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Krishna      December 20, 2016

Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2016   9:00–9:09 am MST
2016 Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
The Virgin of Guadalupe Calls You to Her Immaculate Heart: A Sacred Immersion in Mother Mary's Loving Presence
Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico

Krishna Comes to Celebrate Christmas with Us
and Bless the People of Mexico

I AM Krishna, and I come unannounced because one has called me this morning, and I emanate light to each one of your hearts, blessed ones. And this light is Krishna consciousness, even as Jesus has come to offer his Christ consciousness. You see, we are brothers, and when you know the Lord Jesus, it is easy for you to also befriend me. For our work is of the same oneness of God, and we share our love, East and West, to all who come before us.

Many of you have an ancient tie to me that spans the ages, even as others of you have that sacred tie to the heart of Jesus the Christ. And whether you have known one or the other of us, we are brothers and emanate that same light to you.

When you travel to the East in your meditations and commune with the Three Wise Men, whom you have heard traveled also from the East, you tap into the ancient traditions of sacred fire there. And whether originating from the Vedic tradition or that of Zarathustra, that fire is of the same origin also. It is the light of God that always prevails; it is the warmth of God's heart, the fire in his eyes. And when you have beheld the fiery eyes of God, you are transformed instantaneously into something new and divine. Therefore behold the eyes of God, dearest ones, and you will see reflected your own in his eyes. And in the oneness of your vision, you will rise to new cosmic heights of light to partake of the divine streams of oneness that God bears for you.

Your Christmas is drawing nigh, and I am here to celebrate also with you through bhajan and song, through dance and joy. For wherever I dance, the Christ child also appears. And wherever I play my flute, shepherds are also near. You see, I was also acclaimed as a good shepherd, like your Jesus. And my sheep knew me, just as they knew him. They would follow me wherever I would play my flute, even as the sheep of the Good Shepherd would follow him in a previous life when he played his harp. So let music swell now and flow across the sky. Through your devotions to God, this music rises to his heart, and God multiplies your devotion and returns it unto you as sacred gifts of the Spirit.

I hallow this place forevermore with my presence today. I also bless the humble people of Mexico, and this blessing flows to each and every one, for you have come to help make it so through your devotion. And through the gentleness of your hearts, it is now a reality.

Share your love with one another, dearest ones. Speak only of the highest God-good and of a bright and cheery future. For when you do, Radha and I are with you, and we may even appear unto some in our many guises, in our many visages.

Thank you for coming to this place, and thank you for your prayerful lives and loving spirits.

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