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David Lewis      July 17, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 17, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:29 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Reading from Thank Your Wicked Parents and a Discourse on Hebrews 8:12

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us today.

There are exceptional things happening on the Earth, and it is truly a time of peril and opportunity—peril in that there are many things in the world that are occurring, that are bringing much to a head. And it is incumbent upon us to be here every day in prayer, in focused and loving adoration to God, in beingness and in a desire to be of highest service to mitigate what could happen through divine intercession. This is, of course, one of our primary missions and purposes in our movement—to be a nexus through prayer, meditation and devotion to mitigate any potential planetary conflict, conflagration and, God forbid, planetary war.

There are wars and rumors of wars. There is still much destruction occurring, and yet we, as advocates for God's will, wisdom and love upon and within the Earth, are here for our Lord, for the great ascended masters and divine beings who work and collaborate with us in order to mitigate as much as possible. So thank you for your ongoing prayers to Archangel Michael, the great hosts of the Lord, the prayers of the rosary, and we gave the children's Golden Buddha Rosary today. Thank you for being there and serving with your utmost devotion and praise of God.

I would like to share a little bit from a book that I was given last year when I attended the INATS show in Denver. This is the International New Age Trade Show, primarily for retailers, who can secure books and information on books and other new-age products from wholesale distributors and from their sources. This book is called Thank Your Wicked Parents: Blessings from a Difficult Childhood by Richard Bach, who, as most of you know, wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I consider Richard a wonderful mystic and an advocate for truth. He comes up with many wonderful sharings, which are often very Zen. This book celebrates having had difficult or even wicked parents who provided a very difficult childhood for us. Now, I myself did not experience this, yet some of you did. So I'm going to read some of these quotes because I think they give us pause to consider that sometimes through difficult situations we can come out the better for them and they actually help to make us who we are.

So here are some quotes from this book, which you can secure online through Rainbow Ridge Books. This book is $12.95. It's a self-help book and I believe it's published by Devorss and Company, who is one of our distributors. All of these statements are basically to parents who have been very difficult. He says:

“Thank you for pulling me down and giving me reason to fly.”

“Thank you for discounting my pain so that I could learn to let it go.”

“Thank you for not believing in me so that I could begin believing in myself.”

“Thank you for despising my talent so that I could develop it the way I wanted to all along.”

“Thank you for making my life miserable to show me that I allow my miseries and create my joys.”

“Thank you for treating me like dirt so I could learn that I am diamonds.”

“Thank you for beating me so that I shall never harm myself or others.”

“Thank you for denying me so I can affirm myself.”

“Thank you for calling me names so I could redefine myself in brighter words.”

“Thank you for not being there for me; I'm here now for myself.”

“Thank you for trying to crush my dreams and smother my hopes to show me it's not your belief that makes them real, but mine.”

“Thank you for not protecting me so I would find how to stand fast on my own.”

“Thank you for being unreliable so that I could count on me.”

“Thank you for being petty so that I could learn grace.”

“Thank you for forcing your religion upon me. Rejecting yours, I found my own.”

“Thank you for hating me so that I could love who I am and who I am yet to be.”

“Thank you for being ashamed of me so that I can be proud of my highest self.”

“Thank you for abusing me so that I shall treat myself always with respect.”

“Thank you for abandoning me; I found myself along the way.”

“Thank you for despising me so that I could honor the person I've decided to become.”

“Thank you for ridiculing me so I could value the self I know.”

“Thank you for wishing I had never been born. I learned to trust my precious life all the more.”

“Thank you for resenting my beauty so that I can share it with those who care.”

“Thank you for fearing my inner goodness so that I can love it always.”

“Thank you for belittling me so that I could find the galaxy of my true being.”

“Thank you for breaking your promises to me. I shall keep mine to others.

“Thank you for being the person I never want to be, for making it easy for me to become your opposite.”

“Thank you for telling me I'll never amount to nothin' so I am free to become anyone I choose.”

“Thank you for lying to me so that I could find my truth for myself.”

“Thank you for showing me chaos so that I value order.”

“Thank you for shouting at me so that I am soft-spoken today.”

“Thank you for your cynicism so that I guard and prize my ideals.”

“Thank you for ignoring the beauty of living; I've had the joy of discovering it on my own.”

“Thank you for neglecting me so that I'll treasure myself.”

“Thank you for ignoring my gifts so I could nourish them in spite of odds.”

“Thank you for cursing me so I could learn to bless who I am.”

“Thank you for not communicating. Now I've learned to speak from my heart to those I love.”

“Thank you for your bitterness so that I could learn sweet gratitude.”

“Thank you for not supporting me so that I've prospered on my own.”

“Thank you for your walls so that I'm unafraid to live openly.”

