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Holy Spirit      October 07, 2016

Beloved Holy Spirit
David Christopher Lewis
October 7, 2016   6:02–6:11 pm ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Holy Spirit Initiates the First International Congress

I AM the Holy Spirit, come into your midst in this hour that I have anticipated for many, many years, blessed hearts, and which your soul also has anticipated. And though I am not on the program for this time, yet I am impelled by Alpha and Omega to come to share my Presence with you, to share my love universal with you and to enfire you with that Spirit now.

For you have prepared lovingly for this great day of light; and you—your soul, one with God—are here. Yes, you have prepared for lifetimes for this initiation and this event, all that will transpire within these days together. And your heart, if you are sensitive, is now afire with my love, and your mind is empowered with that mindfulness of God, and your will is also charged with the sacred fire of the Infinite One. For this is what the apostles felt on that day of Pentecost in the upper room. And you have gathered in another upper room here to experience the spiritualization of consciousness, your consciousness, one with the infinite consciousness of God, the Eternal One.

So I give you my friendship and my love. I offer my Presence, my conscious awareness of all life. And I breathe upon you the holy breath of God now. [The Holy Spirit breathes out the holy breath.] Therefore throughout these days and these hours, prepare for the quickening. Prepare for greater enlightenment and prepare for the empowerment that will come to you, O soul divine.

I am with you now and forevermore, if you choose, when love is singing in your heart, when love is flowing through your vehicle of expression and when you artistically render love in any way to any part of life. For the Holy Spirit is the co-creative power of life itself. And though in the East some consider me the Destroyer, in this hour I come as an initiator of light and fire. So be enlightened and enfired in cosmic joy, my dearest hearts, my beloved ones in whom God is well pleased.

Now let us begin this cosmic event by holding hands, one with another, as I pulsate the fire of God through you, the love of God throughout this room and country, and empower all whom you will share with and teach in days to come with God's universal love, with God's eternal teaching of the truth of the ages and that which will transform the Earth through our common and shared love. Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you.

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