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Amethyst      April 22, 2016

Beloved Amethyst

David Christopher Lewis

April 22, 2016   9:00–9:23 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

Holy Amethyst Sends Legions of the Seventh Ray to Bless Canada


I AM Holy Amethyst, and I come this day to bless every lifestream evolving upon Terra and especially heartfriends within the greater Hearts Center community worldwide. For, blessed ones, it is a time when mercy and the graces of the seventh era, the seventh age and the seventh ray may expand and accentuate all that is beautiful, divine, radiant and holy within your worlds. And the amethyst-jewel light resident within your causal body, as a result of your invocation of the violet fire and your singing your wonderful songs to the violet flame, can be utilized to expand the light of mercy, to expand the light of seventh-ray joy both within your world and the greater universe as a whole.

You have seen within nature the outpicturing of God's glory and all of the variegated manifestations of beauty, harmony and peace that the precious elementals outpicture in your world as they are obedient to the inner impulses of that divine light impressed deep within them on behalf of all life. As you feel the currents of this appreciation for the elementals, consider how you may magnify this feeling and all that these currents of light represent to expand the mercy flame in multidimensions of being, deep within yourself and out into the atmosphere of the world all around you to embrace life—the life that you cherish, every life form. Consider how you may demonstrate that you, as a sentient being, are involved in the evolution of life at this this time upon Earth, giving glory to God through your life and showing your awareness of every creature through humility, understanding and sharing your identity and your unique gifts with all in the radiant field that is your aura, your life, your very being.

Angels of the sacred fire from Zadkiel and my retreat over Cuba now go forth in numberless numbers in all directions to perfume throughout the world a new reverent attitude of grace and mercy. This may result, when utilized by mankind, in the lifting of certain burdens; in intercession for healing, wholeness and wellness in body, soul and mind; and simply in a new understanding of life itself arising in all domains through the mind-heart connection so that all may be fulfilled in peace and progress and in the punctuality of the way that Spirit manifests in the specific points arising from within you upon your journey as conscious realizations of divine wonder.

O radiant ones, as you feel these angels passing by you in the currents that they emanate in this hour on behalf of all life, embrace the wave patterns of this God-glory within your soul. Accept deep within your world what these angels provide as spiritual food and nourishment for your very being. And accept, on behalf of those whom you represent upon Earth, this grace from the Divine One so that this uplift, this new mercy-light may truly refresh the entire Earth in its glory and wonderment and bring peace again to the hearts and souls of mankind.

You know that Zadkiel is involved in the action of the release of the violet-laser light into specific points upon Earth when devotees of light worldwide call for that light to enter. And when the action of this ray coalesces with pinpoint accuracy in certain manifestations, often there is a burning action that then must be accompanied by the mercy and grace that I bestow to bring higher awareness and resolution; to bring that comfort that is also a part of this seventh-ray-joy field into the present reality of that moment so that the soul may know both the carving away of unreality and also, simultaneously, the bestowal of a new energy field whereby that soul may rise up into the light and embrace the higher dimensional frequencies of God-beingness.

So one of the purposes of the work of the archeiai is to, in effect, allow for resolution to occur when the mighty archangels, their beloveds, go forth sounding their trumpets, calling to task mankind in many ways and eliciting vibrations from the heart of God that at times may even cause a certain type of human fear or response or reaction. And therefore it is essential that we come forth to embrace the souls of those who may be in a temporary state of shock when the light descends with its perfect action of God-grace, as I have said, to carve away darkness so that the soul may also feel heaven's response as love, as kindness, as understanding and peace.

So it is that I come this day, because on Wesak there was a great investiture of light within the Earth and in the lives of devotees planetary-wide from the heart of Gautama Buddha. For some this may have been an opportunity to rise up into a greater understanding of Self-identity in God through the letting go of that human self in greater measure. And thus it is imperative that we nurture the soul, caress the soul, embrace the soul with light and that tender loving care that the archeiai bring, that you invoke when you give your Rosary of Faith and your Rosary of Divine Quintessence to the Five Crystal Rays.

We have seen the effects of these rosaries, dearest ones, both within heaven and upon Earth. And we applaud your efforts, your visualizations, your co-creations in this sacred work to bring to Earth the greater radiant field of light, understanding and virtue that these rosaries truly are invocative of when you understand the nature of light; the nature of archangelic intercession; the very nature of who you are in God; and the bestowal of that grace that comes when, as one in the flame of the Holy Spirit, you allow that miracle light to descend and do its perfect work in your realm.

Truly, blessed ones, it is a new day for many. For Wesak represents so much for so many upon Earth, both as the coming of the Buddha, the enlightenment of the Buddha and the opportunity for each one's own Buddha nature to magically, mystically and miraculously emerge into the new day of each one's experience in life. Embrace your Buddha nature through the gentility of your heart's yearning for God, desiring only through desirelessness union, oneness and that unity field of beingness in God. Embrace your Buddha nature through study of the sacred teachings of East and West, especially the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and all that the Buddha shared with his community, then and now, and that many Buddhas who have followed in the footsteps of Gautama are also demonstrating and teaching through many streams of cosmic wisdom that are pervading the Earth in this hour and bringing enlightenment, understanding and truth to the equation of the dialectic of human life today.

