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Jesus      March 27, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis

March 27, 2016   11:12–11:40 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Jesus Connects Us with a New Frequency of Resurrection Fire and with Our Sponsoring Masters

Jesus' 2016 Easter Morning Message

God's Easter blessing upon you, each heart, each beloved of the Eternal One. I, Jesus, with Magda, come to initiate spirals of the resurrection fire within you if you choose to accept them. These may manifest through your awareness, through your mind, your heart, your soul and within every cell of your being if you choose to feel the upsurging current of this resurrection fire and imbibe its essence as a vital, living presence of eternal joy, youthfulness, vitality and beingness—in all of its glory, in all of its humility, in all of its transcendent givingness to life. 

When you are resurrected in consciousness each day as you reawaken to the outer world around you, an essence of myself may be there manifesting through your consciousness as this higher awakened state, which you may choose to live, move and have your being within, ensconced in the resurrection light of your Divine Selfhood in God. So you see that you must not wait until you expire to experience the resurrection light. You may do so each day, blessed ones, in the awakening of your soul to Spirit; in accepting the transcendent light that is within the resurrection fire; in honoring that vitality, that beingness of your true Self as your Presence perfumes into your world this glorified and rarefied spiritual fire, which lifts you out of mediocrity unto your divinity, out of the lackluster state of your lesser self into the full glory, the brightness, the full noonday star-fire radiance of your Solar Reality. 

I commanded my disciples to walk in the light. And the light that I saw manifesting around them was that resurrection fire, which would maintain for them, in the presence that I sent unto them, by the Holy Spirit's grace, that same resurrection spirit and current that I bore in my body.

When you choose light rather than darkness, something of your self is resurrected in that moment of purity. When you choose beingness over the nonawakened state, there is the growing within your auric field of Buddhic mindfulness, the blessedness of that grace of the higher mind of your true Self. This then allows you to cognize as a living master would; to think the thoughts of God; to dream into this reality the higher reality of heaven, consciously, ideating it, conceptualizing it, investigating it through every aperture of selfhood as you muse on light itself and then allow the higher frequencies of that resurrection current to abide where you are, tangibly within your chakras, within the nadis—the ida, pingala and sushumna and all of the sacred vessels of your electronic fire body—which allow you to experience divinity in the Holy Spirit's gift of presence through you. 

Yes, dearest ones, why wait for a future date with God when God lives within you now and you can experience in every moment this state of being of your resurrected self, your true Self, your noble self in and as pure light-energy, pure divine fire and all the qualities and virtues of that holy beingness that is God's Presence within you, above you, around you? So many put off to a future time and date Self-realization when they could have, by a certain shift in awareness and an arousal of their true spirit, that experience of the resurrection fire glowing within them, moving through them, co-creating new and harmonious and beautiful conceptualizations—bright, colorful, out of this world, if you dare. And in that moment of eternal connectedness within the sacred space of the Now, that light abides and swirls and whirls around you and co-creates with you the glory of your true soulfulness as a God-conscious one, as a Christed one, an anointed one in your own accord of harmony and beingness.

You know these words arise from Spirit because they resonate within your heart as rich in that essence of my being. And therefore I extend to you on this Sunday, Easter morning, a new aspect of the resurrection light that I have never released unto mankind heretofore. It is born of God through my constant communion with the Source and my drawing forth from the eternal Great Central Sun light, light, light, and feeling and knowing within my heart what that light is as pure conscious awareness, pure beingness, pure reality. Yes, blessed ones, you may soar in spirit, through your Higher Self, in this gentle and yet daring endeavor to breach the walls of limitation unto your eternal Presence, letting go of every sense of your lesser being outside of God and accepting and knowing that state of Self-realization in beingness, in presence, in oneness.

Many of you are beginning, at some level of your inner being, to experience the currents of the resurrection as you lead a disciplined life, a harmonious life, a life lived to the glory of God. For when you consecrate and dedicate yourself to the holy cause of eternal freedom, divine justice, holy love in God, God extends his hand, his heart, his mind unto you. And the Divine Mother lifts you out of all lesser states that you have previously accepted as your norm. I say, accept the new norm of your being as a resurrected spirit in God, as a beloved of God, ensconced in this light of your Presence, fully radiating forth Solar frequencies of joy, harmony and every aspect of God that you can muster—first through feeling and sensing and then through belief and faith and knowing and seeing as an ever-present reality realized. 

You have studied long and hard the teachings of the ascended masters through many books, discourses, dictations, HeartStreams and releases of light. How much of that study have you assimilated fully to manifest your Christhood each moment? I ask. If you still feel that there is room for your spiritual evolution and growth, I am here for you, with Magda, as a World Teacher so that you may enter into the new studies of the frequencies of Solar joy, a new study in godliness through the ritual of acceptance and attending to Spirit each moment through mindfulness, being not lazy to know God—being intrepid in this dynamic of realizing God right where you are. 

