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Angel of Peace      May 11, 2017

Beloved Angel of Peace
David Christopher Lewis
May 11, 2017   9:09–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 


Angel of Peace Enfires Us to Prepare for Mary's Coming

Disciples of Peace, Advocates of Truth, Initiates of Love,

I, the Angel of Peace, come to clear the way for the coming of the Blessed Mother this Saturday. For peace is required within you at the core of your being in order that you may truly receive her, so that all that she desires to convey and bless you with may fully be manifest within you.

The coming of every master or divine being is an initiation of fire for you. Are you ready to receive the impulses, the energy, the light from God that every ascended master, angel or archangel or divine being is ready to share?

This is the eternal question within the Now for you. For if you have not prepared the chalice of your being fully for the divine coming, then much of what could be invested within you glances off of you, is not fully activated within you. The purpose of these sessions is holiness unto the Lord, holiness unto the Lord, holiness unto the Lord! And if you would make progress each day in coming closer and closer to God, in feeling that light of God present and centered within your being, then I say that you must make that effort which results in the receptivity within your heart, your mind, your soul, your will for God to invest the great energies of Spirit in you as an advocate, an initiate of love.

Sometimes we see the energies that each of you is emanating in the moment. And though your heart may desire to convey light, what is actually transmitted in some cases is very little, based on your consciousness wed to God, your being fully activated and energized by the light of your Presence flowing through your chakras. How can we change this, dearest ones, so that each of you truly is that star of light that you know in your heart you desire to be and that is the requirement of the hour for planetary transformation?

The key that I offer this day is that you must truly go within to access God and not live so much on the periphery of being. Live in the integrity of your True Self by imbibing that light and by allowing the inscribing of that light deep within you, at every level of your being, through your conscious awareness of God within, through your seeing and feeling of the fire of your True Selfhood manifesting within you.

It would be better for some to first spend twenty minutes in deep and intense conversation with God and then have the flowering of that light through the invocations and prayers that you give within this state of holiness unto the Lord. If you simply enjoy giving these prayers without the complete engagement of your entire being, then there must be transformation, dearest hearts, for the action that we desire to be fully manifest.

If each of you desires to receive from the Blessed Mother the anointing that she desires to give unto you, then use these sacred moments today, tomorrow and Saturday morning before her delivery to allow her love to be fully employed within your heart, your vision center, your mind. Converse with her throughout the day and ask her to show you what it is that you require for your greater advancement on the path. Allow her to etch within those innermost faces of your consciousness and soul the divine quintessences so that you may feel deeply God's light within.

Part of the reason that we chose this one who speaks unto to you to be our spokesperson is that over many lifetimes he sought to have God's love fully employed through his heart. And through this activity itself, the essence of his soul reached unto heaven to draw forth that light from the Source into the world in order that many could be inspired and enfired by that love. Is this the same dynamic that you desire? Then you must reach deeper, dearest ones, into the essence of what God-love is. Feel it, know it, experience it each day through your creative self and then draw it forth into utilization in your work and service. Employ it on behalf of the Lord God.

Love is the key for planetary transformation. Yet that transformation must occur first within you. It is not a mental concept; it is not something that you can just claim and it miraculously manifests because your attitude is positive. It must be—if I were to use the term—a gut feeling that resonates deeply within your solar plexus, the place of the sun inside of you, and then finds its work and energy and élan within every cell of your being.

You must know God within you, and, knowing God, you must feel God deeply inside. And if you do not love yourself as you know that you should, then spend more time in this mode of feeling God's love for you within yourself so that then you can truly love yourself as God loves you and, through that love, be obedient to the laws of nature, the laws of health and well-being, the laws of truth. These you all know and yet avoid again and again, thinking that through so much activity, so much conversation, so much of this or that that you are making progress, when, in fact, dearest ones, often you are simply dwelling around the periphery of the spiritual journey to God inside of you.

When will you determine that, come what may, this is your new life—oneness with God? And thereby, there will be the instantaneous invitation to every divine being to dwell where you dwell, to emanate though the nexus of your heart, your life, your eyes, your being.