O Maitreya! O Maitreya! O Maitreya, we support you in your coming work in Livingston during the summer conference, so near. And we, all of the archangels and archeiai, will surround the sacred temple of light of the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light as you, O holy Master and Buddha, present the teaching that will truly redefine the initiatic path for lightbearers. Yes, this teaching will coalesce within their lives the opportunity for greater self-transcendence; for greater quickening and awakening to their own Buddha nature; and for all the possibilities for the virtues that all of the great Buddhas of all planetary homes emanate to be rekindled in the hearts of mankind so that this Earth truly may rise into the light, to sustain that light, to emanate that light and to be again a pristine world of divine glory and joy.

Be there if you can, blessed hearts, in Livingston, Montana, for the summer solstice and for the teaching of Anastasia. For truly there will be a release of deeper streams and currents of light, on behalf of your soul, coming from heavenly octaves, representative of all that is truly dawning upon Earth of the seventh age, of the seventh ray. And we will assist every master, every Buddha and especially Lord Maitreya in this work of the ages to fan the fires of seventh-ray joy, to raise you up and to benefit your being so that you may fulfill your destiny in this age and truly rise in consciousness to behold God face-to-face, even while incarnate upon Earth.

What is this reckoning, this dawning of this higher vision? It is the audacity of you looking unto the sun, gazing upon your Source with full love so that the integrity of what God is and who God is may then quicken within you your own dharmic understanding of service, surrender, selflessness and sacrifice to be the one to recreate this Earth in the image and likeness of its perfection, its God-glory, its unique and wonderful manifestation of light.

Now, because this broadcast has originated from Winnipeg, Canada, at the heart chakra of this planet, all seven archeiai, with the five of the crystal rays, stand with me now to applaud the efforts of our representatives within that commonwealth (nation) of Canada in your attempts to manifest God-consciousness; to release the light of Bonnie Blue, Archangel Michael, Micah and the Elohim Heros and Amora into the atmosphere, into the earth, into the waters, into the consciousness of the people through your prayers, through your rosaries, through your givingness, through your understanding and God-consciousness. And we will continue to applaud you as you weekly give your broadcasts, at a time of your own choosing, to accelerate the release of the violet fire within Canada for the transmutation of that which must go into the flame and for the simultaneous arising of God-consciousness in newer and higher forms through the co-creativity of the awakened ones within every province, within every city, hamlet and home.

O lightbearers of Canada, we are with you in your struggles, in your temptations, in the initiatic path. The key to your victory, from our perspective, is the utilization of all of the rays and especially the violet-laser light and the mercy flame of Kuan Yin and the archeiai of all the rays. For in this, the comfort of the Holy Spirit will perfume the entire nation, and every man, woman and child will receive those ampules of light dawning in their worlds as a result of your givingness, your self-sacrifice and the mercy that flows through you.

Yes, we applaud your efforts! We know who you are, O initiates of light, and we call forth many more within every province to arise. Make your commitments daily to invoke that light in the way of your own choosing, in the way that resonates with your heart, and yet to add to this equation at least ten to fifteen minutes more of the invocation of the violet-laser light through song, through dance, through music, through holy prayer. For when that added momentum is built up and a great reservoir of light is established in the etheric octaves, we will draw forth the energies of God to augment that which you invoke and ray it forth within every province, every home to bring the magnificence of that light and solar joy into the equation for the victory of every soul.

We will not let you go, O mankind! We will not let you devolve into animalistic consciousness! We raise you into the angelic realms of pure beingness, pure light, pure understanding and oneness with the Eternal One. This is our joy. This is our God-desire—to free you from all impositions and darkness and to liberate you to be who you truly are as divine Solar and starry beings. Accept your destiny as sons and daughters of God, eternal in the heavens, shining brightly as the stars! And as you can reconceive of yourself in this holier image of light and accept in totality your divine estate, we will be there to fan the fires of truth, wisdom, divine power and holy love so that you may always embrace God, God, God in all of God's givingness, glory and divine splendor.

O precious ones, the action of the archeiai is now completely manifest throughout the commonwealth (nation.) Every man, woman and child has received on the inner a visitation from one of our hosts, calling them to greater love, greater beingness, greater joy. Truly it is a new day for ye all. Embrace it. Walk in that light. Live in your Presence and shine forth the brilliance of who you are in the radiant field of your holy auras of grace.

I AM Holy Amethyst, and I am with you even unto the end of every sense of less-than consciousness and unto the arising of the new awareness of Solar beingness. Thank you.

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