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Afra      June 05, 2016

Beloved Afra
David Christopher Lewis
June 5, 2016   10:10 ̶ 10:54 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Afra Releases Spirals of Light to Quicken Souls Everywhere

I, Afra, come and blaze forth the light from the Great Central Sun into your soul, into the soul of the Earth and her people, into the soul of Africa, South Africa and every initiate of the sacred fire who calls himself or herself a brother/a sister of light and of the ascended hosts.

Blessed ones, my coming portends a shift in the Earth that we have foreseen now for centuries. For my name must be known among the circles of the holy brothers and sisters of light of many ascended-master movements; my flame of brother/sisterhood, of freedom and of divine love must be promulgated throughout the continent of Africa, among all her peoples, and especially within those areas of darkness that must receive the eternal light of God to forestall greater darkness, greater violation of the laws of God. Therefore I come to initiate these spirals—many, many spirals of light—for you, for each one who decides first and foremost to serve the light, to work toward the mystical union of God and man within this Earth and toward heaven descending into the Earth as Jesus saw it, envisioned it and called it forth in the Lord's Prayer.

Yes, precious hearts, freedom is on the march; justice is on the march; liberty for the soul is on the march throughout this Earth. And though you have seen the challenges to freedom, justice and liberty in many realms, this is because the God-power of the energy of the ultimate freedom of the soul of all mankind is creating cosmic waves in multidimensions of being. And these waves, therefore, cause reaction amongst the dark ones. Yet ultimately these waves, which denote higher frequencies of God-beingness stepped down from the Great Central Sun, are initiating these spirals of light within the souls of all peoples upon Earth. And these spirals of light will determine the God-victory of all that is true, beautiful, holy and divine within your world.

Point/counterpoint, those who do not appreciate this energy, these frequencies, this new freedom fire and flame, this new sense of brother/sisterhood, of union and of communion with God lash out. And so you have seen the terror, the destruction and the reactionary forces left and right. And even those who have no seeming purpose whatsoever, except to promulgate their own sense of justice through an internal sense of injustice, cause a reaction.

Thus I come, and my coming portends—with Saint Germain and Portia and my beloved twin flame, with Arcturus and Victoria, with Zadkiel and Amethyst, and with many violet-ray masters whom you know—the instauration of a new world, a new planetary consciousness. And this consciousness is true brother/sisterhood within the unity field of beingness, which the great ascended masters, cosmic beings, angels and archangels and hosts of the Lord are raying forth everywhere where the light is invoked, everywhere where the light is felt, everywhere where the light is sensed anew—first within the soul, the heart, the higher mind and the inner being.

The sensitivities of your soul are growing each day as you walk the initiatic path with us. As you attempt to feel greater love flowing through your heart, greater light flowing through your being, greater God-conscious awareness manifesting within your world, you are literally co-creating with us this new planetary consciousness and awareness. And as you read my book, volume 1,¹ and apply its principles daily, hourly, moment by moment, this instauration is accelerating; this God-conscious awareness is rippling through the dimensions of being, the planes of awareness, and is impacting all life upon the Earth in the farthest reaches of time and space, even beyond this planet. And these cosmic ripples are being felt by certain beings in other galaxies and some are sensing a shift, a change within this solar system, and are now pinpointing it to this planet, where this shift will eventuate in the freedom of all, the enlightenment of all, the illumination of every soul.

This you have called forth; this you have yearned for; this you have embodied to help precipitate and, through divine magic, multiply, accelerate and virtuously offer to souls whom you were sent to this Earth to serve, to love and to free. That simple mantra “I AM freeing sentient beings, I AM freeing sentient beings” invokes the freedom fire of Saint Germain and Portia and me, blessed hearts. For the light of freedom descends through the I AM word and name, and that freedom accelerates within the soul this quickening process whereby all darkness is let go of and all new light-energies may be embraced.

I AM freeing sentient beings here and there and everywhere. I AM freeing sentient beings, O my Lord. Send forth your share of cosmic energy today, love and joy and freedom flame. O my Lord, in I AM name, I acclaim this sacred game of raying forth upon the Earth all that is of holy worth in your name, O God, I AM; I AM serving as I can. The mystical union through your own mantras and prayers, your own affirmations and songs brings about the alchemy of joy, of love in the new radiant fields that you are participating in co-creating, blessed ones.

