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Buddhas from the Pleiades      August 24, 2016

Beloved Buddhas from the Pleiades
David Christopher Lewis
August 24, 2016   9:39–9:48 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Buddha from the Pleiades Comes to Stabilize the Earth with the Light of Peace

I AM a Buddha from the Pleiades, and I bring my light to the Earth this day for the stabilization of flowfields in twelve dimensions of being and for the anchoring of many divine light essences throughout the continents, the oceans, the mountains and the valleys, and especially within the souls of Earth's children.

Remember, blessed ones, that you are all children of the Earth. Give reverence to the Earth upon which you live, move and have your being. Honor your spiritual mentors and those who ensoul this Earth with their love. Radiate your light to feed the Earth with your love, and ensoul within your aura the highest aspects of your own God Presence, the great light of your Buddhic being. Encourage others to find themselves through inner knowingness and presence, and love all life free in the light. For this is where joy resides in eternality, where divine happiness is experienced in its natural state within you through the equanimity of your spirit, one with God.

There is an ancient connection between our star system and yours, as initiates responded long ago to the call of Sanat Kumara to come to safeguard the Earth from destruction. The peril that exists in this hour is also great, nearly as great as it was at that time, long, long ago, when Earth could have experienced her demise.

You have heard the call of the great Keeper of the Flame and you have answered, and many of you have impelled us to again respond. And we come bearing that same divine light and those holy frequencies so that there may be harmony restored, balance provided within the planes of being that we are able and allowed to influence. Find that harmony and balance within yourself first. And then after its full recognition, acceptance and accommodation, that light and that greater field of beingness may truly bless all sentient beings.

Cosma has come to you, and we come also in response to her coming and your requests. And peace abides for a cycle of timelessness and a state of spacelessness. We also touch the Yellowstone and perform other alchemies, with you and your Divine Presence, on behalf of initiates. Allow this to be a time of self-reflection in God, understanding within a higher domain of light and Solar frequencies—stellar radiating fields and cosmically connected streams of pure being.

Thank you for your acceptance of our coming. Thank you for your preparation and your love. Peace. OM. AH.

Messenger's Comments:

There were seven Buddhas altogether, and this particular Buddha, the Buddha from the Pleiades, was the spokesperson for the seven. Their light-energy will remain with the Earth for thirty-three days to safeguard certain sectors of the Earth from calamity and from karma, and to also accelerate consciousness in many domains.

Thank you, everyone. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Peace.

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