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Lanello      March 20, 2016

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis

March 20, 2016   9:08 ̶ 9:19 am

A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace with Peace and Aloha and One Thousand Buddhas

Maui, Hawaii

Lanello Comes to Recommemorate the Lemurian State of Oneness

From the Motherland I am come, having descended deep into the Pacific Ocean, stirring the waters there and the ancient memory of Mu and all that it signified of a civilization of light long, long ago. And from this remembrance of a time of purity, beauty and harmony upon Earth, I draw forth divine substance from those akashic records and emanate them forth throughout the entire Pacific Ring as distillations of the spiritual fire that were a part of this culture of light before its fall. And these essences now stimulate the higher centers of light within souls abiding within Pacifica, the various islands and among all nations, wooing them back to the Motherland of light, to their own source of perfection in God, to that which the Mother symbolizes, on their behalf, of purity and beauty, of divinity and joy. For when the culture of the Mother is restored unto Earth, then a time of peace may reign. When all whom the Mother represents is again manifest within the lives of the people of all nations as one, then true brother/sisterhood, understanding and love will reign supreme.

I have been able to draw forth this energy through the action of your calls, your conscious awareness, your presence here and the love that you have shared in oneness both before and during this event, dearest hearts, including the calls of all heartfriends for the God-success of this event. And because of your due diligence and the alchemical works that you engage in daily on behalf of God, the energies of Spirit are now coalesced for this infusion of light throughout the world. And Peace shines forth in all his glory as Aloha sings a song sublime, rising into the atmosphere and blessing all sentient beings and all life upon this Earth and upon the waters everywhere.

O how great is the light of peace and divine joy, the sparkling radiance as the sun shines upon the waters and brings that ancient remembrance of oneness with the All-in-all. Oh how great is the Spirit when it moves through the souls and the lives of the conscious ones whose only desire is to be selfless in God, true to the divine calling, one in harmony with all that is, a part of that One Spirit and cosmic domain of light.

O God, shine forth your light upon these who have come before you at this altar—the altar of Mu, the altar of Nature—and bless them with your divine joy and Presence now so that each one may have restored deep within their soul both this ancient memory and the impetus whereby they may ascend in consciousness more each day to fulfill their divine calling; their witness to the truth, the beauty of beingness in God, and oneness in the spiritual brother/sisterhood, in which we share love, truly, with all.

As your Lanello with Clare de Lis at my side, we stand on behalf of initiates worldwide who have caught the glimpse of a true vision, of a divine future coalesced within the eternal Now, in this moment of opportunity for the victory of life, light and love. And we draw forth from the sun and from the stars the radiances of God-glory and shine them forth through these starry ones, O God, who believe the truth of the virtuous spirits of the One Eternal God, not the lie of the dark ones.

O masters of infinitude, O Elohim of Joy, of Peace, of Love, bless them, charge them, radiate them with light and all that they require for their victory. Put aside in this moment all karmic entanglements, burdens upon the soul and the body temple and let them feel the freedom of eternality in your Spirit. Let them know the divine radiance that beats their heart and is at the core of all lifewaves evolving on all systems of worlds.

Bless them, bless them, bless them this day with that Aloha spirit, welcoming, refreshing, happy and humble. And let each one, O Lord, retain the memory of their connection with the great Mother of all life, whether through their own human mothers, a representative of the Divine Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature—the Mother that abides with Father, lovingly expressing that love in every sun and star throughout the cosmos.

They have come, O Lord, to be of service. They have come, yes, for reprieve from their work and their long labor. Let this recharging of their spirits manifest so that every day, even if just in a moment of reflection, they may have that infusion of this radiance deep within their souls and experience once again that rest and recuperation, that recharging and energization that will allow them to see through unto the ends of their missions, the fulfillment of their destiny in thee.

O God, I accept this for all; I AM this for all. And as each one accepts it in their own I AM THAT I AM manifestation, it is so, and the blessing and the bestowal of every bountiful boon of grace is theirs for their victory in this life. This is my prayer, O Divine Spirit. This is our joyful recommemoration of the Lemurian state of oneness, of which we are all a part again with thee, O Lord.

OM Aloha, OM Peace, OM, OM, OM.

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