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Hilarion      April 06, 2016

Beloved Hilarion

David Christopher Lewis

April 6, 2016   8:05–8:40 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Live Your Truth and Realize Your Godhood

Hilarion Endorses the Book Medical Medium, by Anthony William


I AM Hilarion, and I say, live your truth—the truth of who you are in God, as God, with God fully present, front and center in your life. Live your truth every moment of your life by being truthful, living in that emerald-fire matrix of perfection and the harmony that comes because you are aligned with your true nature, your true Self, the true you, one with God.

Many choose not to face the reality of their true victorious Godhood, and therefore they shun God within themselves, God within the universe, God within others, God within every form of life that God has invested him/herself within. Well, dearest ones, no more shunning is acceptable to the Lord God in this time of cosmic transition from one age to another. For the cunning of the lesser self is dissolving in this shunning of cosmic truth, and the full acceptance of the reality of pure beingness is the new norm for Aquarians, for those who model the Aquarian spirit of love and the reality that that love accentuates within life itself.

If you would be truthful in all things, face the facts; face the realities of today. Dissolve the past and the future by drawing forth from the universal Now the instantaneous recognition that God is light, that God is truth and that the reality of who you are becoming—as a potential God-man or woman in the isness of that reality, your true Self—is the most important work that you can engage in now for your victorious ascent, for your Self-realization, your enlightenment, your liberation in that eternal light of truth.

If you accept aspects of your lesser self that are not the true you, then you live in a quasi-world of unreality, where pure vision has not taken hold of you to the extent that you have accepted that new vision, that new reality of your Godhood. Therefore let go of all lesser visions of yourself that truly are, dearest hearts, unreal in the eyes of God and accept God's vision for you as a Self-realized one—a truthful one, a truth seeker, a truth maker, a truth conveyor. When you live in the reality of your true Self, when people come into your presence, that light shines forth and they may also be quickened within the real sphere of being that you emanate through your true Self.

Sometimes this does cause a certain jostling of the energies within their being, as they may feel uncomfortable in the presence of all truth that you emanate. And yet this is a good thing, dearest ones, for the truth must come out; the truth must be revealed; the truth must be conveyed to every lifestream on this Earth in this hour. For you have read the scripture that all these things shall be revealed and the truth cannot be hidden when the living Christ steps forward to proclaim the New Day, to proclaim the Day of Judgment,1 which is, from my perspective, the day when the sword of truth descends to cleave asunder the real from the unreal, to quicken and awaken all to the reality of heaven and that which brings all to cosmic self-fulfillment in their Divine Presence.

So you see, it is a good day when the truth of anything is revealed. For that truth is the reality of that moment of Godhood, beingness and divine light. And when it is truly of God, by God, for God, then it is ennobling; it is liberating. And even if some shirk away from that truth, ultimately they will welcome it. They will accept that they must make amends, that they must change and transform because the only way out from this world is to live within that ray of truth, which affords cosmic perception unto the new reality of the New Day and the acceptance of God in all ways within one's life.

You see the media of this world completely taken over by the nonvisionaries of reality, those who have attempted to hide from humanity the way, the truth and the life of the Christ, the Buddha and of the divine way that all should be walking within and upon. Yet all is being revealed; all is coming to light. And your Internet and various alternative media are finally bringing to light all that has been hidden, all that has been purposefully obfuscated from the vision of lightbearers and people in general around the world.

Therefore this obfuscation must cease, the Lords of Karma aver today. For I have gone before them and received a dispensation for true revelation to emerge within this world, for the truth, the way and the life to be made known to millions so that they may make right choices rather than live in ignorance of the truth of who they are, of what is transpiring upon this world and of all of the machinations of the dark ones who have attempted to have you live in a nonliberated state of soul slavery—slavery unto your lesser self, slavery unto their ways, the ways of darkness, the ways of this world.

Dearest ones, you may only be fully liberated when you are awake, when you are quickened in the light, when the truth and the reality of your higher being shines forth through you for you have chosen it; you have decided to live in the integrity of that Selfhood with God as God-beings. You must model this reality on behalf of thousands and millions. You must be willing to stand and face the facts of who you are, of your lack, at times, of God-centeredness and quickened awakefulness. You must be willing to do the necessary work within and upon yourself so that you may restore unto yourself, by God's grace, that quickened and awakened state of alertness, of beingness, of truth, the veracity of the will, the wisdom and the love of God, in balance, within you.

If you shy away from the truth, then you are not my disciple! For my disciples are those who stand firmly before the mirror of self and are willing to look into that mirror and see the reflection and then say to themselves:

“O God, I see that which I am not willing to allow to continue, to manifest in my world in the way that I have allowed it. I am improving! I am transforming! I am changing today to live, O Lord, as you would desire me to, within the integrity of my true Self.

“And therefore I say, I am a witness to my own Godhood. I am a witness to the Christ within me. I am a witness to the Buddhic light and the light of the Divine Mother manifesting within me, within my auric field, within my inner being. And I choose to live in this reality, in this truth from this day forward. And therefore, beloved Hilarion, O Master of Truth, come unto me. Speak to me. Witness to me the truth of my being each day as I stand before the mirror and as you ray forth that light of truth, O Master. I ingest it. I imbibe it. I am it. And I live in the integrity of that light now and forevermore because I am your man/your woman of truth upon this world.”

