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Jesus      December 25, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
December 25, 2016   11:21–11:32 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Jesus's 2016 Christmas Day Message

My Gracious and Beloved Hearts, Friends of Light of the Ages,

I come to you on this day to infuse your hearts with greater divine love. For love is at the center of the universe within God's heart, and love is in the center of your universe within your heart.

When you consciously desire to feel God's love within you, there is a beloved connection between the flaming fire in the center of all that exists and your heart—the flame within your heart, as God's essence, as your beingness. On this Christmas Day, as I, with permission from God and the Holy Spirit, enfire you with a greater love—because through your own devotion you have earned this right—you, blessed heart, may experience a deeper state of oneness, a gentler and more intimate healing and understanding, which may reside inside of you based on this strong connection between your heart and God's heart.

When you stop throughout your day to be still and know the I AM as the God light within you, there is an instantaneous response from God's divine heart. And there is an expansion of that fire in that moment of connectivity, of beingness, of oneness. If you can extend throughout your day this sacred feeling of your beingness within God and God's beingness within you, then the Christ light of your being is truly manifest and graces every moment of your life with richness of that Spirit, with the transcendence of that joy through the beatitudes, the quintessences of God's creative fire residing deep inside you. As you experience your Presence in this gentle light of beingness, the light expands, the love expands and every virtue that you desire to access, manifest and express comes to you easily through the agency of the Holy Spirit.

You befriend the Holy Spirit when you are loving, and this loving life restores unto you your own innate sense of blessedness. And the joy that is unlocked and that the atmosphere is perfumed by co-creates that higher realm and world of light that all truly desire in their hearts, that all can choose to manifest through this type of divine living.

I overshine those who meditate on love, on grace, on mercy, on peace. And during their times of silence and inner stillness, I enfold them with the grace of the universal Christ consciousness as well as the presence of comfort, of the Holy Spirit.

Precious hearts, the way that you win souls for God, the way that you work to instill across our Earth the light of Christic peace is to remain tethered to and within this sacred state of beingness throughout your day. Try manifesting this energy field within you and all around you for greater and greater cycles of time within the timeless state of this grace. When you encourage yourself to continue on this path of light and love, we are there. Many angels, divine beings, masters, holy muses overshine you, bless you and create a protective energy field around you so that you can experience this ongoingness of oneness.

          My gift to you on this day is this state of perfect beingness, perfect presence, perfect love. We cherish your souls; we know your spirits. And through your own Higher Self we often communicate in a mystical divine language unto your soul, through your conscience, that beingness of God that has always existed inside.

          Be that light of the Christ today and choose to be that light through every day in the upcoming year, 2017. This year may be for you a great leap into your divinity, your Presence, if you decide and aver that it shall be so through your focused Presence on the light of God within you. Being mindful of God always can easily displace all other mindless states that at times grip your being with that which is less than that causal state of perfect power, wisdom and love within your Presence. Choose the light, choose the higher walk with God and I am there walking beside you, and at times maybe even carrying you.

I AM your Jesus, the lover of your soul, your confidant, if you will have meyour brother and your friendif you will allow it to be so. Merry Christmas to all. God bless you.

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