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Portia      May 03, 2017

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
May 3, 2017   6:50–7:24 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Portia Says, “Opportunity Knocks—Will You Answer?” 

I AM Opportunity, your Portia, and I speak early this morning because, dearest ones, it is opportune. Many walk the spiritual path and yet they do not always respond to me and to the angels of Opportunity that come at the behest of God to inspire them to action—to inspire them to accomplish those things, as a part of the greater will of God, that they could be invested in, if they choose, in order to support the divine plan upon Earth.

Yes, Opportunity knocks often, yet many are deaf to her calling. Why is this? It is because often they are surfeited in their own self-interest. Often they are lacking in discernment of what is occurring upon Earth and within their own worlds and environments and of what could be, through a mystical understanding of the Now, a portal opened, a door entered through in order to provide resources of light for many to make progress on their own path of light.

Yes, Opportunity knocks for each of you every day and often even every hour. Your I AM Presence is calling unto you, through a continuous stream of God-desire, to rise into the totality of who you are as a God Self-realized one. Are you listening? Will you respond? Are you keeping the door of your heart open, as Paramahansa Yogananda chanted about?

Blessed, dearest hearts of light, God is in continuous communication with his own through the stream of light that flows through the nexus of your hearts. And when your conscience is front and center in your life as that inner voice that you listen to, then you can make righteous choices and decisions to respond to your higher calling and to that voice, and that which is behind the voice, which is love. For you see, every opportunity to serve and to engage is truly an opportunity to give your love first unto God and then, through that givingness, to all life.

            Every opportunity can be an investment of the highest aspects of your Selfhood, whereby through co-creativity with God you fulfill your reason for being, your divine plan, your sacred dharma. Yet many often shirk their responsibilities by a lack of attentiveness or taking accountability for who they are and for their vows. And thus they ignore that voice until the calling recedes to an almost indiscernible whisper, as God allows each one to use their free will. For this is the law supreme afforded every son and daughter of God. They must utilize who they are if they would walk the initiatic path of light and, in responding to these opportunities with self-mastery, gain final entrée into the divine world through love.

When I come, it is to offer you a sacred space at the table of the Lord to participate in the alchemy of divine beingness and love. It is not to put chains upon you nor in any way to laden you with darkness or burden. Every opportunity actually utilized through love lifts your burdens, blessed ones.

If you look at the assignments that we often recommend unto you, you will see that when you enter into and engage in the sacred work within them, you have more light proffered to you by the Divine One; you have more resources at your disposal in that divine engagement of the Spirit. And then when you have completed, through love, this assignment—and you know this law—greater opportunity is afforded unto you, with greater light within that option presented by angels of love.

Therefore the mystery of this dynamic is that when you respond and obey and engage, more light is given. And when you do not, that light, in a sense, is withheld, though truly it is still available. Yet there are cycles of opportunity, and when these are not taken at the moment that is ripe, then the plan must be adjusted and others contacted to engage; because we are moving forward, dearest ones, in a great stream of beingness to allow the Golden-Crystal Age to dawn fully, radiantly upon Earth.

If you assess your life and see just how you have benefited by responding to the Lord and obeying the inner voice, you will see that each of the seeds of light that was proffered to you in those moments when you were contacted by an angel of opportunity led to the next level of initiation on your path. And you can see that in following all of these steps, you are being led upward—upward, ever upward—toward that which will result in your full God-attainment, enlightenment and liberation.

This is the crux of the initiatic path. We present it. Do you accept it? We offer it. Will you abide within it? We aver that this is the path that we have walked and it is the reason why we are who we are, one with God eternally. And if you, O mankind, would engage more in the art of love and in the science of beingness, then, through the alchemy of that light within the initiatic path, you would make greater progress; you would fulfill your destiny; you would truly become all who you are already in your I AM God Presence, in your Higher Self.

