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Heros      July 15, 2016

Beloved Heros and Amora

David Christopher Lewis

July 15, 2016   9:00–9:22 am MDT

Livingston, Montana


Heros and Amora Blaze Forth Their Love to the World—Earth, Water, Air and Fire


We are Heros and Amora, come because you have requested us, dearest ones. And the light that we bear is infused within the earth under you, the sky above you, the water all around you and the fire that burns within your heart and that originates from the Great Central Sun, from which all that is beautiful, divine, holy and radiant manifests.

Love is the key and the answer to everything that must be endured upon Earth. Yes, you, blessed ones, are enduring even as you are endearing to God. For the evolution of your soul upon this Earth takes quite some time, from the human perspective; and yet from our perspective it is as a moment in eternity.

What you experience in these planes of being often is fraught with peril of all kinds. And yet you may withstand each of these perils that you experience when you have a heart one with God and you have made God dear to you through that love of the Divine One. And through love, you endure all; you withstand all. And the constancy of your soul upon this pathway of light, weathering every storm, withstanding all the obstacles that come before you, allows you to know, through the intimacy of your heart's communion with God, true soulfulness in its completeness, in its radiance, in its divine joy.

Endure, blessed ones, through thick and thin. Run the great race, as the disciple Paul said.1 For when you complete every step of that race and ascend the spiral staircase of light to the throne room of the Divine One, there you shall feel and know the eternal love fires of God, which spring forth from that divine fount of pure beingness. And in the intimacy of that great joy that you feel within those love fires of eternity, there we are, Heros and Amora, co-creating with you new worlds of beingness, new universes of joy. And the cosmos is expanded by the love that you have become, the love that you share, the love that now is ensconced all around you and within you because you have endured all that is anti-love, all that stands in the way of that love.

Yes, blessed hearts, you are the enduring ones. And each day is an opportunity to both make progress and to feel, through that progress, a deeper and more everlasting connection with your Source through love, divine love. Many have attempted to define divine love. Yet, blessed ones, to feel that love impelling one forward on the path of light unto the unity field of beingness is more than what the mind can conceive of intellectually and define through its own mental constructs. The heart must be felt. And love, divine love, may only be etched and inscribed within self when one is attentive to the inner voice, the voice of God within the heart. And then that love, as a divine frequency of cosmic joy, moves you forward and defines itself from within you as the true essence of God within, as the true beingness that holds together the cosmos, as that love fire of eternal joy that weds all to the oneness state of pure being.

Love is the requirement of the hour; love is the requirement of every hour. And every hour that you enter into love is an opportunity to enter the eternal Now through that love. For the only portal to the everlasting experience of God within the eternal Now is through love. If you cannot feel that love, how do you expect to enter the portal unto eternal life?

Therefore become excited each day in some way to discover the newness of love burning within your heart. Be on fire for God through that love! And when joy is inscribed within you through that love, then you will accede to the highest heights of cosmic consciousness with us, the Elohim. Then you will proceed to the stars in the center of the cosmos itself to behold Alpha and Omega in all of their blazing divine light. Then you will feel the divine majesty of that love and know that in some way only a life lived to glorify God through love becomes meaningful. Only a day wherein love is felt and shared becomes that which will move you forward on your path to actually live in the integrity of your soul.

We the Elohim are inscribing within the earth and within the atmosphere, the water and the fire—the four elements—aspects of divine love that mankind requires this day. For there is too much dissonance around this Earth, too much anti-brother/sisterhood manifesting as division, strife and a lack of understanding, presence and holiness.

Therefore we say, blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love! Blaze forth that love in seven and more dimensions of consciousness throughout this Earth. Let every man, woman and child feel a new impelling love welling up from within their soul, from within their heart to be godly, to be bright and to redefine within self that which is more of God and less of the lesser self.


Truly, O mankind, you can do more than you have done to date to experience God within your midst. Truly, you can rise higher in the love fields of light unto the etheric octaves, where angels are welcome and welcome you unto their hearts; where divine masters and great cosmic beings abide to plan the ascension of this Earth and of every man, woman and child; and where these divine ones reciprocate—through magnanimous teachings, dispensations and graces—for that which you have offered unto heaven as that love in ways great and small.