Whether you consider yourself a student, a teacher, a master, an initiate, a child or a full-blown adult in consciousness, there is always room for that resurrection light to be renewed within you each day, for a new glory to descend through your aura and being, for a new light to be fanned forth and enfired within the Earth through your co-creative work, through your service to humanity in whatever way God within you sees best to outpicture it. Yes, we, as masters of the resurrection light in the sixth ray of service, ministration, peace and brotherhood, bring unto you through our teachings, through our sharings, through our deliveries, through our sacred gifts the bounties of heaven, the graces of the Spirit, which, as you employ them and utilize them consciously, can catapult you, each one, unto that higher Selfhood that you seek, that beingness that you have at times touched and yet desire to be fully enveloped within and to know 24/7 in your lives. 

Precious hearts, we bring unto you this day a personal ascended-master friend—your sponsor, your primary sponsor—who stands before you, each one, and greets you with a smile, a heart of fire for your victory, hands outstretched to again receive your love, your beingness, even as that one extends his or her love and beingness to you. Your sponsoring master is the one to whom, on the inner, you are, in a sense, engaged, involved with for the nurturing of your soul, for the victory of your mission, for the fulfillment of your reason for being on this Earth. As you consciously greet your sponsoring master each day, that one will extend the essentials of life to you and that which we, the World Teachers, are conveying in a greater way unto humanity. And that one will present unto you opportunities and initiations for your self-advancement, for your learning, for your inner and outer growth and development.

As you work with this one, as you consider even asking this one questions throughout the day, abiding with that one, speaking unto him or her consciously, either verbally or silently, there can be a great boon to your being through a new inner knowing that will reside within your mind because that one has locked the eternal spirit of holy wisdom within the dynamic of this relationship of brother to brother, sister to sister, friend to friend, initiate to initiate. And when you truly realize the depth of what can be for you through this experience and relationship, you will not miss a beat. You will not miss a day of inner communion with this one, through your Presence, or of opportunity for great advancement that will occur at the behest of God, the Great Karmic Board and many sponsoring masters, both of this movement and those who work through others throughout the world. 

It may be, at times, that one master will lead you to a higher master when you have been victorious in fulfilling various initiations, in learning your lessons, in passing your tests. This has happened for many of you throughout this life. You have advanced on the rays; you have made progress on the path. And new and higher masters—Buddhas of cosmic consciousness, Divine Mothers who work on a higher level and scale of beingness— are ready for some of you because you have sensitized yourself, through the deeper mysteries, to more refined states of awareness, often through the art and science of meditation and stillness, beingness and presence in divine joy.

These ones will continue to nurture and nurture you until you are fully enveloped in light, until that resurrection fire is so present and tangible in your life that you can draw it forth at any moment to proclaim with me, “I AM the resurrection and the life,” and send those spiritual currents into the Earth, into any project, endeavor, mission or vision that you have of a future realized within the Now. 

Yes, dearest ones, utilize the resurrection fire in joyful awakening moments with your masters of light and love to recreate this world as together you envision it, behold it, and reconceive it. When you discern and discover the secrets of the resurrection fire itself, you will utilize this one gift from God in your lives, and amazing miracles may manifest because you have become that light and fire, because you have realized its true nature within your nature, its true light within you.

Even as I hung on the cross, I was already experiencing the mystical union of my soul with my spirit and feeling the beginnings of the rumbling of the higher field of that resurrection fire within my being. And, yes, though I cried out unto God in that moment before my spirit left my temple, I knew that my destiny was not in the grave; it was beyond all time and space. It was within the sun-fire radiance of perfection's joy, the new day of Self-realization that I was fully employed by God, as his Son, to go forth victorious in overcoming with that light throughout my being, utilizing it to assist others to awaken unto their own divine life through love.

When you realize this state of being in your resurrected consciousness, I am there, Magda is with you. And we will assist you in all your endeavors to bring that greater awareness to hundreds and thousands if you choose to be a world servant, a friend of God among men, women and children. Those who truly befriend God, who love God with their entire being know this state of reality, for they live, move and have their being within the love-fire radiance of God's Presence. And there is no limitation to the ecstatic states of divine bliss that unfold them in the rapture of this love, in the union of the soul with the eternal Spirit of God. 

Now your sponsoring master has transferred to your higher mind, as engrams of light, certain new concepts that will be revealed and unfolded unto you in future cycles of your life. This is our gift unto you, blessed ones, on this Easter Sunday. Take and eat the spiritual food of this grace, and drink the elixir of light of these divine energies, symbols, formulas of purity and of the resurrection fire that we bring.

We are your Jesus and Magda. Our love is ever present. Our joy knows no bounds; it is infinite. It is the joy of all worlds. Yes, I say, expand joy to all worlds, and through this, God's glory shall be realized everywhere. We thank you.

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