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David Lewis      July 22, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 22, 2016   7:12 ̶ 7:22 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Expand Your Crystal Cord

The crystal cord is your connection with God, your own Divine Presence. And it is also a cosmic tube through which light enters your being and also through which your devotion flows to your Divine Presence. It's actually a beautiful, cylindrical, geometric connecting cord between you and the Divine. And when you utilize it to pour forth your devotion through songs of praise, through holy prayers, through mantras, and simply through beingness, the crystal cord is strengthened, vivified, even magnified and expanded.

If you have greater and greater devotion to God, the expansiveness of that crystal cord is beautiful to behold. And by you pouring forth your devotion to God and increasing the capacity of the crystal cord to hold light through your devotion, it also expands the opportunity for you to receive more energy from the divine world into your chakras and aura for your spiritual wealth, health and for the outpicturing of light in your life.

If you do not feel that you always have enough energy, abundance, life force working for you and within your world, the way to resolve this is to pour forth more love and devotion to God—your own God Presence; God Almighty; the ascended masters, as intermediaries for God; nature; God everywhere; and God within others. The more devotion you pour forth, the greater the expansion of the crystal cord. And then you will have energy entering your being to charge you, to revivify you, to energize you anytime you require it. It takes only a moment of connectedness and attunement—which means “at-onement”—with God through devotion, attention and focus to open the portal of your crystal cord for that greater light-energy to be yours, and then you can, in turn, utilize it for greater glorious God-works.

So we will visualize now our crystal cord expanding to the size of our aura. For some of you, your aura may be three feet around your body temple in all directions. For others of you, it's maybe twelve feet, and for a few of you it's larger. And you can accept, believe in and have faith that your crystal cord is expanding now. And in order to do this we will say:

I AM light! I AM light! I AM light! I AM light!

I AM love! I AM love! I AM love! I AM love!

I AM joy! I AM joy! I AM joy! I AM joy! [all three fiats repeated four times]

I AM light! I AM love! I AM joy! I AM joy! [given five times]

 Now feel the increase of the energy within the crystal cord, which is now larger than it was before we began this alchemy and this exercise. And utilize the matrix of the cloud, which Saint Germain gave us through another activity, to activate the photonic energy field that is within every speck of light within this crystal cord so that it is absolutely so brilliant that it is like ten thousand suns shining simultaneously together.

As you increase the light within the crystal cord, it is now also influencing every cell of your body. It is phasing you into a new dimension of beingness. And the alternating currents and the direct current from God are working together in an Alpha-and-Omega matrix, in a tai chi—alternating current, direct current—and phasing you into a new energy field.

The electronic fire body that is all around you from your Divine Presence, your Solar Presence, is shining now in a greater brilliance through the agency of the Holy Spirit, which is activating within each and every one of you this matrix of perfection, of purity and of joy, of harmony and of peace. And the activation means now that you are spinning; your chakras are totally activated and spinning with a new and higher frequency. And this spinning happens also at the cellular level. Your cells are happy; they are glowing; they are radiant; they are divinely refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

Breathe deeply and imbibe the cosmic prana that the Holy Spirit, through Jesus and Padre Pio, bless us with tonight [David inhales and exhales four times.] And breathe right into the crystal cord as much spiritual fire and light as you can conceive of. [David inhales and exhales four times.] The definition of an immortal, as we've heard many times, is one who can continue to breathe fire, breathe light rather than breathe air and oxygen, and to assimilate light and fire, to actually eat, digest, assimilate light and fire permanently.

So feel now this light and this fire going deep within you, flushing out every toxin both in the body, the mind, the soul, the spirit, the emotions and even in your memory, or fire, body. [David inhales and exhales four times.] If you have any issues within your physical body temple, breathe fire and light into that area of your temple and see it functioning perfectly, as God intended—dynamically, radiantly, effectively, efficiently, as it did when you were a newborn child, when you were fresh from heaven. [David inhales and exhales four times.]

Now, as we alchemize ourselves in this light, we can expand this radiant field to this room, to Livingston, to all of Montana, to the western and northwestern United States, all of the United States, North America and the entire planet and feel the energization, the activation of these higher frequencies of light, purity, wholeness and beingness manifesting in every dimension, every plane of consciousness of every sentient being on this Earth, blessing them, infusing them with light and divine radiance. [David inhales and exhales four times.]

We're directing currents into Nice in France, into Munich in Germany, into Louisiana, into every area that has been beset by violence, darkness, infamy and terrorism and transmuting the cause, effect, record and memory of the records of these activities; transmuting the memory, even in people, of the diabolical nature of this evil.

Burn through now, O sacred fire, into these records and erase, erase, erase them, by God's grace. [David inhales and exhales four times.] Into Florida, into Baltimore, into the greater Saint Louis, Missouri, area and all areas where there have been murders of both blacks and police.

We call for dispensations of grace to utterly consume the darkness, the evil and the reactivity in the minds of those who would lash out at some other side, through duality, and continue to enter into the blame game. We call for the transmutation of the blame game. We are all, at some level, to blame for this darkness, and we accept our accountability and we see it transmuted, consumed.

As we prepare to sing song number 100, the “Heal with Ho'oponopono” song, we feel first the agency of the Holy Spirit activating into deeper and deeper levels of the astral plane light, light, light to flush out darkness, save sentient beings, bestow grace, wholeness, mercies and kindnesses, and now miracles manifesting. We see it; we realize it; we feel it; we are it.

And now we will sing song 100. [“Heal with Ho'oponopono” is sung.]

Now 40 percent of the action is completed, and we have more to do. So we're going to sing prayer 40.002 (also 10.005), “Bathe the Earth in Light.”

Beloved Astrea and Purity, all cosmic masters on the white ray, we ask you to descend now and clear the astral plane out of the Earth. Clear all records from the past. Transmute, transmute, transmute them by the light of Purity. Bathe our Earth in light, our physical temple. Bathe the physical temples of all lightbearers. Bathe the physical temples of all plants, animals and every mineral upon this Earth with the perfection light of God-glory and of the ascension currents.

As we sing now, we pour forth as much light as we can feel coursing through our chakras and our being into the Earth for the saving of the Earth, the bathing of the Earth in this light. [“Bathe the Earth in Light” is sung.]

I AM light! I AM light! I AM light, light, light!

I AM love! I AM love! I AM love, love, love!

I AM joy! I AM joy! I AM joy, joy, joy!

OM light, OM love, OM joy, joy, joy! [three times]

I AM THAT I AM [three times]

The very next prayer, 40.003—we'll sing this also after we give it one time through.

Beloved Lanello, purify the Earth now with the light from your causal body in every quarter, upon every continent and every body of water, all the mountains, the valleys, everywhere on Earth. Purify, purify, purify as we pray.

[Prayer 40.003 is given, then sung.]

We are up to 50 percent now, and we're going to turn to 40.005. And we'll give this prayer nine times and we'll sing it once through, actually twice through.

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