You see, blessed ones, this movement of light is a cosmic dispensation of love— hence the name The Hearts Center. For love is the key to the expansion of this movement, of its reach into the world and unto many new souls who are being prepared for the greater love fires of the Elohim and of the cosmic masters, the great Buddhas of light who abide above you in awareness and who instill within you new resources of presence, of beingness, of divine joy.

Hearken unto the great words and teachings of these masters who dictate through this messenger unto you. For we say that when the words are inscribed within your heart and mind and soul and you act upon them consciously, attentive to the inner message as well as the outer words, then the love-spring of eternal life springs up within you. And the Word becomes flesh within you, even as the great avatars incarnated in form to express their godly nature among men, women and children on this planet.

If you would have greater teachers in your midst, then magnetize them through loving hearts and minds. And be expressive in some way of the co-creative fires of heaven through your voice, through the etchings of artistry of your heart and mind and soul within this plane of being. Each of you can be co-creative in a greater measure if you choose to put in the effort in some way each day and master self through that effort, dearest ones. Yet few try to inscribe within the Earth something of the eternal nature. They are so fixated upon some human form of creativity that in most cases is nonsense and does not bring about the stimulation within others of the highest impulses of their divine nature. Therefore let art, true art, reemerge upon this planet!

We send forth unto the Earth the greatest artisans of the Spirit, whom we impel to incarnate in coming years and decades, to reestablish the Golden-Age culture of Aquarius upon this Earth. It requires the intrepid ones who will speak into the very teeth of the denial of true love and the culture of the Mother that has occurred in recent decades and centuries, where license is taken in so many ways to be novel, and yet the artists are too gullible to the dark forces of the astral plane, who taunt them with their wares and inscribe within their minds and hearts that which is ungodly and a denial of the light itself.

Burn through the astral connections made between those who call themselves artists and their astral overlords! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! These connections are severed in this hour so that these dark ones will no longer overshadow initiates of the sacred fire and utilize them in some way to bring forth images, music and other art forms that are detrimental to their own souls as well as to the Earth itself.

We speak, on this subject because, dearest ones, it is time for change and for a new order of light to be established around the world. Therefore let these divine artisans of the Spirit emerge, speak their truth, call a spade a spade, if necessary. And let the higher order of artisans and divine art appear everywhere. We affirm it in your midst. And Paul the Venetian, Chamuel and Charity, Lady Beautiful and all who are responsible for this culture of the Divine Mother support this dispensation and calling.

Now, blessed ones, one final word from us regarding the great dispensation of the Soul Raising Sessions of the Holy Spirit just recently begun. We the Elohim of love empower the Holy Spirit through the voice of this one to encourage each of you to experience the oneness with the Holy Spirit and the raising of your soul within these sessions. Hilarion himself has spoken and encouraged you. And we too come to offer our support, our overshining radiance through the Holy Spirit so that the greatest release of light may occur; and so that the information, the wisdom teaching, the divine knowledge that each of you requires in the moment of these twenty minutes of intimacy with the Spirit Most Holy will provide for you a great impetus for the acceleration of consciousness, the overcoming of obstacles and blockages within your subconscious and unconscious, whereby you may rise out of mediocrity into your divine state of pure beingness.

Many of you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And we can truly say that although that was, in many cases, a release of the lightning of the heart of God through the grace of the Maha Chohan, these sessions are different and will last within you for a lifetime and more in terms of what they bode toward your victory, overcoming, enlightenment and ascension.

The light of God always prevails, and the heart that attunes to the heart of God always sails with and upon the winds of the Holy Spirit unto the eternal love fires of God in the heavens. We thank each and every broadcaster who has been a nexus for the release of light in these morning and evening sessions, including the precious international heartfriends who have taken up this calling, speaking in your own language the words of the great masters with great intention, fire and love. We support you in these cosmic endeavors, and in coming weeks and months and years you will be amazed to see just how much light has been released through you and how much mitigation has occurred because of your efforts. Thank you again for trying and for being the one through whom the light may flow to enrich this Earth with its divine radiance and holy purpose.

We are Heros and Amora. We shine our light where required when invoked, for that love fire can make all the difference. And it has this day because you have requested our presence, our joy, and we have answered. Thank you, blessed ones, and have a fantastic day of loving God with your entire being.

1. See Hebrews 12:1–3.

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