“Thank you for your wild tempers, showing me that anger is always fear, and fear is always fear of loss.”

“Thank you for trying to make me feel guilty so that I'll never again change my path for someone else's sake.”

“Thank you for your endless complaining. I've learned quietly to accept the consequences of my choices.”

“Thank you for fighting with each other so that I value respect and peace between mates.”

“Thank you for showing me what love isn't so that I'll not go where it can't be found.”

“Thank you for keeping your distance from me so that I draw closer to myself.”

“Thank you for having no hope for your future so that I learn to have hope for mine.”

That's actually about half of the book. It's a beautiful little book—Richard Bach, Thank Your Wicked Parents: Blessings from a Difficult Childhood. We could recommend this book in our online store in the recommended books section. You can secure it on your own if you'd like.

Even if you didn't have wicked parents or difficult parents, you may have had an interesting or difficult relationship. So, many of these same statements may work in terms of coming to terms with what we've dealt with in relationships that have been very challenging. Some of you have been through divorces or relationships that were so difficult and so grating upon your soul. Yet when you forgive and you thank the person for what they did, you can, in a diametrically opposite way from the way that they treated you, come to terms with who you are and decide and aver that you will be righteous, holy, virtuous. Then you see that the very dynamic of having had that experience, that relationship, that challenge brought you to a new spiritual realization, flowering and understanding, and even enlightening state. Then you see that it was all meant to be. There should be no ruing of the past. You've moved on; you've completely, 100 percent forgiven and even forgotten, to an extent, and you are the better for having gone through this very evil, wicked or challenging situation or relationship.

I think we all know that our greatest challenges are what test our mettle and make us who we are. And we chose those challenges before we incarnated. We actually conspired with the universe—and the universe conspired with us and the Higher Self of all these individuals who have become part of our life—to go through these in order to grow and to learn, to evolve, to become more compassionate, loving and kind. Then we see that it was all meant to be, that it was all God's plan for us and our plan with God for ourselves and that it has truly helped us on our sacred journey of light.

Now, we tend to go back and re-experience some things and rehash them, and our memory body can't quite get rid of the pain, the sorrow, the anguish of the experience. People generally have a tendency to revolve these issues. And by revolving them rather than resolving them, we don't make progress; we stay stuck. So if you have intense memories that you can't seem to let go of or resolve through forgiveness, through understanding and moving on, look at those squarely and decide today to either let them go, let them be or allow them, in a sense, to be buried in order that you may rise from the grave unscathed, beautiful, more radiant, more holy, more virtuous by having temporarily been in that grave with the other person in the astral or in the dark situation that you've come out of now.

You know, we say, “Forgive and forget. Yet how many people can truly say that they forget? It's amazing what happens when you pour the violet light through a given acrimonious situation of the past and you do the Ho'oponopono prayer: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” The “thank you” is actually the sealing of that action of forgiveness. And in the “thank you” you are saying: “I affirm that what you've done, and maybe what I've done to you, is no more; it's resolved. The issue is now a sealed book and I can move on and you can move on and we can move on as one in spirit, beyond the dissonance, the division of duality. And in this oneness state, we are truly one. And maybe you've been seen in the past as being an enemy; now I see you as a heartfriend, even one with God. And in God's Presence we are one.”

Draw unto your heart those who have wronged you and those whom you have wronged. Resolve from within your heart all issues of the past so that you can move on into the future within the eternal Now with complete compassion, understanding and even joy at having gone through these experiences. The past and the memory of the past is dissolved. And when the memory is dissolved and you have no angst in that memory seed that's still within your unconscious or subconscious, then it's amazing what transpires through the resolution process.

If you find yourself speaking of the past over and over, let that go, as Eckhart Tolle adjures us. Live in the eternal Now, because you cannot go back to the past through your memory body and change it. The only way to change the past is within the eternal Now, where you are one with God. And your oneness with God and your love of God and your love of others—who are part of God too, and God is within them—dissolves the acrimony of that etching in akasha, and the fire is added to that situation. The fire burns it up, and then if you truly allow it to be resolved, even the memory goes.

In my life, there have been situations that were difficult, and yet when I truly forgave, the memory just wasn't there any longer. Maybe the karmic record is there in their book of life. Imagine a world where we can even erase the karmic records in akasha within the other one's akashic book and record. That's what I'm hoping for. That's what I'm dreaming of, where they don't even have the memory of the experience, because that's true forgiveness and forgetting. It's not human forgetfulness; it's divine forgetfulness.