Now let me say something about the event forthcoming at the end of this month and moving into July in South Africa. I will be there overshining this one, radiating my flame of brother/sisterhood, of freedom, of love to every soul whom I choose to gaze upon, interact with, meet and greet, find books for and hallow within the space of love that many ascended masters will co-create through our communion and through the agency of the Holy Spirit, which will flow forth miraculously through the greater auric field of our God-consciousness.

Did you know, blessed ones, that when you employ the gifts of the Spirit, the Solar sciences thereof, in any act of kindness, joy, mercy and grace, many ascended hosts witness this alchemy and employ greater spiritual frequencies within you to co-create this new conscious awareness, this new brother/sisterhood everywhere? Yes, it is so. And thus when you give from your heart, when you serve with kindness and love, when you in any way attempt to allow a portion of heaven to manifest upon earth, there is the grace of divine beingness. There is the missive of mercy spoken through your holy words of edification and through your enlightened spirit caring and teaching what you know of the path, what you have experienced, what you have become, what you have co-created and manifested.

It is time for you to speak your truth, the truth of your higher being, and consciously employ it through your life lived to the glory of God. And therefore part of these spirals that I am bringing and sharing around the world today and in these coming weeks is for the new co-creativity that will work for you and through you for the victory of every soul whom you will serve, whom you will love, whom you will cherish with your entire being. There is God within them; cherish the light of the Higher Self of each one. And even though you may outwardly witness things of the human personality that may not be to your highest liking, look beyond this and behold the God-radiance, the infinite light and potential of that soul. And draw forth from the universal and muster from heaven's comfort flame all that is essential for the light to flow through you to serve, to love and to balance all within that one and you, in harmony, through this communication of divine joy.

Yes, blessed ones, through communication is communion heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul, and words do not always have to be spoken for you to be in resonance, in harmony and on a common frequency of beingness with another whom you now cherish as brother or sister, as friend and benefactor. Truly, precious ones, the light is great. And when you invoke that light, when you feel that light flowing through you, all that is miraculous, mystical, magical emerges in the moment of divine mindfulness—your higher Buddhic awareness—blessing each one, raising each one, freeing each one, healing each one in the infinity and eternality of this spiritual quickening.

Many times in the past I have come with a deep voice. It came through this one and you have felt that soul consciousness manifesting through this voice. This day I have chosen to use a higher voice, in pitch, to bring the energies of the soul up through the heart, into the mind, into the crown chakra for the illumining of everything within your being, every essence of your true Self, every joyful feel of radiant color, divine aroma and higher ecstatic joy to bring you to that spirit of eternal happiness, oneness and peace whereby you can feel God's great love flowing through you.

I take a moment to send a ray of healing light, of love to one precious one who had planned to come to our summer conference here in Montana and yet who has been attacked by the dark forces, causing pain and physical ailment. This ray from my heart descends now to bless this soul and to accelerate, accelerate, accelerate the healing process within her. Burn through, O sacred fire, and restore perfect harmony and balance within that area of her temple that has temporarily been compromised. O blessed Mary, Archangel Raphael, accelerate healing, wholeness and the wealth of divine happiness for her mission to be self-realized, her greater work to be fulfilled, her God-consciousness to be intuited and for love to manifest in a greater action than ever before.

Now I also stir the ethers to create a cosmic stream of abundance on behalf of souls of light in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Benoni, Pretoria and elsewhere, for your greater divine abundant life from this day forward unto eternity. Yes, many of you have been challenged in recent decades and years in terms of having what you feel you require to fulfill your mission through the alchemy of the violet light and in resonance with beloved Saint Germain, the cosmic alchemist for the Earth. We co-create our alchemy for your alchemy to manifest, blessed ones. Therefore call to us for the alchemy of the all-abundance of God to flow into your world, and you will begin to see certain collaborative opportunities whereby abundance may flow through teaching, through courses, through instruction of many kinds. For the laborer is worthy of his/her hire, of her service, of his givingness. Therefore consider what modules of teaching you may charge for that will bring in the required abundance that is essential for your greater mission. Though we offer the teaching free, there are costs in its delivery, including certain employment expenses of your staff. It is meet for the lightbearers to have every divine resource at hand for their greatest service to humanity.

