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Juan Diego      December 18, 2016

Beloved Juan Diego
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2016   11:44–11:59 am MST
2016 Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
The Virgin of Guadalupe Calls You to Her Immaculate Heart
Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico 

Mary Has Chosen You as Her Sons and Daughters to Be Instruments of Great Light

Blessed Ones,

I AM your Juan Diego, and I come with my Mother this day. She has called me her little son, and you too are her little sons and daughters. For she loves you the same as she loves me.

I was very privileged in that hour to receive her Presence and to be both an instrument of and a witness to the miracle. This miracle lives on in the legacy of her image, which is etched upon the souls of all Mexicans and native peoples of this great nation. Mother Mary herself, as the Virgin of Guadalupe, lives within the very souls of these people. They have invited her into their hearts; they have placed her image in their homes and throughout the entire culture. Even in this time, when men are turning their face from God, the devotion of many religious and spiritual hearts yet helps to hold the balance for this nation spiritually, and it is because of Mary's Presence in this nation.

You have come to this event to celebrate this miracle. And many ascended masters are inviting you to come again at the end of next year, sometime between December 1 and 24, to witness that miracle of the tilma in Mexico City, as well as to spend your time in Cuernavaca, if you desire, to anchor great light for the salvation of many souls and for the ascended masters' new teachings to be shared through this dispensation of light.

I will come again then, dearest ones, and share more of my inner story, as well as my outer story. For the story goes back, back, back in time many centuries. For you see, I knew Mary when she was the mother of Jesus and I was one of her sons and Jesus's brother. So you see, when she referred to me as her little son, it had more than one meaning. My tie to her heart ran deep and strong, and she even revealed to me in that lifetime that she would return in many centuries to perform a miracle that would change civilization in another area of the Earth.

Now, how will God change civilization through you? I ask. For you see, Mary has also chosen you as her little son or daughter. And when your heart is pure and your prayers rise every day to the throne of God, God answers through his angels. And you too may be used as an instrument for great light to be shined forth to bless many souls and to raise many out of the state of spiritual depravity.

Together let us now emanate the light of our hearts, from this point in time and space, unto this nation, to all of her people, and then expand that light out to all peoples of all nations and even beyond this Earth to all solar systems, galaxies and the universe.

Mother Mary herself is here to accentuate this spiritual activity. For she is the “woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars,”1 as is similarly depicted in her image as the Virgin of Guadalupe, with all of the wonderful images embedded within it.

If you, dearest hearts, could see your image before God's view, you might just be amazed to see how God looks upon you. And you may have your own tilma, you see, and those who witness the miracle of your being may also be inspired with what your Higher Self has etched upon this image. You see, what one has done, all can do. And Mary, having so revered each of you as your Mother, encourages you first to be true to yourself, be true to God. And through living in that truth, there is inscribed within your aura the many roses, as flowers of light, that are part and parcel to this iconic image of you as a beautiful daughter of God, a handsome son of the Divine One.

So as you pray during this prayer vigil, remember all the saints, the ascended masters, for we are with you accelerating the light that you bear. We are interpenetrating your dimensional plane of being with our light. An acceleration of light that occurs in this dynamic is magnanimous. Some of you are sensitive enough to even feel it now as great light rays go forth north, south, east and west; as heaven descends into Earth in this hour; as a great portal of light is created here to send that light across the great Sea of Cortez to the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and even northward. We use these three great bodies of water, representative of the Mother, to instill that light within the very fibers of every soul, within the feminine essence of each being. For we chose this place close to the water to inscribe within the water this great light of the Mother, the Mother as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

And now I touch the waters of this sea. They are enlivened by my own witness to the great Mother. This water is sanctified by this energy, and there is an acceleration of purification that extends to all waters around the world, even the water within your own bloodstream, the higher fountains of light in the heavens and the deep fountains beneath the Earth. You see, the Mother lives within your very veins; her light and love flow through your being.

Be free, my friends, in this liberative light of the Mother and the freedom that comes to every soul who loves God. Breathe in this love, accept this light and be free in God's Presence.

I AM your Juan Diego, also known as Raul Quintero. And my Presence is with the humble of heart, the generous of spirit, the peaceful ones. Thank you.

1. Revelation 12:1.

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