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Omraam      August 03, 2016

Beloved Omraam

David Christopher Lewis

August 3, 2016   7:00–7:14 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Master Omraam Expands the Solar Light around the Earth

As your Omraam, I come investing the light of the Presence here and within your soul, your consciousness, your heart, your mind. As I increase the radiant field of light generating from the center point of being here, there is an outflow of grace to every sentient being through the magnificence of this energy, which is of God, which comes from the sun. And as you utilize this resource, it becomes for you a great pool of beingness to dip into in any moment of your lives, precious hearts, that you desire greater connectedness, understanding, access to any virtue of God and a state of being through which you may influence, spiritually and positively, all life on this Earth.

As you have meditated, Surya and I have performed an alchemy around the world, and the action of this light has restored a certain purity to the atmosphere surrounding your Earth and your own auric atmosphere. For the crystallization of light within one's own domain first is essential for a light field to be increased and expanded throughout a greater sphere of awareness.

Those of you who take meditation seriously and enter into the state of beingness that it engenders, through a heart wed to God in deep devotion and in stillness, will make steady progress on your path if you return truly to that state of inner beingness where God exists within you, where the light is fully present deep within you. And as you give God the glory for all that is transpiring within your life, your mind, your heart, then there is an action of alchemy and blessedness that manifests, that moves you into that higher field of awareness that you seek, where you may maintain that presence of love and eternality right within your hallowed selfhood.

Those of you who have received the initiation of the Soul Raising session and blessing have received this increase of light, offered by the Holy Spirit to your soul, and a deep connection with Spirit, whereby you will never be the same again.

Have no fear of the future, for the true future of your Divine Selfhood exists within the eternal Now through centeredness of being in that sacred space that you, with God, co-create within the silence of perfected beingness. Do not be so concerned with outer circumstance or with the whirling of energies through your world, indicative of that which is transpiring through the mass consciousness, with all of its influences upon the psyche, the soul. When your soul is truly resident with God, present with the Divine One, nothing can touch that eternal spirit within self, which is inviolate in light, which is impervious to all negativity and nefarious influences.

The true disciples of light of the Universal White Brotherhood understand these dynamics and the principles of perfection that may be outsourced through your being when you access that light of purity and reflect upon the Divine throughout your day, through your service, your work, your prayers, your songs and simply through your beingness in God.

You know that I spoke to Sister Natacha of a vision of fifty centers of light in these United States of America. You have begun to enjoin the heavenly forces of light to co-create these centers. And yet much work remains to be done for their expansion, for their strengthening and for the work of each one in radiating light and dealing with all of the worldly energies that cycle through these centers of light to be transmuted and then released to the world on behalf of God and our cause. Although a center of light is established where two or more are gathered together in the I AM name for this sacred work, a greater pool of divine energy can flow when more coalesce their energy fields toward one point, one focus.

And so I urge some of you around the world who have newly connected with this activity to consider offering your light, your energy to strengthen these centers; because, blessed ones, we see on the horizon what may be manifesting as greater darkness, which must be dealt with consciously through our system of meditation, of solar yoga and of the invocation of light. And when these fifty centers are fully established and radiating their light fields, you will see great intercession, a greater awakening and a greater infusion of God's grace upon and within this world for peace to be reestablished, mindfulness to be the norm and heart-centeredness to manifest so that every soul may feel God's presence within and have restored that inner sense of wellness, wholeness and love unbounded.

I infuse your souls with the Solar radiance of divine joy this day, and I hallow the space that you inhabit, internally and externally, with my mindfulness, my inner harmony and joy. Feel the peace-commanding Presence energizing everything all about you, and allow God to simply be where you are and then extend that radiant field far and wide for the blessing of all sentient beings.

Now, blessed hearts, sing to Sanat Kumara, the great Lord, and feel the radiant field of the 144,000 as each one sounds their tone to co-create a symphony of light around the world for the saving of sentient beings and the raising of all life in this light. Thank you for your presence here, the stillness that you have shown and the presence of love that manifests miracles near and far on behalf of all. I thank you.

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