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Angel Deva of Spain      January 31, 2017

Angel Deva of Spain
David Christopher Lewis
January 31, 2017   12:30–1:00 pm MST
Livingston, Montana 

Angel Deva of Spain Revelation and Meditation

The blessed disciples of Barcelona, Spain, have requested the Angel Deva of Spain to address us today and specifically to share with the lightbearers throughout the world an understanding of the chakras of Spain.

So I have communed with the Angel Deva and other masters, and they would like to reveal now the chakras of Spain. For the crown chakra of Spain, we have Bilbao in the north; the third-eye is in the area of Oviedo and Gijon; the throat chakra is, of course, the seat of government and that is Madrid. You may think of Madrid as being in the very center of Spain, at the heart, yet it is the power center and therefore the throat chakra. The heart chakra is Barcelona, where our beloved heartfriends abide, who are so dedicated to this movement of The Hearts Center community worldwide. The solar plexus is Valencia, the seat of the soul is Seville, and the base of the spine is Malaga in the south.

So, again, Bilbao, the crown; Oviedo and Gijon, the third-eye; Madrid, the throat; Barcelona, the heart; Valencia, the solar plexus; Seville, the seat of the soul chakra; Malaga, the base of the spine chakra.

Now I'd like to reveal the five crystal-ray chakras. The first two relate to the feet, and they are Granada and Alicante, the first and the second. The third chakra, which relates to the secret chamber of the heart, is Cordoba. The fourth crystal-ray chakra is Vigo. This is in the extreme north-northwestern part of Spain. And then the fifth crystal-ray chakra is Zaragoza. So, again, the first crystal-ray, Granada; the second, Alicante; the third, Córdoba; the fourth, Vigo; and the fifth, Zaragoza.

What the Angel Deva of Spain would like to do now is focus on the administrative regions of Spain. And as I name these political areas, which are like provinces or states, the Angel Deva is going to be using my hands to blaze the light to all of these regions. All of you can hold your hands up and see the crystal-ray energies going to every man, woman and child; to the precious elementals and nature spirits; to the rocks, the plants, the animals; and to the ground itself, the earth, in all of these regions.

We start this time at the base. Blaze the light of God through Andalusia. Blaze the light of God through Murcia. Blaze the light of God through Valencia. Blaze the light of God through Castilla-La Mancha. Blaze the light of God through Extremadura. Blaze the light of God through Madrid. Blaze the light of God through Cataluña. Blaze the light of God through Aragon. Blaze the light of God through Castilla and Leon. Blaze the light of God through La Rioja. Blaze the light of God through Navarra. Blaze the light of God through Pais Vasco, the Basque country. Blaze the light of God through Cantabria. Blaze the light of God through Asturias. Blaze the light of God through Galicia. Blaze the light of God through the Balearic Islands. Blaze the light of God through the Canary Islands.

We see now the light of God blazing through these seventeen regions of Spain and the islands of Spain. We see every person—every man, woman and child—bathed in light, in the light of their Presence, the light of the Sun, the light of God that always prevails. We feel and know an awakening of consciousness within every son and daughter of God, every child of the heart of the Father-Mother God this day. We see all toxic pollution consumed in all of these regions, in all of these cities by the power of the devas within earth, air, fire and water. We see now the precious Oromasis and Diana, Neptune and Luara, Aries and Thor, Virgo and Pelleur overshining all of España, Spain, and all of her territories and these islands.

And we see a new birth, a renaissance, an awakening and a vital new spirit, empowered by the Holy Spirit, moving through the lives, the consciousness, the souls of every man, woman and child. Utilizing the light released through the giving of the Rosary of Divine Quintessence this day, we see and feel all of these higher energies of Spirit manifesting on behalf of the people of Spain, of the political systems, of the religious orders, especially the Catholic Church and the new-age groups, the Omraam group at Seven Eagles.

We see all of our beloved friends, heartfriends of other spiritual movements, receiving now an impetus of fire—those who study the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Peter Deunov; those who study the mystical traditions of East and West; our friends in the Sufi movement; our friends who study Buddhism and the deeper Hindu teachings; those who are true spiritual shamans of light; those who simply love nature, work with nature and are helping to restore the Earth to its pristine state. We now feel, accept and know the oneness of all heartfriends of all spiritual movements who are working as one in unity to bring in the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

O God, we are here for you this day to blaze forth that light into every city, into every home, into every school, into every workplace, through every avenue and street, through every park, through every garden, through every arbor, in places where people gather in restaurants to dine together, where people communicate through computer systems and shops, even where people gather and do things that we do not do ourselves. We see the light of God penetrating every area of human involvement: the great soccer stadiums, the football stadiums, where people gather for all sports, and especially where people worship in mosques, churches, sanctuaries and synagogues. We see the light of God now moving forth in great undulating currents and waves of sacred fire to instill within every person light, divine awakening, energy sublime and the beautiful energy fields of harmony and peace, even as they flow through our chakras, through our eyes, through our auras.