You see, dearest ones, if you face the facts and the realities of who you are, you will eventually come to that point of self-realization that you are God. Yet you have not fully ingested, accepted and assimilated that Godhood to date and that is why you yet remain upon Earth. Therefore, I say, assimilate God! Be God! Accept God within; meditate upon your Presence. Accept the full blazing reality of that light of your true Self. And when you can aver and avow before me and before the Karmic Board that you have done your best to live a truthful, an eventful and loving life, then Pallas Athena herself will step before you and initiate you in the light of cosmic truth. Cyclopea and Virginia will place upon you a mantle of that emerald-fire matrix of perfection and even initiate you with their diamond sword within the white cube, symbolizing that awesome state of perfected beingness that they hold as a geometric sacred matrix of light for every soul.

Yes, dearest ones, you can be an initiate if you try, if you allow God to live within you. You can be a living master walking upon this Earth in the light of truth if you squarely look into the reality of your Selfhood each day and decide with commitment to transform yourself in some way, one little way, each day by being true to yourself in the process of living. Many live in a quasi-state of beingness, where one day they decide to be a disciple and the next they do not, and they lapse into an awareness that is quite murky and lacking in crystal clarity.

Well, I say, once you truly decide that this is the life for you, the life of a disciple of the Universal White Brother/Sisterhood, and you make that daily commitment to arise early, to engage in the disciplines of the Spirit and to move heaven and earth to allow God to live through you, within you, then, dearest ones, that commitment and that authentic reality begins to manifest in greater and greater skeins of light within your aura, within your being, within your mind and heart. And that reality sets forth a new coursing for you to live in the spiritual integrity of your Divine Presence. And then I and other masters will afford you the graces of the Spirit to complete the process of Self-realization within the initiatic path.

Therefore decide today whom you will serve—God or man, the divine or the lesser self, the Real and that which is rich in the liberative power of the Presence or the not-self. Once you choose, and as you choose daily, to reaffirm this commitment, I am there in that I AM statement: “I AM the way, the truth and the life, with Jesus the Christ and Hilarion, this day and every day for the rest of my life as I live in the integrity of my true Self.” Yes, once you speak these words and mean them, then the shift occurs; the blessedness and the graces of the Holy Spirit descend. For you know it is Pallas Athena's own beloved, the Maha Chohan, who often comes in answer to her requests for those gifts to descend upon and within the lives of disciples who have loved God with all their hearts and have averred that they will live in this level of integrity.

Yes, blessed ones, it is a new day. And you will be seeing more and more revelations within the alternative media, and at times even within the mass media. For they cannot forestall the truth from being delivered in this era, fully. Call forth that light of truth. Invoke K-17 and his legions of the Cosmic Secret Service to perform the alchemy of divine revelation in every instance where it is required for lightbearers to be liberated in the light of truth. And invoke Cyclopea and Virginia daily within your mind's eye, within your vision center to reconceptualize your life in the way that God within you desires it to now be.

Now, dearest ones, I turn to the subject of a book and an author that is dear to my heart. For I am sponsoring him, along with a great cosmic being, Compassion, in his work, in his sacred healing work for the Earth and the people of this planet. This book is Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William.2 This is a seminal work for this time for initiates and disciples of the Word and of the emerald ray to study, assimilate and share with others. Therefore I will share with you one case history within this book as an example so that all of you may take heart from it in your own ministry to yourselves, your wholeness—your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This, dearest ones, is from the chapter on adrenal fatigue, which, I daresay, many of you also experience due to a number of reasons at this time on Earth, including the imbibing of substances less than optimal for your body temple; the influx of nefarious energy fields upon the Earth due to the systems of communication, especially microwave frequencies manifesting through these towers that send impulses to your phones and mobile devices; and also certain interference from alien energies that have beset this Earth for many, many centuries. And we are coming to a time of the ultimate dialogue, whereby the truth and the reality of heaven shall be known among all peoples of their nature in God and not having evolved from monkeys.

Case History: Fatigued from Animal Fat, Fixed by Fruit

“Mary, age 35, went to the doctor with the complaint that she was tired all the time. No matter how much rest she got, she couldn't seem to shake her fatigue. On the job at the shipping company where she worked, she never felt fully awake or alert. Mary's doctor performed a number of tests and called when he received the results. ‘Nothing is wrong,' he said. ‘You're just a little overworked. You'll bounce back when the holidays have passed.'

“But the fatigue persisted and steadily worsened in the New Year. This time, Mary visited an integrative medical doctor, who diagnosed her with adrenal fatigue. He was correct. However, along with a huge list of supplements to take, he instructed Mary to remove all carbohydrates and sugars from her diet, except for one green apple a day and occasional berries. She was to stick to three meals per day, with animal protein at each, plus various vegetables.