Therefore, Fortuna, God of Gold, Goddess of Gold, release the abundance into the lives of these virtuous ones. Let them struggle no longer. Let them no longer lapse into acceptance of anything less than perfection, O God. Let them fully feel and embrace the higher alchemy of Spirit that we employ and offer this day for their abundant lives, for their sacred work to accelerate, that it might bestow heaven's grace a hundredfold and more in many hundreds and even thousands of souls of light.

Yes, Osiris is rising. Yes, Horus is speaking. Yes, the great initiates of Egypt have spoken and Serapis himself sends a ray of light directly to your hearts, those of you in Cape Town, in Johannesburg, Benoni, Pretoria and elsewhere who require greater fire for your mission to be fulfilled. You see, blessed ones, during these twenty-four-hour vigils, miracles may ensue, by the grace of God, through the collective of your communal work in invoking the light. Shine forth that light! Shine forth that light! Shine forth that light in every avenue of opportunity for greater service, harmony and peace this day and every day, O Lord.

Now I quicken a thousand souls throughout Africa, many in South Africa, who will learn of my name, of our flame, of our movement and work in coming weeks, months and years. I am contacting your soul and higher mind, O soul of light, and calling you to a greater awareness, acceptance of this path and knowledge of the wisdom teachings East and West, of the great brother/sisterhood of light. I am initiating new spirals within you. For you have made your spoken vows to the Karmic Board that when these spirals were released, you would respond and give your gifts to serve others. Therefore I am calling to your outer quickened awareness and memory these vows taken, these commitments made. And when the contact is made, the spark will be there, the Holy Spirit fire will invigorate you, and you will know that this is now your true path of light, your course of God-direction for your victory, for your ascension, for your true soul liberation.

An angel is assigned to each one by Sanat Kumara himself for this quickening, awakening and new, illuminative, powerful alchemy. You may call it forth by a simple prayer to reinforce this dispensation before you give any talks, healings, prayer services or blessings. And when that contact with us is established and you become the conduit for the flow of this fire and light-energy, you will feel the renewal as well as those whom you serve with grace. You will feel the invigorating currents of the sacred fire. As it finds its way, wends its way through your being, through your chakras, through your auric field, you will be both the recipient and the deliverer of this bestowal of grace, this alchemy of love.

This is the work of the Spirit of the initiates of the sacred fire—to be a blessing to all life through the flame of infinite love, through the fire of divine grace. Remember this: though you may teach—even at times pontificate a little bit too much—it is the love that you share through your words that will cause, or be causative of, the self-transformation within those whom you consider your students, whom we consider our friends, heartfriends of old.

Now, in addition to all of this, I held the space—the Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston, Montana—for your upcoming summer solstice conference. And I add a certain quotient of light from my causal body to safeguard the releases of Lord Maitreya and of other masters coming into your midst for your illumination, for your Buddhahood, for your quickening and enlightenment. And I also safeguard the release of light a week from today in San Diego at the newly sanctioned retreat in the home of Dennis Fisher. Lady Clarity will deliver a message of such stupendous love that many will be quickened to love with a greater love than they have felt possible before in this life. Such is the gift of a newly ascended one who has great regard and tender care for so many souls, with whom she will share this love from her heart. And I also hallow the entire environs of Mount Shasta for that event in August, as well as the one in Chicago shortly thereafter and the newly planned event in Minneapolis in September, with my love for every soul.

I walk and talk with you, blessed ones, more than you know. And if you pause for a moment, close your eyes and invoke my light of brother/sisterhood, of freedom and love, I am there in a cosmic instant to encourage, to bless, to grace, to benefit you with that awareness and spiritual quickening that can truly make the difference for any soul for whom you pray.

Finally, I am also rolling out a cosmic violet carpet for your pilgrimage to Argentina, to Uruguay and Chile. The light will safeguard you from that mosquito virus by dispensation of cosmic potential. Wherever you travel, legions of light go forth to clear the way, to protect you and seal you from any intrusive forces. Do not be concerned about what some are promulgating through fear and reactivity, for they are ignorant of the light's all-encompassing and all-powerful radiance to overcome anything less than perfection.

We have chosen where you will travel for many purposes. Do you think that somehow we would not protect you, safeguard and seal you so long as you retain your harmony through your due diligence of preparation? Invoke the light of Archangel Michael and his hosts and call forth the violet frequencies to also safeguard your souls. With God, all things are possible2 and now probable for the initiates of divine magic, alchemists of the Spirit.

