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David Lewis      August 01, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
August 1, 2016   9:00–9:28 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

Living from the Heart

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for participating in this wonderful broadcast from Mount Shasta on this Monday morning. I would like to give a little talk on living from the heart.

Living from the heart is a divine activity. It's something that we consciously do, and we do it because we know that it is wonderful for us and for others. We do it because love flows through us through our heart and we choose love rather than something else. Living in a heart-centered way, from that sacred space that exists right within us and in our consciousness, we always consider our heart and the hearts of others in the crucible of our decision making, in the moments before we speak or before any major activity occurs—and eventually, as we master our heart, before we do anything.

Living from the heart means being authentic, being who we are instead of being someone else or what someone else thinks that we should be. Being who we are allows us to manifest our beingness as it flows through and from our heart rather than from our brain. Being authentic means being real, true, principled and honest with ourselves and others—being true to our higher Self. When we act from that beingness that flows from the higher Self, authenticity emanates through our entire being.

Living from the heart means being balanced. It's very interesting that the heart chakra is the center of the seven major chakras, between the base and the crown, and there's a reason for that. When we live in a balanced way, we live from the heart and we have the balance of alpha and omega within us—father/mother, masculine/feminine. We consider the mother from her point in the base chakra, and the father from his point in the crown chakra in the way that we manifest our lives. And when we do this authentically, there is born within us, through our heart, the living Christ consciousness, because this is where the Christ awareness exists—in our heart.

Through that balance, we can emanate perfect light, perfect love, perfect beingness because we have the balance scales of the father and mother. If you look at the chakras sideways, as they are aligned along our spine, you can see that the balance scales manifest at that fulcrum of the Christ consciousness within our hearts. And so if we get a little bit off-balance in any way, such as manifesting too much of the alpha within us, we must increase the omega so that we are balanced in the masculine and feminine aspects of our being.

Living from the heart means that we master our mind and emotions to the extent that they work for us and not against us. It's okay to have emotions so long as we are cognizant of them and don't allow them to rule us. It doesn't mean that we suppress them, because suppression only drives them deeper into the subconscious, where eventually they may erupt or come out in ways that cause problems. Instead of suppressing, we learn to gain mastery of them through God-control, not human control. When we control both our mind (our thoughts) and our emotions, they both work in balance appropriately to allow us to have, through that mastery, the God-control within our being to maintain harmony, peace, understanding and patience.

The word emotion can be seen as “energy in motion.” There's always energy in motion within us. Ideally, it should flow through the nexus of our hearts, where the pressure can be equalized as we maintain balance and harmony so that negative energy doesn't explode into anger and riptides of imperil, and we direct and stream forth the flow of that energy adequately and appropriately.

Sometimes in HeartStreams, the masters increase the power that flows through my voice by altering the meter, the volume and sometimes the speed of the delivery to generate more energy. If we accept this energy, utilize it internally by allowing it to play upon us and work its alchemy, it can transmute negative substance and transform us. So even the masters, in their intense HeartStreams, use this energy in motion in a God-directed stream of power for transformation. It's not bad to show emotions; we just have to make sure that those emotions are housed in the integrity of true mindfulness. We talk of the heart-mind connection in our movement—the balance of wisdom and love—which is so important.

            Living from the heart means that we are obedient to the inner voice of God, our conscience, day after day in our lives. We must go deep within to listen to that still small voice to discern, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, what that voice is telling us; yet we can only truly discriminate when we have developed our mind and heart. Then, through obedience, we can choose to manifest God's will, wisdom and love, in balance, through our words, works and actions. In this way, we avoid problems, inappropriate words that flow through our mouths and even detrimental relationships. If we hear the voice and don't obey, we find out very soon that we're in a heap of trouble. One of the most important challenges for initiates is to gain the momentum of listening to and obeying the Christ voice within—the true voice of God within.

When we are obedient day after day, God provides us with greater resources of abundance, spiritual nourishment and assistance of every kind from others—from the ascended masters, the angels, the archangels, the elementals, our true friends (our heartfriends)—to support the completion of both our individual and collective missions.

