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Victory      July 27, 2016

Beloved Mighty Victory

David Christopher Lewis

July 27, 2016   9:11–9:20 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Mighty Victory Releases a Dispensation for a Victorious Election Cycle


I AM Mighty Victory, and I am here this day to stand with each of you in the light of your Presence! Every time you choose to stand in your Presence, I am there, blessed ones. For in the Presence of God manifest within your Divine Selfhood, the light of Victory is always blazing forth in all of its divine glory and radiance.


Your I AM Presence is your victory Selfhood! Your I AM Presence is that which sings to the universe your song, your keynote of light. Your I AM Presence is so majestic, miraculous and victorious that when you enter into the field of its beingness, nothing save love can vibrate within that Presence, nothing save eternal joy can enter the scene, nothing save God's virtues can arise or be fulfilled in that harmonic state of purity.

If you choose to live within your Presence, all things shall be possible unto you; for where God is, the miraculous exists. Where the light vibrates with an intensity of victory, there the daring and dauntless ones manifest their courage to be God. If you would be truly courageous, be one with God every day in every way, with a victorious sense that nothing can stand in the way of the ascending spiral of light within your being; of the freshness and newness of self-discovery in God; of the bounty of the harvest of divine riches, as that abundant life, that you choose to manifest and originate in God's Presence.


Do you think, blessed ones, that within your I AM Presence there is in any way something less than perfection? No! Therefore when you require a greater abundant life, enter your Presence! For there are God's greatest gifts to your soul, your spirit. And in that field of light, the truth, the way and the life appear; the way is made plain for you on which to walk; love is effulgent within your heart; and the all-encompassing Presence of God manifests as pure joy, pure light, pure life.

If you desire the victory of ascended-master candidates in the coming election, make your fiats every day to me, and I will move heaven and earth so that the right hearts, the true hearts are elected into office. Yes, there have been prophecies that someone would be elected and that there would be a decline within this nation if that one were elected. Yet I say this day that you, blessed ones, with me can change prophecy if we aver, through the light of Victory, that God can change everything in a flash, in an instant through the new victorious sense of a universe fulfilled in love, purposed in victory.

Therefore if you accept a new prophetic way manifesting, a new light arising, then stand before your I AM Presence and proclaim that new day manifest through you. And then give your fiats to the universe so that all saints of heaven may hear. And when they hear the roaring of your calls, your affirmations, your fiats compelling them to act, then the full exposure of the nefarious plots and strategies of the dark ones will occur and the light will arise and the new day will dawn. Do you accept this reality now, blessed hearts? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

Then I, Mighty Victory, affirm this day that a dispensation has been granted unto me to enter the scene of this planet through that Tuesday in November when the votes shall be cast. And if you do your work with me and the legions of Victory, then we shall see the end of the Schmita manifest as God's will fulfilled in this nation in that hour. And the new day dawning shall truly be miraculous and victorious.

The light is already descending from the Great Central Sun to fulfill this new prophecy of light. And that light is available to each of you as initiates of the sacred fire. Therefore utilize this dispensation. Choose never to forget to be the nexus of that light and of that release of light. “Make it so! Make it so! Make it so!” as Picard1 has said. And you, as the deliberators of the destiny of this nation and every nation, shall smile the smile of Victory when all is again in order, harmonious, trued to divine purpose and rich in the effulgent Spirit of I AM THAT I AM, with the original blueprint of this nation manifesting again through harmonious and virtuous hearts living in every state of this nation and in the state of pure beingness in God.

            I AM Victory! God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen. Thank you.

1. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a character in the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series as well as some of the Star Trek films, played by actor Patrick Stewart.

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