Envision it, see it, believe it, accept it and then invoke it and it is instantaneously manifest and sealed in the alchemy of perfect joy. Do not ever doubt that your words are fulfilled. When we see this sense of lack of belief or acceptance that your words are real and fulfilled instantaneously, we chuckle. Yet we come to remind you of the infinitude of God's power that you have access to, that you may utilize in any moment with the acceptance of God's grace in your world, calling it forth in the I AM name and knowing it as a certitude, a cosmic certainty, as fulfilled now.

Saint Germain has given you this teaching now for nearly a century, blessed ones. When will you fully employ and accept it as a manifest reality and therefore charge forth, through your many quick and powerful calls, the light into any given situation to correct or to transmute or to realign that which is dark into the higher way of light?

You are powerful God-spiritual beings! Utilize the cosmic technologies of the Spirit And then they will work for you when you may require a boon, a grace, a boost, a dispensation, even as others call it forth on your behalf when you are busy, embroiled in some situation or event, where you may temporarily lapse into an unfeeling state of that oneness with your Presence.

O blessed hearts, the path is not so difficult if you simply have joy and love in your heart and remember to smile and to grace everyone with the true you and not the astral, blue you. The true New Blue is joy, is divine happiness, beyond the human blues of the astral plane. Utilize the New Blue frequencies with El Morya, as David Kyle, Richard Lorenz and others do who bring great joy of mind, heart and spirit to you.

A few moments of mirth and divine laughter can heal even the greatest of depressive states. Therefore utilize hasya yoga, as required, when you become too moody or self-reliant in your human creation. Self-reliance upon God is the way of the initiate. Self-reliance upon the light of God, the love of God, the virtues of God brings you into that holiness and sense of beingness and oneness that co-create the space for perfect alchemy to manifest.

How can you accept our alchemical gifts if you are too moody and dwell too much upon darkness? Use the course of divine miracles to employ grace here, there and everywhere so that God will work through you to embellish it within this world. There are so many opportunities for service. Ask and you shall be delivered from within that service, beyond your limitations, into the light.

Did you know that service allows you to overcome every difficulty that your lower nature puts in front of you as opportunity for growth, self-development and union with God? Therefore serve, and the light will serve you. Give, and the light will give unto you. Knock, and the door shall be opened and everything that is essential for you to receive and self-realize will be provided, though you must utilize the tools, the resources, the gifts through work, through action to make them real and employ them through the Holy Spirit's grace.

Yes, I could speak unto you for hours. One day maybe I just will in an extended darshan with many beloveds who require my nurturing, my love, my spiritual nourishment. Just as Amma has been called the hugging saint or the hugging mother, so I employ through this one the light of cosmic comfort, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to hug you unto the new you, the real you, the true you.

So get ready for my embrace through him. Get ready for the path of initiation. Be responsive to the inner impulses that you receive each morning when you meditate as to what you should do that day to fulfill your divine plan. If you leave off of following and obeying these impulses, some of them will recede and then must later be reseeded within your mind and soul by divine impulse, a progenitor of light, for you to fulfill them. If you accomplish them immediately, then we do not have to spend our resources to remind you later, dearest ones. For this all takes divine energy, you see.

Being responsive to God is the way of the initiate. Being responsive to your Higher Self moves you into a higher echelon, a spiritual brother/sisterhood whereby you can communicate and collaborate with us. If you do not hear our voice telepathically, it is because in some way you have left off of the greater collaborative opportunities in past lifetimes and in this one. When you listen and obey, then God will continue to speak unto you. And when you hear and ignore, then do not be surprised when our voice recedes, because it will be more powerful and hearable when you obey.

What more can I say except that I love you? What more can I do than to ray forth my love unto you? What more can I be except who I AM on your behalf? If you can love and obey and be as I have, then my flame will be there always for you, precious ones.

Now, with a kiss of peace, I leave tracings of heaven's light upon your brow. And within our hallowed brother/sisterhood, I say: All for one and one for all. All for one and one for all. All for one—the One God. And the allness of God is for all of his/her children upon Earth.

Thank you for listening; thank you for caring; thank you for obeying; thank you for loving.

1. Afra is referring to his book Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom, Volume 1 (Meru Press, 2015).
2. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.

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