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David Lewis      April 07, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
April 7, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Chemtrails Exposure and Calls to Hercules

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. I was preparing to give a talk about one aspect of my life. However, I would like to share with you something that I just became aware of and then lead us in some prayers and possibly have a live message from a master.

At times I do watch programs on YouTube of Alex Jones at I know that some people may feel that he is way out there; however, I have verified much of what he has shared with the ascended masters directly. Yesterday there was a very, very important release that was published. It's thirty-nine minutes and thirty-six seconds long, and it's about the chemtrail flu. This is something that is diabolical and anti-Christ, anti-the lightbearers, anti-everyone on Earth, and it's being propounded by the dark ones, the evil ones, the powers-that-were. And it is so diabolical that many, many people are getting something that's really not the flu. It's an onset of extreme coughing, problems with the lungs and breathing, upper respiratory, and it can result in pneumonia and even death.

The situation that we recently had with our beloved Robert Beese, I believe, is a direct result of this situation. So I have just sent a link to this video to our council and to the hudbuds, which is a term for our staff. And I would like to encourage all of you to watch it as soon as possible. Cathleen can also place that link on the broadcast page for you to watch, especially beginning at about five minutes and forty seconds—that's where they get into the gist of this subject.

Now, many of us know about chemtrails and how diabolical they are. However, the powers-that-were are taking it to another level and introducing the most dastardly and evil of substances in these chemtrails that are meant to literally wipe out much of the life upon Earth and to kill off human beings. This is satanic. This is Luciferian. This is very similar to what the Nazis did in their experimentation on people. And I'm seeing that, in a sense, the same Nazi-type energy of darkness is manifesting through this anomaly, which we must all be aware of and make calls on, and, of course, call to Archangel Michael to reinforce his dispensation. We must also take other measures and be very careful when we see chemtrails in the sky and possibly stay indoors until they've passed over. It's important to boost our immune system, to watch our diet and to do everything possible to counteract and prevent the chemicals and the substances they're introducing through these chemtrails from entering our body temples and affecting us.

This is out-and-out war on the lightbearers and on humanity, and it is so hard to imagine how people can conceive of this and actually outpicture this. It's very startling to one's heart, one's being.

So what I'd like to do is make some calls on this subject and then we'll see what the masters would like to share about it. So we're going to turn now to beloved Hercules' call, which is 10.002, “Hercules' Embrace.” And the masters are initiating today a twenty-one-day vigil to counteract this and other plans of the dark ones by the giving of at least nine calls to beloved Hercules. You can adjust other calls that we are giving at this time, as required, in order to get this in each day. This will also help in preparation for our event in California, which is coming up in early May, the first weekend in May in Yosemite.

So, beloved “Hercules' Embrace, 10.002. [Prayer 10.002 is given nine times.]

If any of you have recently had what has been called the flu, respiratory problems, problems with pneumonia or your lungs, your breathing, know that it is very, very possible that this is a direct result of this action of the dark ones through chemtrails. I think that we can have a special place on our website with how to deal with this issue from all levels because this is a major issue on the Earth right now. It is planetary-wide and it is absolutely satanic, as I said, and evil to the core. We have no fear about it; however, we take every measure we can to counteract it, dissolve it and prevent ourselves from coming down with any diseases related to this situation.

I was speaking with a health practitioner who treats me periodically and she said that in Paradise Valley and at the ranch, where she treats many people, over 40 percent of the staff there were sick recently and they all had these flu-like symptoms. So you can see that it is really everywhere, as you'll see in this video clip, which you can play later on your own. There are various areas—Philadelphia and Utah—where people are coming down with what they are now calling the chemtrail flu. So many people are awake to what is happening, and we require a grassroots movement to work through legislation, if possible, or other means to absolutely curtail this and to expose it to humanity. And of course our primary work always is spiritual.

So because of our call to beloved Hercules, he is stepping forth on the Earth with Amazonia now and sealing the entire Earth and its atmosphere in a dome of light, which we can visualize as we give this call. This dome of light protects us from influences outside of the Earth. However, in this case, the chemtrails originate upon the Earth and these jets take off from a number of places to do their dirty work. So in addition to the action of protecting everything within the dome from outside intrusions, this dispensation protects everything within the dome from intrusive forces inside of it. This is a great dispensation of light, which we can maintain and have reinforced as we give the call to Hercules nine times each day. I know that we've been giving the calls to Archangel Michael, the calls to beloved Godfre, 10.020, in this election cycle, and now we have an additional blue-flame prayer to give.

Clare de Lis shared that we can eliminate the second meditation. For the time being we can compress our exercise to five minutes during the broadcast. So I encourage us to simply get up and stretch and move around at some time during the broadcast and maybe compress that fifteen minutes during which we've been doing the energization exercises into five minutes—at least during the next twenty-one days. And then we'll see what happens when Hercules and Amazonia, as well as other masters, come to Yosemite and what dispensations they may also grant us.

Playing the song “Save the Elementals All” is also important during this cycle, especially during that beautiful video that David created, where the elementals are creating a little dome of violet fire. Now we can visualize this dome around the world, over the areas where we live and in a greater context than just a little dome over part of our gardens. This is going to have to be a massive dome of light. When you give that prayer and you sing that song and you watch the video, you can expand that visualization of that little dome that the elementals create to a much larger one.

So within the page about chemtrails that we choose to add to our website, with the two visualizations that we have been given of Archangel Michael dissolving the chemtrails—the one that Maria Min did and then the one that was done by another heartfriend—we can include the health practices that we can engage in and the substances that we can take to either mollify or help prevent the effects of these toxins that are in the atmosphere.

What I was seeing as we gave this prayer was that some of us may have to wear dust masks outside on days that we notice there are chemtrails and for a few days after them, because it takes a while for them to come down to the Earth. And once they do, they're in the water, in the earth. You'll hear as you watch this video the farmers talking about aluminum that's affecting the soil where they grow crops and that Monsanto has apparently developed plants that are resistant to aluminum.

The absolute evil nature of this and that human beings do this type of thing is so hard to conceive of that you know it must be from beyond this world, from the realms of pure evil in the astral plane. So at times we do have to call a spade a spade, even though we visualize perfection, we see the ideal, we hold the immaculate concept for everything. This is one of those days that the masters desire to bring this information to us.

What I'd like to do is give the service back to Cathleen, and you can sing to beloved Hercules, the dynamic song by Robert Resetar, “Hercules Descend,”in closing our session today. So God bless you everyone. Thank you and we'll talk again.

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