When the messenger conveys an opportunity to any one of you in any moment, look squarely at that moment, dearest ones, and see within it a seed of light that I personally offer unto you to give of self in order that you may empty the lesser self and accept more light, radiance, dynamism and even God-power and self-mastery. If you think that it is only David speaking humanly unto you, you have missed the entire dynamic and equation; for we continuously speak through this voice, though you do not recognize our voice. And even in the last few hours of this recent journey, a great initiation of fire was offered unto one. We will see what the results are, dearest ones, in that one's life. And if the response is there, if the obedience to the inner voice of that one is held to, then the victory may be won and the overcoming may ensue.

Why do we share this with you? It is because after the 333rd anniversary of the ascension of my beloved, just two days ago, cycles are turning; opportunities will again be presented unto some for the last time. And why is this? It is not a threat; it is simply the way it is, based on the initiatic path. And if you would have it your way and go your own way, then so be it.

Yet, dearest ones, we will call others of seemingly lesser attainment who, with hearts of fire and excited about opportunity, will fulfill what you could have fulfilled, what you had the talents and resources to engage in, yet would not because you took for granted the path. You did not discern what was at stake, who was there standing before you as the voice of God was spoken, either through a representative or from deep within your soul.

Yes, I come somewhat as a firebrand this day because I must defend the path of light, the path of alchemy, the path of love, fiery love. And if you would bear more love within your heart, then you must be initiated; you must be tested, tried in order that you will be metamorphosed into all light, morphed into Spirit Divine.

Yes, gracious ones, every moment is sacred and is an opportunity to love, to give, to serve, to be. Use these sacred moments wisely. For in that, you, like my beloved, will make those two million right decisions that will lead to your victory, your illumination, your ascension. Every step is crucial in these hours. For the missteps result in aberrations and anomalies, for which others must then pick up the slack. And often this becomes a greater and greater burden upon their beings. And if you would understand this, then you would try in some way to alleviate the burdens that the few carry for the many. Yes, the few carry the greater weight of darkness and of light for the Earth.

It is time that many more of you step up to the plate to bear your own burdens. This is the law of the moment; this is the dynamic of this hour. This is the opportunity presented by God through me and the masters of initiation, including Serapis Bey, El Morya and the chohans of the rays. They are initiators of fire sevenfold with the blessed Maha Chohan. And each one presents opportunity for self-mastery on his or her ray of focus—the seven rainbow rays of light. If you would be that rainbow light, then master self through the sevenfold aspects of God-realization within. Know your Self, and through this knowing, which is beingness, you will fulfill your destiny and rise higher as you aspire to God.

Many of you have walked this path now for decades, and if I showed you all of your lifetimes, you would see that it has been for millennia. And yet often—through excuses here and excuses there, through the dynamics of life as you perceive it here below—you simply say: “Sorry, O Master. I could not do it. I was not able for this or that reason.” Well, what will you say to your own higher mentor at the conclusion of this life when he or she shows you that every resource was available and that when you did make right decisions, you had the energy, the help, the well-beingness, the God-consciousness to fulfill all that you said that you would fulfill?

Blessed ones, it is a time of decision because the forces of derision are attempting to carve away some of you from this path. And I say that you must rise up with the power of your inner being to defend who you are, to declare who you are unto them and say: “Go your way, O forces of darkness! You have no power over me, the path of initiation, who I AM and my victory in this hour and this day. I will fulfill my destiny in God! I am using every opportunity presented unto me by beloved Portia and the angels of Opportunity to be victorious. And come what may—come what may of darkness—I AM standing in the light. I AM WHO I AM. I AM THAT I AM. And God in me is the victor within this path, and I AM here and now victorious.”

Now let me speak of health and well-being. You co-create who you are. Even your physical temple of light, though provided unto you by God through your parents, is who you are. You can change! You can evolve. You can become clearer. Every decision every day results in whether you are in optimal health or something less, able to engage or lazing on your couch or on your bed. Rise up, O soul, and realize your potential. Obey the laws of nature and of God within yourself. Be true to what you know is best for your soul and your body temple.

