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Mother Teresa      June 14, 2017

Beloved Mother Teresa
David Christopher Lewis
June 14, 2017   7:00–7:12 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Mother Teresa Speaks on the Careful and Mindful Path of the Initiate

I AM your Mother Teresa, come in response to your recent class on everyday saintliness. I have heard your heart; I have felt your prayers. I have beheld the light that you invoke, that you access and that you are attempting to resplendently share with others upon Earth through the gentleness of your hearts, the thoughtfulness of your minds and the willing spirit that you carry within to serve and to be godly.

Dearest ones, the path is a path of givingness, where love comes and anoints you as you share compassion; where the Spirit comes and infills you, even as you empty self through your service and offer something of benefit to life, to children, to the undesirables, to those forgotten by the many. You will not forget them. You may woo them to God through your love, through your kindness, through your bodhisattva work. They will feel God's Presence through you. And as you anoint them through your love, their souls will sing a new song; their spirits will rise. They will have new hope and understanding because they see God acting through his beloveds—you.

O, how you may infuse within every act godliness, saintliness by being careful what you speak, what you do, how you comport yourself. The way of carefulness is the way of the initiate—not attempting to do too much too quickly, too soon; being mindful in every moment of how movement is important, how mudra and the use of the hands is a divine science. For through your hands, the crystal rays manifest their miracle light. Through your heart, they excite the cells of beingness within those to whom you proffer your gifts of spiritual light. 

Yes, the sacredness that comes upon you and moves through you when you are careful and caring for others also provides you with all the essentials of life. You are infilled as you fill others' cups. You are served by angels and divine beings as you serve the lowliest of souls, those in whom only the godly may see the reality of the Higher Self in fire, in light and the brightness of inner beingness. 

When you volunteer with love, a greater Spirit comes forth because of your consecration, your dedication to the path of the Good Samaritan and the sisters of mercy, the brothers of compassion. And this greater Spirit is the entire Spirit of the Universal White Brotherhood, the sisterhood of love, the family in which kindness is the byword of every hour and by whom presence is sought, felt and broadcast.

I place upon each of you a light this morning, accessed from my communion with Kuan Yin, as well as the blessed Mother Mary. Did you know, dearest ones, that in India, though some saw us as sisters from the West, some beheld us as expressions of Tara, Avalokitesvara? And it was so that often Kuan Yin would herself step through the veil and manifest an essence of forgiveness of sins so that those whom we served beyond the alleviation of physical suffering received the violet light to quell ancient records of darkness and dispel that lack of hope, that lack of love through our touch, through our kindness, through our love. 

Yes, East or West, the Divine Mothers' presence of saintliness moves through those who access it though a compassionate heart, a willing and giving heart, a mindful heart, a radiant heart. Meditate on these as essences that you may fulfill as a saint walking upon Earth. Meditate on the great love of the universal Christ and the personal Christ within those whom you serve. For Christ is Christ, and light is light. And where the Christ is, there the light is manifest. And where love is, both the Christ and the light are fulfilled. 

Thank you for this community of love. We of heaven witness to the givingness of your hearts in prayer. And maybe someday many more will enter into the path of the Good Samaritan in a more active way through service, through volunteering to alleviate suffering among those who require your gentle hearts. Through access to the stream of the river of life, which God nourishes all within, I AM love made real through you. Thank you.

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