In the Bible the Lord says, “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”2 Let's have that scripture pasted on our computers, our mirrors, our refrigerators, at our desks. If God can say to us “I will remember their sins no more,” imagine how loving and forgiving a God that is. He/she has blotted the entire karmic record out of the book of life, out of the akashic records. If we ever, ever devolve to the point of remembering past sins of others or rue what others have done to us, remember that if God can do this, we can do it, and we should do it. We should forgive and forget and transmute—cause, effect, record and memory. You've heard that term.

I use this term, which I learned through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in my prayers.  The last one is memory: cause, effect, record (the akashic records), and memory—the memory of it, where it is in the akashic records. Cause, effect (the karma), record (the record of it held by the recording angel who recorded the situation) and memory. And that memory is so crucial for us in order to really let go, resolve, dissolve.

If we continue to harbor over and over and remember, remember, remember what others have done or what we have done to ourselves or to others that has been problematic, it's difficult to move on and live in the eternal Now. So moving beyond human memory into the divine estate of beauty, harmony and peace is a beautiful thing.

So write down Hebrews 8:12, and let's have that etched on our consciousness: “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

Now, to displace the negative memories, we live in the eternal Now to create new divine memories, which we can always partake of in our consciousness—the beautiful things, the glories of God, the mystical awarenesses, the intimate communions with God within our personal lives and in collaboration with others, the wonderful conferences and events and blessings that we've received. Let these be fully etched in fire within our memory body so they hold sway there as a volatile and yet divine energetic field.

When we undo and uncreate the harmful memories and remember them no more, then we become a "member" of the “more” with God. We enter into membership with what is more with Morya El, with El Morya, the first ray of the will of God. So let us choose to enter into this new membership, where we remember sins and iniquities no more. We are merciful to others' unrighteousness and even our own unrighteousness, and we don't criticize and condemn ourselves when we make a mistake, say words that we regret, do things that we are amazed that we did, put our foot in our mouth—maybe we put our hand in our mouth too. And we just move on. We ask for forgiveness. We forgive ourselves, we forgive others and we remember no more their sins and iniquities.

If you desire wholeness, wellness, perfect health and well-being, part of what is preventing you from experiencing that is your holding within your cells, in your consciousness the memory of your past and others' past wrongs and acrimony toward you. There is the registering within the cells, and even in the subconscious, of all these things. And so we have to transmute them from the subconscious and in the cellular memory.

So maybe this scripture, Hebrews 8:12, is a key to even erasing within the cellular memory of our psyche, of our physical body the things that have not served us and others well. And when we erase them and clean them through the use of Ho'oponopono, the violet light and true love, true compassion, true kindness, then I believe that our health will increase, we will have more wellness, our total epic healing can occur. In some of the Soul Raising sessions that I've been privileged to host on behalf of the Holy Spirit, I have seen angels of the sacred fire consuming the record of the iniquities of the past, going back lifetimes, sometimes tens of thousands of years—even back to Atlantis, Lemuria and even other star systems and planetary homes. And when the angels come and the masters accord the soul the opportunity to have this resolution, it is a wonderful thing to behold. I know in that moment that the seed of a current problem or issue in that person's health and well-being is now dissolved and they are free of that imposition in the cellular memory, in their soul memory, in their psyche.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi, a wonderful psychiatrist and healer, has shared with us her wonderful spiritual technology for helping people to overcome these issues through regression, which is not the negative type of hypnotism. She facilitates meditative regression, and there is the miracle manifestation of resolution when the core issue is dealt with and brought to the surface and then dissolved and erased through the action of the sacred fire through the prayers and the intercession of the masters, angels, archangels and great divine beings.

So if she can do it and facilitate it for these people, we can do this self-work. We do it when we do Ho'oponopono, if we are truly invested in the process, understand it and work with it. And going deeper and deeper and cleaning deeper and deeper, we erase these cellular memories. We remember no more, with God, the unrighteousness, the sins, the iniquities of others and ourselves and we truly can live in the freedom and the integrity of that oneness state, the unity field of beingness.

So this is the message for today. I ask you to consider working with it throughout this week, even as things are happening in the world, as you watch or read the news or go on the Internet. Even as these things are occurring, let's erase the iniquities and the sins of nations, peoples, cultures, religions, groups and ourselves as a part of this dynamic. And as we erase, erase, erase, consume, consume, consume, transmute, transmute, transmute, let go, let go, let go and let God deal with them, maybe by erasing the ancient patterns and memories we will create a bright new future right now for the Earth, and the things that could have transpired and may have been prophesied to transpire won't have to happen because we've learned our lessons and moved on.

This is the message for today. Work with it throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout the month and the year and we'll see how we can mitigate so much through the same level of forgiveness as God's by being merciful to the unrighteousness of others.

God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend, and take care.

1. Richard Bach, Thank Your Wicked Parents: Blessings from a Difficult Childhood (Rainbow Ridge Books, 2012).
2. Hebrews 8:12.

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