upon Earth. Therefore it is mercy. It is opportunity knocking again unto the many who have become, because of their self-deception, tools of the sinister force—those who would see derision and division manifesting everywhere through the false words that have gone forth and continue to spew out through this false mass media.

There is a warning unto mankind that this manifestation of light often also results in planetary changes, upheavals. Therefore prepare your own awareness, consciousness and body temple for what Alpha and Omega decide to enact as the fulfillment of this law of love within your planet, within your civilization and within your own being. There is no fear within the heart that is trued to God. There is only love for the Divine within all life, all creatures and within self. And that love breeds beingness, understanding, honesty and integrity, and one simply must abide within that law of truth, that reality of godliness.

The Word of the Law and the Word of the Lord are one, inseparable and, in some cases, final in the cosmic courts of jurisprudence. All must face the facts of the divine life within them, around them and within their world. And when the truth is known and yet still some choose to live in unreality, then the consequences must come forth as a mercy to those who choose the higher walk with God.

Though not all know everything, many of you are aware of God's truth through your own higher perception, first within your own I AM God Presence and higher mind, your Holy Christ/Buddha Self, and thenas these divine truths filter through your Christic mind into your own perceptionthrough Buddhic mindfulness and by the grace of God within illumination's fire. If you open yourself to the truth in all things, understanding comes, often in ways that you do not immediately grasp through your outer waking awareness. Yet, blessed ones, because God loves you and God desires for you to be eternally free in the light, when you abide within the law of cosmic truth, all is fulfilled in time and space according to that divine law that is locked within your hearts, that abides deep within that still, sacred space where the Maxin light, individualized for you, burns brightly, beautifully, reverently.

During this cycle, manifest the light of cosmic peace through your hearts, not in judgment of any man, woman or child particularly, yet in that receptive mode of simply being there for God to anchor this light of cosmic justice in the Earth. Be aware of your own perceptions, conclusions and sometimes those things that you feel are so important that there is an oppressive force that manifests through the psyche as a burden to both yourself and others.

The truth simply is, and none can deny the reality of it in its eternal presence. Walk in the truth; walk in the light. Be that truth; be that light. And in this, justice will be served, God's will shall be done, and all may come to a new level of awareness, a higher perceptive field of beingness where wisdom speaks and divine truth prevails.

             [Vishnu chants in an ancient tongue for one minute.]

Guardian spirits, fulfill the mandates of the Lord. Angels of divine justice, come forth and mete out upon Earth God's will. And let the lightbearers rise up, and let all be quickened by the Spirit of the Eternal One. Thank you. 

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