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David Lewis      July 22, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Padre Pio)
July 22, 2016   8:08 ̶ 8:28 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Crystal Nature of God-Consciousness

Padre Pio would have me discourse on the crystal nature of God-consciousness.

Crystals are the summum bonum of the mineral kingdom. The minerals that compose crystals are aligned in a state that allows them to reach this enlightened state of being. And we take this as a reference point for seeing the perfectionment and the God-ideal of the crystal nature of our Source and this diamond-shining mind that God emanates to the universe. We call it the diamond-shining mind for a reason, because through the diamond the light can be refracted in a dynamic way, whereby it is amplified, it is accelerated, it is magnified.

Now, we are liquid-crystal light beings. Even though you may not consider yourself that, that is really what you are and who you are. Composed mostly of water, which itself is a liquid, we are malleable, and yet through the cellular structure within that water, we also phase back and forth into this liquid-diamond-crystal matrix within our true Self. So our Higher Self, as that universal aspect of ourselves, is more crystalline in nature than we realize.

The ascended masters, as I behold them and experience them, are more starry, crystalline beings than anthropomorphic or solid in a human type of form. They are energy centers of God-consciousness, of pure fire-light beingness.

The diamond-shining crystal nature of God throughout the cosmos manifests through the glory of the stars. If you were to behold all of the galaxies together in the universe, you'd be amazed to see how they could be represented within a type of diamond ring—one beautiful, gigantic diamond ring, egg shaped, like a pearl drop.

So if this is the structure of the cosmos as God created it, we, made in God's image and likeness, truly are also these diamond-shining beings in our perfected state. This is the glory of our soul and what we are destined to objectify, to outpicture—our own diamond-crystal perfected essence.

The reason that we focus so much on crystals and diamonds within this movement—not from the human standpoint, from the spiritual standpoint—is that this is our destiny. This is the God-glory that we ultimately will evolve into and become, or at least remember that we were created in that image and return to it consciously through the evolutionary and then the involutionary path of light.

Knowing that we are all diamonds in our true nature, we can enter the diamond-shining mind of God to experience that glory of universal consciousness—God, or cosmic, consciousness—so that we have access to the truth and all wisdom, all knowledge. Information is there at hand. The video that was shown this morning during our broadcast by Helen, at my request and at the request of the masters, showed a young man who is probably, I'm guessing, in his 30s. Although it wasn't stated, because he started talking and I missed part of it in the beginning, he had a near-death experience. He was dead for eight minutes and then left his body, was dragged almost to hell by this thirteen-foot-tall demon, who was ugly. And then on his way to hell, probably through the intercession of us giving the Michael calls, Archangel Michael came and rescued him—nine feet six inches tall, yet more powerful than this demon. He just put his hand like this and the demon flew, like in a movie, backwards, doubled back and flew way back. Then Michael talked to the man, communicated with him before he completely rescued him.

This man saw that shining light before Michael coalesced and materialized, in a sense, right before him. And he stated during that talk that he could instantaneously know the answer to anything just by simply thinking a question, and then he got the answer. He knew the demon was exactly thirteen feet tall. He knew instantly that Michael was nine feet six inches tall. There was no equivocation; he knew it. This is universal awareness; this is the diamond-shining mind of God that permeates everywhere. And when we are in alignment with it, with God, we have access to all knowledge, all wisdom, all truth instantaneously.

So why are we talking of this tonight? Because the Earth requires that people know their true nature so that we can deal with all of the issues of today. We can hold the field of perfection for every man, woman and child so that none of them are caught in the astral plane of illusion and do crazy things that destroy, hurt, maim or kill; so that they can rise out of their own illusory consciousness of hell to perceive, as this man did, the light and then the presence of Michael and be freed. He was on his way to hell, having not lived a very godly life—that's where he was ready to go—and through somebody's intercession, some prayers, some call, he was rescued.

The reason we played that was to give you a sense of co-measurement about how important our prayers to Archangel Michael are and to show how this man, who was not really a super-spiritual person, now is because of that experience. He was weeping and crying in gratitude for what Archangel Michael performed to save his soul. He woke up, he remembered everything and he is telling a story, an amazing story, very descriptive, beautiful. He was sharing how beautiful Archangel Michael was, that he was like male and female, almost androgynous, but more male. His face was so glorious and radiant, he couldn't quite tell at first if it was a man or a woman or both. And then Michael told him his name. What a wonderful experience and testimony of light. So if you haven't heard the whole service this morning, I encourage you to watch it.