I come to enfire you so that you may have more of that light brimming and glistening within you so that when Mary comes to convey a planetary alchemy—both here and over Fátima and other places where she will tangibly be manifesting her awareness unto disciples of light and love—you may be part of this planetary gift of her immaculate heart, of her perfect vision to embed within the Earth the new energies of the sun and of the Spirit for the salvation of souls and for planetary peace and progress.

Yet you must quicken and awaken within you these fiery energies of Spirit again and again through effort, through focused awareness, through love. That love must be intense, because the initiates are the intense ones, dearest ones. And that intensity is born of the immensity of God, the immensity of love, the immensity of spiritual fire. It is okay to be intense inside of yourself even while outwardly you are demonstrating the equanimity of peace, of joy, harmony and balance. The intensity of that fire must glow fully within you, and then the light will flow through you as a blessing to all.

I come to you because I am concerned that some may leave this Earth without fully having employed the totality of their Godhood as they could have. My message may seem somewhat directed to each of you, and it is! For each and every one can come up higher. Each and every one can bear more light. Each and every one can do the prep work so that when God comes unto you, you are prepared; you are ready for the next initiation and the next and the next. And if you feel that you have already surpassed others or accomplished the miraculous or fulfilled virtually all of what you came to this Earth to do, let me say that there is much more to be accomplished, fulfilled and done. And it must begin within your heart, within your will, within your mind, trued to the Source of all light and love.

Therefore lest anyone think that they are better than another, more advanced on the path, let me bring the humility of Alpha unto you and the light of Omega and say that the greatest among you must be the servant of all.1 And if you take this personally, dearest ones, find ways to serve all, to serve your brother, your sister. Ask even this messenger what he requires today to fulfill what is upon his heart. How many of you ask, in spirit, for this initiation and then ask to bear, at times, what he is bearing on your behalf or what other initiates of the sacred fire around the world who are in the throes of all manner of dealing with darkness and the machinations of the dark ones are bearing, even as they bear their infirmities well, with great levity of soul, patience and long-suffering?

You think that you bear much? Dearest ones, I show you now a panorama of saints around the world who are bearing much more than many of you could even think of bearing in your body temple. I give you co-measurement and a little bit of a spanking today so that you may truly rise up in consciousness to have accentuated within your life, your spirit more of that divine energy field of God. For this is the requirement of the hour for planetary peace to be both maintained and then to be fully restored in all quarters.

Each and every initiate, each and every disciple must bear more of that antithesis to peace. And you must do this—you must do this, blessed ones. For I have no others to turn to, to look to, to invest my energies within save those who pray daily and who, in most cases, are doing their best, though their best at times is short of the mark. I love you, and I convey my fire so that you may bear more love for the planet and her people, for those who require you as an advocate for their victory, for their overcoming.

O holy ones, it is an hour of peril and an hour of opportunity to soar in spirit, to be with the angels and archangels. Yes, they are coming to Chicago. And David has conveyed unto our disciple in the heartland the words from us of how important this event is. And I daresay that some more of you may desire to make that effort to come to our autumn equinox event in order to add the fuel of the fire of your being through what will manifest as a veritable explosion of light in the heartland in order that crime, depravity, murder and mayhem in that great city may be quashed, even suffocated, so that the light may emerge and the lightbearers may rise.

Light for light, we require more of those who can convey it, who can bear it, who can withstand it within self. Therefore love who you are, even as you love God within, in greater and greater and greater measure daily in order that God may bear him/herself within you as you live to fulfill your destiny, your purpose upon this Earth.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for being here. I am with you in the hours when you struggle and strain to maintain harmony, peace, love and equanimity. Just as I was with Jesus often in the travail of what he bore on behalf of all mankind, especially on the road to Golgotha, so I am with you in your initiations and in the small steps upon the path that you take daily toward the summit of being.

God bless you and keep you in the light of cosmic peace always. Thank you.

1. See Mark 9:35, 10:44; Matthew 20:26–28, 23:11; Luke 22:26.

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