“At first, Mary felt a burst of energy and thought she was healing. Here's what was really going on: to compensate for the loss of sugars in her diet that had resulted in reduction of glucose in her bloodstream, her already exhausted adrenals were now in overdrive and flooding her system with adrenaline. Further, eating animal protein—which naturally included fat—three times a day was burdening Mary's liver and pancreas and forcing her adrenals to pump more of their hormones to keep everything in balance. This is an example of the risk associated with a fad diet that's not backed up by true understanding of what the body needs and how it operates.

“After 30 days of eating this way, Mary felt a noticeable decrease in energy. The fatigue was now even worse, and it was harder than ever to drag herself to work each day. On top of this, she had an irresistible hunger for sugar; she started reaching for processed carbs and sweets from the vending machine to feed the cravings. In her bloodstream, the sugars combined with the very high animal fat levels and triggered insulin resistance. Now her adrenals started releasing even more adrenaline and reached a point of near-total exhaustion.

“At this point, an intern at Mary's company told her about how I'd helped his mom, so Mary gave me a call. Right off the bat, we removed the animal fats and proteins from her diet and switched her over from three meals a day to the every-two-hour grazing technique. This kept her glucose levels active and stable and put an end to her insulin resistance. We also brought balance into her diet with sodium-rich vegetables, potassium-rich fruits, and protein-rich greens.

“Very soon, Mary was back to where she'd started when she went to see the first doctor. Within a month, she was feeling functional again.

“And within a year, she was full of energy.

“When I checked in with her recently, she said she'd noticed blood sugar-related fatigue in others at her company, so she and the intern had started making their co-workers afternoon smoothies—which were very popular. She said she still liked to graze and felt so much better eating the way Spirit had recommended that she only ventured off her healing diet for very special occasions.”3

Dearest ones, I assign all of you to secure and read this tome of light, which I say is 98.9 percent accurate in terms of what we the ascended masters recommend for diet, for health and well-being, for restoration of inner and outer wholeness for you in this hour.

Now, at the behest of beloved Mother Mary, I send to each of you a ray of light from my heart for the nurturing of your soul and your spirit in the light of cosmic truth; and for the restoration of harmony and balance in your lives, especially emotionally, mentally and within the context of your daily work and service on behalf of your families and loved ones, the Universal White Brotherhood, the ascended hosts, and your own soul liberation.

Take to heart, dearest ones, that though you may work and strive, and work hard and long hours in selfless service to our cause, ultimately you will gain your liberation primarily through knowing yourself, being your true Self, aligning yourself with the light of truth, the light of wholeness, beingness and integrity. The work is essential to fulfill your dharma. Beingness in God is essential for returning to his/her heart in your ascension. The work is essential to fulfill your dharma. Beingness in God is essential for returning to his/her heart in your ascension. Therefore balance your lives: the inner work of both meditation and prayer—often in the silence of the early morning and late evening hours or whenever you choose to so engage—with the outer work of service, your daily dharma and that which you do physically, mentally in your work. When there is the dynamic of this balance in your lives, you feel fulfilled; you feel valued, appreciated, honored and integrated.

When there is a disparity in some way between your own Self-realization of your Godhood with the dynamics of your labors, there is a lack of wholeness at all levels, and we the masters, as well as clairvoyants, see in your auric fields that state of dissonance, lack of focus, lack of a higher purpose in how you go about your daily living. If you only give and give and give without taking the time for deep reflective introspection in knowing yourself, in becoming your true Self, then do not blame others when you make your transition—thinking that you have fulfilled all through decrees and balanced your karma through service—and you have not reached that state of true liberation by becoming one with God through love and through the pathway of truth, through stillness and inner beingness.

All paths lead to God so long as they put God first and foremost and allow the disciple to live in the integrity of pure love. Yet there are faster pathways, dearest hearts, and I have sent forth my ray of truth to the planet and to you this day to realign you and all in that ray of emerald light for higher perception, beingness, understanding and integration. Thank you for allowing me a vehicle of expression through this one and through your own heart attuned to God. Thank you for liberating yourself from this day forward in your Presence, by living truthfully in the understanding of the Holy Spirit's Presence, in the full knowledge and wisdom of your Divine Selfhood, by God's grace.

Now, finally, beloved Nancy steps forward to send you waves of divine joy, radiance and appreciation—the staff of The Hearts Center movement, those who tithe and give selflessly on a regular basis and those who give their all in prayerful support of others, especially in answering the healing requests of so many. Nancy would like all to know, as your Lady Francesca, that when you pray for another, she is there extending her heart and her healing light to that one or to many. For as my beloved, now one with me in Spirit, it is her great opportunity to accentuate the fires of the emerald ray through her healing ministry with me so that many more may return to a state of inner and outer equilibrium, harmony and balance, being ultimately restored unto their God Presence and oneness with their Source. This is her work, our work of the ages.

Be sealed in the light of your Presence and the new emerald matrix of all that is truthful, realizable in the living light of the eternal Christ and Buddha. I thank you.

1. See 1 Corinthians 4:5.

2. Anthony William, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Hay House, Inc., 2015).
3. Ibid., 113–14.

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