When you do this, you will be joyous. And in that happiness, you will have more light, levity and love to accomplish the seemingly miraculous within the timetables proffered unto you. If you excuse yourself again and again and again and again and again, then you live in a universe of excuses, and time recedes in its own timeless, spaceless nothingness. For time is opportunity, as you know.

I give you these keys because you have come this day and I could finally provide this impetus to some of you. And it comes from my love for you, my fiery love for your soul, which is the greatest love that you may know in this life from a master, even a lady of opportunity. Oh, how I would have you each in my arms each night to woo you higher unto God through my love for you and through my beloved Saint Germain's. Yet often you are doing those things that we choose not to look upon in the shadows of the night, within the veils of illusion of the netherworlds. O angels of Opportunity, clear the way for these, our beloveds, to be true to themselves and therefore to be true unto God.

Now, since I am here with you, I would share also a teaching that El Morya gave to David on discernment through the gut. You have heard the term gut knowledge: “I knew it in my gut.” “My gut told me this or that.” You see, blessed ones, discernment comes and flows through your solar plexus, the place of the sun within you. And when you have a lack of gut health, often there is a lack of discernment, because all manner of things are going on within your gut that cloud the equation surrounding discernment.

If you would be true to the higher diet of light and occasionally fast and eat and drink those things that you know are optimal for you, you would, as a result, gain greater God-discernment because your gut is clear, harmonious, serene. Yet if all manner of things are going on in your emotional body based on all manner of choices, feelings, emotions, there is a disturbance in the force within you and you cannot discern in those moments of that miasma the truth, the way and the life of the initiate.

Eat less and chew well. One or two foods per meal are optimal because of the way your body temples have been co-created. And if you put ten, twenty and thirty different types of substances in your belly during one meal, how do you think your own body elemental, who loves you so, can handle this confusion? One at a time. One at a time is often the best option. And when you gain greater discernment of what is best for you through trial and error, then you will know, through your own self-discernment, the highest path for you. And this will directly lead to the opening of your mind with greater crystal clarity, because there is a direct correlation between your gut and your mind.

Those who empty the stomach, immediately have greater clarity of consciousness. Therefore if you would have that gift of the Holy Spirit as discernment, discern what you must do in response to these words, which are very direct, maybe a little intense, and yet are here today for you to have in order to make greater progress on your path.

Often disciples justify this or that, saying: “I have given so much. I have served so long. I have prayed and decreed for hours and hours. Now I will go satiate myself because I require this.” And then what happens? Gradually they lose a little bit more of discernment over time. And then they begin to believe all manner of things, either about themselves or the world or life in general, that are clouded because of their own lack of discernment. And this leads to wrong choices, to a longer path of light. And then they do not even know that they have been led down an aberrant path of darkness and shadow, which, over time, overtakes them. And suddenly one day they are gone—they are gone from the path and you wonder what happened. It is because of many, many, many choices and a lack of discernment that they have consciously chosen this way.

O blessed hearts of love, I do not say these words in order to in any way criticize any one of you. They are spoken by my love for you, to encourage you to come up higher. Do not take them in any other way, as a means of railing against you, your personhood, your individuality. Often there is the dynamic whereby you require time off or a reprieve from the intensity of the path because you have borne many burdens. Yet there are ways and means of having this divine R and R that would be of greater benefit to you than simply going to the refrigerator or to a restaurant and overdoing it, to your detriment.

O dearest ones, my children of love and light, I raise you up on rays of fire this day in order that we together, as a community of love, may truly self-realize, through that love, greater presence and be able, through opportunities offered every day, to give our best to the world, our brightest to the planet.

Loving God is a lifelong experience. Loving Self is a daily affair. When you love God within yourself, it can become an ongoing daily love affair that leads to the most sublime regions of cosmic space, wherein you understand your eternal nature of light. And through divine Self-love, the angels come unto you to nurture and serve you with their graces, their hallowed light at God's behest. Live in this reality and enjoy your life, for joy is the key, and love is the way to your victory.

I AM Portia, and I celebrate with those who have striven and given, again and again, love supreme, with a heart rosy and clean. Thank you.


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