This diamond-shining aspect of God is something that we can embrace and can realize as both a dream and a goal. We give Magda's beautiful mantra: “I live, move and have my being in a liquid-diamond crystal of light.” Why did she give us this mantra early in The Hearts Center? Because it was important for us to know the crystalline nature of our true beingness as the next step on our evolutionary journey beyond the seven rays.

Jesus and Magda have evolved to this state and beyond. They're showing us the next step of our evolution, to be star children, like in 2001: A Space Odyssey—glowing as a star, radiant as a star. So in our Diamond-Crystal Purity services, if you can accept, believe, have faith that you are truly a diamond-crystal being in your reality—and by accepting, I mean really grok it, really get it, feel it, know it, intuit it, fully accept it so that it becomes a garment on you—then think of how your life can be changed. You would no longer dwell so much in the physical flesh state of your temple. Your temple would be glowing, radiating light, and all the little issues that you've had with your body would tend to just drop away and dissolve because you focus on your eternal nature, the true Self that you really are. You become more energetic, richer in spirit. And in that richness of spirit, the little things don't get you down, drag you down. Reactions start to just dry up and go away because you are in the space of causality rather than reactivity. You are causative of planetary change by your conscious choice to be that change first in yourself. And by being that change, then you enter the changeless state, the eternal state of the Now, which is causative only of perfection and God-good. You become an activator and initiator of new cycles of light for friends, heartfriends, family, community, the world.

You become an initiate when you initiate cycles of light in the world. How? Through prayer, meditation, chanting, giving, serving, working hard, striving, giving the last ounce of yourself sometimes to complete a project on a timeline that requires someone to take the reins of that project and ensure that it gets done all the way through, dotting every i and crossing every t. You start from the end in mind and you work backwards. You figure out how long it will take, what resources are required—the personnel, the money, et cetera. You do the alchemy. And then the last phase of it is the glorification of God through the completion of the project. It's laid upon the altar, you consecrate it to the Lord for the benefit of sentient beings and then it becomes a vehicle for the expression of beauty, peace, love, harmony, grace.

Every product that we create in our movement is a vehicle for God's grace to flow to people—through our prayers, our mantras, our songs, our videos, our audios, everything. We do the work that we do to serve, and we serve God first. We serve you, everyone else by serving God first. And we are serving the God within you, so we are always serving God Almighty first, God in you second. And then as it all morphs together, it's only God, God, God. So we are really always serving God.

Think of what it would be like if everyone on the Earth knew these truths, accepted them as real, as the new religion of oneness, of true spirituality, of beingness, of true brother/sisterhood. We wouldn't have all the doctrines and dogmas that limit us and people thinking that their way is better or more right than others—“Jesus is the only way,” “Mohammad is the last prophet,” “the Savior is coming.” All of these are a cop-out from striving for enlightenment and Self-realization within themselves through direct access to the diamond nature of the perfected state of God Reality, their God Presence, now.

Religion can help. It can provide a vehicle for devotion in communities, in churches, in congregations and for the collective to energize more in this joy-field of light. Yet when you feel a compromise in any organization, religion, institution or teaching, realize that there's always something higher, better, more sublime and beautiful to experience if you are willing to go the extra mile and reach beyond the constraints of orthodoxy or the bounds of some prescribed formula that says that this is the way. And then enter into God's way in a sublime way, which always manifests through love.

Jesus and Padre Pio healed many people on the Earth tonight of darkness, divisiveness, anger, lashing out at others. When people lash out and blame others—the blacks, the police, the dark forces, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, whoever—this is a cop-out, and not a good cop-out. It's a bad cop-out.

So let's not cop out so much and let's get with the program, the divine program, of oneness, beingness, love, acceptance, glorifying God within ourselves and every life-form. The eternal state of our diamond-crystal nature has always been there as the real us. Breathe it in, as we did tonight, consciously breathing light into our crystal cord. We now call it a crystal cord rather than a silver cord because we're focusing on the crystal nature of this stream, this cord between us and our Divine Self. And as we crystallize our devotion, our praise, our gratitude to God and send up that devotion energetically, then, as I explained during the service on behalf of Jesus and Padre Pio, we open up that crystal cord to a wider opportunity for us to receive more light, more energy, more divine radiance, teachings, blessings, graces and gifts of the Spirit.

It's such an easy equation when you think of it. It's so simple. It's not complex; it's not rocket science. You don't have to know tons of formulas. You just accept it as a possibility, and then as a reality. You use it for your own benefit and for the benefit of all life on Earth.

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