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Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light      June 07, 2017

Beloved Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light
David Christopher Lewis
June 7, 2017   7:00–7:12 am MDT
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light Expands His Radiance to the Healing Light Retreat

I AM the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light, and I come here to anchor an essence of godliness in this sacred space so that there may be an expansion of the light from my retreat over Livingston to encompass this atmosphere where a few of you live, move and have your being, in order that that radiance may flow; that the divine energy may grow; and that a nexus of truth, wisdom and healing may be firmly established, maintained and expanded.

The essence of the crystal-diamond light, the diamond-crystal light—whichever way you say it, it is still the same, blessed ones—is yours to ingest here. Why? So that you may become more crystalline and clear in your mindfulness, in your heart-centeredness and allow the energy of God to be suffused through your being so that virtue may be sustained and offered to the world. 

Every Buddha is an awakened one through whom the virtues of God, the fruits of the Spirit may endow mankind with blessings, boons, benevolence and graces untold. When you enter into your own Buddha nature, as we have, then you become a nexus point also for the distribution of divine light in your realm of being, in the circumference of your awareness. How large this circumference is depends upon your imagination, your hallowedness and your concentration upon that diamond-crystal light.

If you can expand awareness to conceive of yourself as God imagined you into existence in the beginning and sustain that glory, sustain that light-field of complete beingness in the diamond-crystal light, then what you engender, what you emanate and what is proffered to all through your heart-mind connection is great and may even sustain planetary homes and star systems. Does this seem outlandish to you now? Well, consider the Elohim, their heightened awareness and what they are able to offer to vast evolutions of light and the worlds co-created with God by them. 

What are you co-creating this day, I ask, of virtue and light? If, through the stillness and the Great Silence that you enter through meditation true, you contact God fully, the light ably, then that virtue does arise as a fountain flame of eternal fire and you tap into the heavenly resource of eternality. And then what is true, through you, as virtue may even arise in the worlds of all who are sustained by that light that you wield, that energy that you field with great Solar joy and Buddhic brightness. 

As your Buddha, I bow to your own Buddha nature. For this is what I perceive as the reality that you have already become in higher spheres of awareness and are now learning to enter and to embrace, to model and to sustain with greater grace daily. I desire to offer classes in my retreat on higher mindfulness and on the crystalline quintessences that you may continue to ingest within the eternal Now of your future, in order that the highest outpouring of self within this incarnation may occur and all that you have dreamed of divine greatness, of holy brilliance, of God-glory may actually manifest in your life. 

You imagine a Golden-Crystal Age; we have already made it so where we live, move and have our being. Will you join us, the divine Buddhas, in engendering this new spirit of unity and oneness, of harmony and peace where you live, precious hearts? If so, come to Montana physically and spiritually and allow your new life to begin; where, embraced by God, fully clothed in light, you too may know your diamond nature, your adamantine Selfhood as diamond-crystal light. 

Now I offer those here a tiny lodestone, a jewel from my heart, for your perfectionment—through humility, through harmony and through heart-centeredness. These three h's, you can allow to envelop you throughout your days and moments of God-connectedness. For through the h, healing is. Through the h, the great He-art of the heart may be known. Through the h, heaven hears you, and health, wellness, wholeness is the new norm. 

I AM that Buddha who nurtures your soul in the sacred moments of stillness, in the night hours when finally you let go of the e-go and embrace the Go-od, the God, the goer of divinity within you.

 [The Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light chants for exactly one minute in an ancient tongue.]

 Spiritual fire is yours now to ingest, to enjoy, to sustain. Be the Buddha, the bodhisattva whom you desire to be, and I am with you in your beingness, in your godliness, in your crystalline, diamond-light nature. Thank you.

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