O Holy Spirit, come this day as the Angel Deva now spreads her wings over all of Spain to encompass all in the great light of the Presence, the great light of the Sun and the great light of universal love, wisdom and power in balance. We feel and accept the Holy Spirit's energy within our hearts, our chakras, now blazing forth great God-glory to solve all the problems of the day, all of the issues of today and tomorrow: immigration, poverty, lack of education and abundance, and lack of jobs for all those who seek them in order to receive the abundance that they require to live a bountiful and harmonious life. We see people awakening in every aspect of their lives to embrace God—God's light, God's energy—within their worlds, within their families, within their communities.

We see blossoming communities of light, and The Hearts Center community feeding—through our prayers, our devotions, our songs, our joy, our happiness—all of these other communities with higher divine love, which we are so privileged to express through the accelerated awareness that we have of the ascended masters, their presence, their love, their energy. We draw forth from these great reservoirs of light in heaven and in the etheric octaves of light this resource of divine love and we shower it upon all of these territories, all of these regions.

Thank you, Angel Deva, for spreading your wings over all people to bless them, to charge them, to initiate them and to reawaken them to their Presence, to awaken them to the light and to their eternal joy in God's universal Presence. We are so grateful to serve, to bless, to raise, to save and to cherish every soul. Amen.

As Barcelona is in Cataluña, or, as we say, Catalonia, in the eastern portion of Spain, right there on the Mediterranean, the light is also going forth now, at the request of the Angel Deva of Spain, into the Mediterranean Sea to purify the water, to charge the water and all of the nations that those waters of the Mediterranean touch, both in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including Turkey, Greece and all others, with the light of our collective energy that we have broadcast today through our prayers, songs and devotions.

And because you live right on the Mediterranean Sea, this great sea, and part of Spain and part of a few other nations were actually part of Atlantis, we see the light going forth to raise Atlantis, the best of Atlantis, the best of what we had in that culture for the reawakening of people to their Higher Presence. Yes, the technologies were very interesting and they had flying machines, and we tap into some of that; yet what we really tap into are the highest aspects of Atlantis. The priests and priestesses of the sacred fire served at the altars in the temples of light. Many of us were there in those temples and that's why we love to pray so much. We see the raising up of these temples of light from Atlantis into the present day. We see the possibilities for us to have amazing new temples—round, circular and spherical temples, beautiful white architecture, crystals, glass and the mystical elements of those cultures, with beautiful fountains and nature everywhere. When Atlantis and Lemuria were at their height in their civilizations, you could feel this amazing energy everywhere you went.

So we feel the best of the past and we bring it into the present moment to energize our culture, our society, our civilization with great Solar light so that we can have a new Solar civilization right here, right now on Earth to awaken people, to quicken them, to bring them our spirit of oneness, peace, brother/sisterhood, love. So all of this energy goes throughout the entire Mediterranean region.

I'm going to pull up a map now so I can name all of these nations. We see all of these nations that are touched by the Mediterranean: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Albania. Let me get a better map here. So I'm going to rename them: Gibraltar, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. We see now light going forth from Barcelona, from Cataluña to each of these nations. And every person within these nations is receiving the light-energy of our love and the love of the Angel Deva of Spain, who is connecting with the angel deva of every other nation in this region and blazing forth great, great light for harmony and peace to be restored everywhere; for all war and fighting to stop; for all people, all cultures, all religions, all races to live together in harmony. We are One, we are One, we are One in the Sun. We are One, we are One in the Great Central Sun. We accept this oneness today, this harmony, this peace.

Those of you in Barcelona can now hold hands together and feel the pulsation of love flowing through your hands to each other. Feel this cosmic pulsation of light, of oneness, of acceptance of each other just for who you are, loving every aspect of each other as God loves every part of you. And the Angel Deva says that you have to love every part of each person that you befriend. Even though we have many parts, we are still one person in God. Yet because we have many parts, sometimes we judge different parts of other people, aspects of their consciousness, the way they look, the way they talk, the way they move, the way their body is. So choose to love every part of the person before you and realize that all those parts are perfect, wonderful, beautiful. They're different aspects and colors of God that that person represents—their eyes, their smile, their features, the shape of their body. They don't matter; everything is beautiful and godly when we choose to accept it as beautiful and wonderful. Some of us may not like some aspect of someone's consciousness or the way they do things or the way they talk. Yet remember, everything is God.

When you know that everything is God, then there's no judgment and you can accept every person you meet as a part of God—the beggar, the holy man, the policeman or woman, the teacher, the administrator, the nurse, the doctor, the lawyer, the politician, the person serving you in a restaurant, the person sweeping the floors. Every person is God.

This is what the Angel Deva of Spain would like us to know. Love every part of every person because it's a part of God. And when you do this, then Spain becomes whole, Barcelona becomes whole and bright and beautiful, and then all of the mysteries are revealed to you, all of your problems disappear, your abundance increases, your happiness begins to emerge and your joy is full. Amen.

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