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Rama      May 20, 2016

Beloved Rama
David Christopher Lewis
May 20, 2016    8:03 ̶ 8:14 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Rama Places a Rod of Power in the Center of the Sanctuary of the Heart

I bring the nectar of heaven unto you as your Rama. And the nectar of heaven is the spirit of oneness, the spirit of light, of beingness in Presence, the wisdom-power-love of the Divine all wrapped into the most delicious divine taste, which you may choose to devour in order that you may be devoured by the One Light and embrace the Allness of the Sun.

I bring the presence of the Sun, the simplicity of pure light emanation to you. And this sun-fire brilliance may be yours every day, even in the dark night of your soul or spirit, even when you are undergoing the diminishing of your flesh, your body form, the diminution of your lesser self as you accept the greater God Presence of your complete being in God.

Who are the deities to whom you sing but self in a Self-realized state of perfection? Therefore sing to your Self; dance to your Presence; live in that light. And in that state of true Selfhood, you shall be one with Rama—and one with Rama, one with Vishnu.

No one toys with Rama, for I would hurl the arrow of perfection from my bow to the nadir of that which is outside of causality as mortality. No one messes with the light of the living reality of Vishnu, outpictured as all of his emanations, Self-realizations within form and formlessness. For the Preserver is there working behind the scenes to accentuate as well as to protect that which Brahma has created, that which the Lord God has ensconced within matter of himself and which must flow and grow and divide and then unify again in oneness, beingness, light.

You see, dearest ones, you all come from the one stream, and that one stream has divided into many rivulets. And yet one day each one will return again to the one river of life. And when you decide to merge once and for all with that eternal spring of being, then I will assist you in that work of the Spirit, in harmonizing everything within you to the perfectionment of Self, the Self-realization of that light of the Sun.

There is no dissimulation within those who have attained the state of inner equipoise and heart harmony. Yes, meditate upon the harmony of your heart, beating in unison with God's eternal heart. For if you can maintain, through mindfulness, the true heartbeat, the synchronicity of oneness with God's heartbeat, then the breath also will merge with the breath of Shiva and you will return to the origin of all, having collapsed time and space into the singularity, the one point, of perfected essence.

I gather many worlds and the evolutions thereupon now before me unto the light of the eternal God. And if you are willing to pay the price, the price of oneness, then join me in the sacred dance of Rama, which then becomes the dance of Shiva; and then, as we are in confluence with Brahma, becomes the oneness of the Trinity and ultimately formlessness beyond the triangle of light.

You have studied the teachings of Omraam—an emanation of myself in matter—one who was that light, who could inscribe that light within the Earth because God long ago scribed within him the essence of the Sun, the light of the One. Those who truly discern the origin of Omraam may also discover themselves in the origin of Brahma. Those who can resolve their issues outside of the circle in the triangle of light may return to that state beyond all geometry and within perfect geometric formlessness, even before light became real.

The unmanifest points you toward the origin of the Origin, and dark space provides a resource from the womb of the Cosmic Virgin and Mother for all that you require on your journey of light. You see, dearest ones, as you expand my name with the b of beingness and the h of the heart, you have Brahma in your midst. I reveal this secret so that while meditating upon me and singing this bhajan, which invokes my presence, you also tap into the source of beingness through heart-centeredness.

As you sing to me, I sing to thee and praise Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva within your heart. I thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

Rama has placed a cosmic rod of light that ascends from the very sanctuary here to the very center of the retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light. And this rod is a rod of power; it is a rod of protection. It's like a lightning rod through which the lightning may descend and yet not scorch us—the lightning of the mind of God, the lightning as the power of God that we wield when we pray and sing and dance and are playful.

This is a great gift from Rama. And I cannot recall ever in The Hearts Center, in these eleven-plus years, ever singing the song “Rama, Rama, Rama” before. And so this was a long time in coming. So thank you, Rama, for this sacred gift to us, appreciated by and sanctioned by the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light.

So we have accomplished all that we came tonight to fulfill in this service and are released to return to our homes in restfulness. I'd like to send a ray to beloved Daniel, who came and stayed for the healing of his body temple, his cough and for the fulfillment of all that he requests and requires from the ascended hosts, by God's grace. And also to Jerome, for the strengthening of your body temple. Beloved Mona, Nancy, Ken, Dana and Boyd, each of you receives a ray that will be specific for you in what you require.

And now all of you on the broadcast, the ray of Rama is upon you. You can actually say, “O Lord, let the ray of Rama be upon me now!” Let's say it: “O Lord, let the ray of Rama be upon me now! O Lord, let the ray of Rama be upon me now! O Lord, let the ray of Rama be upon me now!”

This short fiat allows there to be an instantaneous descent of cosmic power from Vishnu—one of his emanations—through Rama, right into the center of your form for healing, for wholeness, for whatever you require. We can put this fiat in our new version of our prayer book. Let's say it one more time: “O Lord, let the ray of Rama be upon me now!”

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