So being obedient, with Godfre, whom we prayed to today, is so important. And that obedience primarily manifests through our obedience to this still small voice within, because this is where the crux of living from the heart occurs day after day, hour after hour, moment after moment. It's internal. Yes, we can obey the masters' words, yet ultimately they always lead us back to inner Christ awareness, the Buddhic Presence within us and the Mother light, which hopefully we are allowing to fully radiate forth through our consciousness. We gain wisdom always through the heart, the experience of the heart as it observes, in a very universal and objective way, what is transpiring in our world, through our lives, through our consciousness.

Wisdom is knowledge fulfilled compassionately through practical living. It isn't wisdom unless it is knowledge applied. And hopefully we gain more and more wisdom as we age because of what we've learned through our mistakes. It's okay to make mistakes, yet as we grow in age and become wiser, we make less and less mistakes, from one perspective, because we gain that wisdom to then avoid issues and problems. The heart brings us true wisdom rather than just book knowledge and human understanding. Universal awareness flows from the universal Christ awareness through our individual Christ consciousness. And then when we access that, when we develop it through applied work and service, this is when we are truly heart-centered.

            I've spoken much about the fact that we can choose to live in the center of the circle, at that point of our unique individuality in God's eternal being where we are, through heart-centeredness, in a point of nonreactivity, nonduality. We live from causality rather than reactivity and karma. We collapse karma in the center of that beingness, in that perfect point in the exact center of the circle. And from that point, we resonate with God, we are one with God, we are in true beingness and we feel at that point the emanation of light through our heart.

If you have difficulty feeling love or feeling the presence of the masters, you may not have quite mastered the science of going within into that still point of being, where you can feel that connectedness with the Source in the center of your heart. And so you have to learn how to meditate and collapse time and space into that center point of being in order to feel, because this is where true feeling originates. True feeling comes from beingness, and beingness manifests by consciously choosing to be with God, to be in God's Presence, with God's Presence, alive in the Presence.

When we choose to enter that still point of beingness in the Great Silence internally, we open up all kinds of opportunities for self-transcendence, for the glory of God to manifest through our heart. That's, I believe, when we truly begin to live from the heart. We may live somewhat from the heart as we're striving to reach that point of perfect balance and harmony in God's Presence. And yet we're not quite there until we've had the mystical union through meditation, through daily practice over years and decades and lifetimes, whereby we have accessed that point of our God-reality—we have penetrated beyond the veil and maya and truly entered the mystical union with our God. Once we have experienced it, felt it and known it, we can live from God's heart within our heart. So living from the heart really means that we consider God's eternal heart and we choose to enter that and then be expressive of God's love, God's light through our hearts, one with that.

I believe that living from the heart allows us to always have reverence for life—reverence for our life; for every life-form; for the unborn; for God in every part of nature, even the minerals, the plants and the animals; and especially, of course, for the angels, the archangels and the ascended hosts. More and more, we stop differentiating and entering into the state of classifying everything.

In God's eternal Presence, in the state of reverence for life, of holiness unto the Lord and of purity of consciousness, we enter that sacred activity of beingness. We naturally move into a more peaceful state and we choose to live more simply and reverently without all the outer trappings of materialism. We may begin to divest ourselves of so much stuff and things that cloud our worlds and our consciousness, because having so much stuff is, at some level, a burden upon us. So we begin to live much more simply through that reverence and through that field of energy that we generate through our reverence for all life.

We move toward vegetarianism, if we haven't already, because we simply can't be a part of the killing of that which we take into our body. We can't be a part of murder of any kind, the murder of thought, the thoughts of others. How much do we murder other people's thoughts by not truly listening, by trying to coerce them to think a certain way, to be a certain way? Is that, at a very subtle level of consciousness, murder? Reverence for life allows us to live in a peaceable state in which we live from and through our heart. We express God's love in very gentle, kind, positive and nourishing ways.

