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Jesus      October 26, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
October 26, 2016   8:23–8:35 am MDT

Healing Light Retreat

Near Emigrant, Montana

Jesus Sends a Ray of Light into the Earth, Impelling Us to Be the Christ



In the eternality of cosmic light, I come to invigorate you in the radiance of your own Solar Presence in communion with my own Christ beingness. Dearest ones, when you rise in awareness to behold your God Presence, when you feel the Solar radiance of your True Self, when you merge with that essence of divinity who you are in Reality, I AM there within you manifesting with your own Christ consciousness the Logoic light of the Word. For Christ by Christ, all are equal as brothers and sisters of the Sun in this field of perfection, born of God, created by the Father-Mother in the beginning through that Word who I AM.

When you speak I AM affirmations, the Christ is there through those words, for you have locked into the essence of Christ-glory through the infinite Word, the Logos, who empowers those words in the I AM name of God. And through that empowerment that comes day by day, as you affirm and reaffirm your true nature of your I AM Presence, the light shines forth through you through the words that you speak, the affirmations that you give. You claim these as who you truly are, these statements of beingness in the present tense of the eternal Now.

The mystery of creation exists within the spoken word, for God himself declared: “Let there be light!” And God herself echoed the refrain: "And there was light!" You can claim this same perfection of creation anew each day as you say:

Let there be light here and now within me, O Lord. Let there be light upon our Earth where darkness has temporarily abided. Let there be light within my cells to heal me of all that is less than my perfected state of being. Let there be light in my thoughts and feelings, so that these may always be worthy of who I AM as a son or daughter of God. Let there be light within the centrosome of every cell of my being as I manifest my Christ consciousness this day and emanate God-beingness though my Buddhic, Atmic and Causal Self.

Truly, dearest ones, when you know who you are through the affirmation of Self, one with God, God is front and center and present in your life. The new reality of higher beingness supplants the lesser realities of the not-self that you have accommodated for centuries and millennia as you have woven strands of an identity outside of God within time and space. Now understanding your true nature, you may weave the true threads of divine glory throughout your being and co-create a new Selfhood centered in God, always loving, always joyful, always knowing who you are as that son or daughter of love.

As your Jesus I come this day to emanate new frequencies of God beingness. And the sunshine of love and light is here for the Earth and all who would have it by acceptance of it within the heart, mind, soul and spirit. You simply have to ask and then accept God's Presence of light within for your divine nature to shine forth and the true glory of your beingness to exist and manifest in all of its splendor and joy, dearest hearts. Yet, few accept who they truly are, for they would rather be something else. And so you must teach them the art and science of knowingness, acceptance and beingness as a trilogy of perfection; for when they can feel, know and sense God's Presence within, everything changes, a new universe opens, divine possibilities may be engaged in and further insights ensue.

Yes, it is up to each of you as Christed beings to carry forward my message—the message of my mission two thousand years ago and my message of today—that each one is the living Christ, created in God's image and likeness and must choose to be that light, that Reality now and ever through freewill. Freedom to be is God's great gift to humanity. Yet, what would they be is the question that God asks every son and daughter each day. If you would be who you truly are, then the empowerment is yours to claim, for then and only then may you have access to the divine resources of Spirit that will refashion you again and again in that divine brilliance and radiance of the Sun, that glory of the son-daughter Christ awareness, Logoic beingness.

You know these truths and yet how many of you have fully employed the Word within to become the living Christ with me? If you feel that you yet may expand awareness to manifest the higher dimensions and frequencies of beingness within your life today, then may it be so through your will, wisdom and love balanced and appropriated in work, service, givingness and being truthful to your true nature, your Buddhic essence.

I send a ray into the Earth and there is sparked within the center thereof, opportunity for Self-transcendence, for living a virtuous life again and for mindfully employing the talents and gifts vouchsafed to you by God in spiritual work, in living consciously and in manifesting your true identity. O mankind, as Buddha has awakened and has taught you the science of beingness, awaken! Awaken! Awaken now and be the light who you are. Thank you.

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