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Lanello      December 24, 2016

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 24, 2016   9:13–9:31 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Lanello's Christmas Eve Message

My Beloved Friends, Devotees of God and Initiates of the Sacred Fire, 

It is nigh Christmas, a time of giving and celebration and togetherness. As you contemplate the deeper gift of yourself unto God, unto your world, your nation, community and family, understand the very nature of life and you as a portion of that life, which is the beingness and universal essence of God in the suchness of your Divine Presence—God's beautiful representation through the uniqueness of your individual identity.

Jesus came to show the way, the truth and the life of a Son of God, one who has attained the Christ consciousness and fully merged with the Father-Mother God. And his demonstration lives on today as the compassionate one, the one who surrenders all to give fully of himself so that all may be restored to their own internal Divine Presence.

As you celebrate this time, this season and your own incarnation of your Christ consciousness, feel the resonance within your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul with the Christ of every other initiate, son or daughter of God. Feel your oneness with all life through that spirit that lives within you, through that essence that is who you are in your true Self and which God flavors the universe with. When you can celebrate both Jesus's birth and your birth and rebirth in that light of the living Christ, then you fulfill the purpose of the Christ Mass—the Mass as a celebration that includes the sacred meal of the Eucharist, the partaking of the holy, higher body and blood, the mystical essence of the Christ Spirit.

When your Christmas is enlivened by this understanding and by your devotion to the God-light within you, I tell you truly that you fulfill the purpose of Jesus's coming and you manifest that higher reality of which he spoke—the kingdom of God that is within you.1 And when you are true to this divine estate of beingness, when each day something more of your Godhood is allowed by you to manifest in your world, then you truly connect with that Christ Spirit and put on that mantle of the son or daughter of God that you are meant to wear, with the bright colors of your divinity, with the flowering essences of your noble nature, the perfumes of your Higher Self, and the radiation of your Divine Presence fully manifesting because you have allowed your Solar reality to live where you are today.

We all receive much pleasure in giving gifts to others and in watching the smiles on their faces when they open them. And then there is the thankfulness betwixt the giver and the receiver. There is the appreciation, the embrace, the kiss, the divine gratitude that manifests in that exchange, which is an alchemical exchange of light and love.

Allow your Christmas to be sanctified by the Spirit of the living Christ that lives, moves and has its being within you and within family and friends that you celebrate with and embrace, cherish and even adore. You adore the God-light within them, even as you adore God. For have we not been told that we must love the Lord our God with our entire heart, mind, strength and soul, and love our neighbor as our self?2 If we truly believe in these high and holy commandments, then every day in some way becomes a type of Christ Mass wherein we celebrate the divine light within each and every one, including those who at times misunderstand us and who may consider us as enemies.

Blessed ones, it is a time of change and transformation, as it always has been. For in the eternal Now there is only beingness, oneness, unity and that sacred field in which we are of that one Spirit—blessed by it, caressed by it, at times challenged by it, and yet having that opportunity to fully give of ourselves so that all may live in this higher reality.

I was born the day before Christmas because I chose to emulate the Christ in my life and through my being and to teach mankind the way, the truth and the life in the same manner in which my divine teacher and master Jesus did. And so I made my mark upon the akashic records, and you can too. What will that mark be? It is up to you. My prayer is that your mark will be one of divine glory through love; of holiness through givingness; of etching upon the eternal fabric of life itself your graces, your gifts and the bestowals of your heart, mind, soul and spirit so that everyone who comes in contact with your essence is blessed and caressed by that light that you bear, that light who you are.

It is truly a time in which Christians in many nations are under duress, when there is a subtle, and yet not so subtle, movement to suppress the light of the living Christ and the opportunity to worship and to praise God as a follower of Jesus, as a disciple of the living Word. Please pray for all of Christendom, first to return to those divine principles and values, the core tenets of the true faith of the Church Universal and Triumphant planetary-wide. And then pray for all adherents of all religions to be true to the same higher spiritual values that are within the mystical traditions of them all so that all may live in that state of oneness, peace, brother/sisterhood and love.

During this season many angels gather in the atmosphere in response to the songs, the prayers, the hymns, the Noels sung by millions of devotees the world around. And my prayer this day is that these angels will be so close to you that they will literally touch the light within your aura to ensconce within and around you the sense of sacredness, the sense of oneness, of holy purpose, of beingness, in which you can live, move and have your being always as you so choose that reality.

You have heard these words spoken in many ways, time and again, through this dispensation. Yet I bring them unto you again with a little different flavor, a little different highlighting today with my essence and the essence of my beloved Elizabeth so that you may feel our love, our cherishment of your souls; so that you may truly allow yourself to be in that Spirit of the living Christ today, tomorrow and every day of your life.

There was a young child who lived many hundreds of years ago who sought to know the mystery of the Christ and so pleaded with Jesus to come unto him to reveal that mystery. And because of the intensity of the devotion of this one, Jesus did indeed appear to this soul and teach him those inner mysteries, person to person, as close as I am with you in this hour. And that soul was enriched by that understanding. That little boy grew into a man who truly did make his mark and returned in another life as the artist-mystic Akiane, whose art many of you have seen.

She truly is a miracle for this time, one who brought back into this life the depth of her understanding of the Christ light and Spirit. And so Jesus did appear to her again in this life, and she was able to capture his image, a magnificent representation of the man who was the Christ. See that light shining upon his face, that strength of character, that nobility of cosmic consciousness that can soar to cosmic heights to touch the very hems of heaven's garments and yet be most practical, reverent and available in the flesh to heal and to love all creatures, all souls, every being.

When you have the same intensity of devotion and of desire that that young man did to receive directly from Jesus his higher understanding and then reembody to bring the higher gifts of Spirit to the world, then you too, beloved one, as a friend of God, as both a disciple and a beloved of Jesus or of any master, may truly etch upon the ethers the highest light, the greatest graces, the most wondrous, joyful creations.

I pray that each of you this day will receive this anointing, this blessing, this bestowal through the Christ, through my Christ Spirit and that of Clare de Lis; that you will move forward, ever forward, in the light to fulfill your purpose, to accomplish your highest dreams and aspirations, and to attain that union with God that is everlasting, that is magnificent because it is born of and fulfilled in love.

I AM your Lanello. Thank you for your attention, your presence and your loving spirits—and a merry, merry Christmas to you and all. Thank you.

1. See Luke 17:20–21.
2. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:25–27.

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