            Living from the heart means that we are in an eternal state of gratitude to God and to others, to our higher Self, to nature. We express that gratitude every day in some way. We say “please,” “thank you,” “you're welcome.” We are hospitable and have high manners. By this I mean that we enter the divine etiquette of consideration of how others think, feel, see and live. And in that state of nonjudgment, nonduality, we don't pick apart and analyze with the human intellect why people are doing what they're doing. They're doing it because this is where they are in their awareness, on the scale of their evolution. And it's okay; we don't condemn. We don't blackmail them by our mental constructs that are trying to suppress the fact that this is where they are. We allow them to play out their nature through their lives as they are living them and experiencing them without our creating a very intense overarching mental field that says, “You have to be this way if I'm going to collaborate or communicate with you.”

Living from the heart means living in a much less judgmental way, where we are accepting of everyone—who they are, where they are, why they are the way they are. And in that acceptance of what is, as Eckhart Tolle talks about it in The Power of  Now and A New Earth, we allow the universe to play itself out in the great drama of life without trying to manipulate things from the human standpoint. Yes, we are proactive in our divine state of beingness; it's not that we're wishy-washy or wimpy. We are very directed, through our God-consciousness, in allowing God's light to flow through us, and we direct the streams of energy through our chakras, through our consciousness such that we are powerfully impacting the world in a dynamic and authentic way. Yet we're careful in how this energy manifests through us so that we're not trying to impose our way or humanly control events.

I have seen disciples who have tried to mentally control things, and they never win if they are acting outside of the will of God. When you live a heart-centered life and apply divine wisdom to anything, then the divine mind, the divine will and the divine heart manifest in perfection because you are cooperating with life itself and with the Holy Spirit.

Living from the heart means that we are co-creators. It means that we are cooperating with the Creator in the ongoing creation of the universe as love flows through us, because love is that which creates. So being a cooperator and a collaborator with God, the Creator, through our office as sons and daughters of God, we become co-creators in order to be a part of the creation in an authentic and beautiful way. As initiates and unique spirt-sparks of God, we use our mindfulness, artistry, creative talents and gifts to participate in this alchemy and perfume the cosmos with these gifts, talents and graces that flow through us. It's a beautiful thing.

We're a part of the entire web of creation, the warp and woof of all life, and our unique individual stream of awareness allows us to enjoy, appreciate and be a part of the ongoing process of God's co-creation with us. We're not kicking against the pricks and saying, “God, you've done something that I don't like and I'm going to create it this way,” or, as Sinatra says, “my way—my way or the highway, God.” No, we are following God. We are reverent towards God. We appreciate God—God's will, wisdom and love—and we enter into the creation with our minds and hearts in the right space, in the right vibration, in the right awareness.

So much of art and music this day, I believe, is created by people who do not have God in mind and so they create all kinds of jagged rhythms and thoughtforms in their art, or what is called art in this day and age. And I don't believe it's true art. I think it's rebellion against the divine order, against the creation itself, against God. When we call ourselves artists, we have to be very careful, first and foremost, that we are living from the heart—our heart in communion with the eternal heart—and that what we bring forth and share with the world represents something truly of love rather than our lower nature.

It's so important to be a part of the creative processes of the universe without offending the Universe, Nature, God. And there are so many offenses and affronts to the Divine right now from those who have forgotten God. We must go back into our hearts, where we can remember God—we can remember who we are as God beings, as lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers. And in this remembering of our true state of inner beingness, one with God, we can be authentic and real artisans and give our highest gifts, appreciating what heaven offers us every moment, including that which the angels and archangels majestically and beautifully render of God's light-energies through their miracles and offerings to us. We listen to the ascended masters and reverently appreciate what they are sharing, and then we attempt to be obedient and perfect ourselves through the nexus and the crucible of our hearts as we live authentically from the heart.

This discourse, to me, is part and parcel of our upcoming book because I think it's the crux of why we do what we do in our movement. We are The Hearts Center because we choose to be heart-centered individuals, scientists and spiritualists of the highest order, balancing science and spirituality through the nexus of our hearts.

            Thank you for listening and participating. God bless you. I'll return you now to Cathleen and all of you wonderful souls in Mount Shasta, whom I will be seeing in about nine or ten days. Take care. Bye.

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