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Green Tara      March 16, 2016

Beloved Green Tara
David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2016   11:39 ̶ 11:51 am HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Maui, Hawaii 

Accessing the Playfulness of Peace and the Colorfulness of Compassion

I AM the playful Tara, dancing before you, juggling so many things of heaven and earth and representing, through my awareness, beingness in God, the Buddhic light, the Bodhisattva vision.

My vision of you, each one, is of a playful child with her colors and coloring book, ardently expressing something deep and profound in what you have labored upon with the Divine Mother in mind, with planetary peace in your heart. In a childlike attitude, in a refreshing spirit of inner joy, you emanate the state of peace to all life.

Peace is not something that can be demanded of governments, of nations, of peoples. Peace is the experience of beingness in God that expresses itself naturally through the elemental kingdom, through the heart in love with life and through what is already established by making it so much more of its is-ness, its beingness through love.

Take now the colors that I offer you, dearest hearts. And in your mind's eye, creatively express with these many, many colors, as you see yourself as a child again playfully working with your teachers, peace on a planetary scale, something representing who you are, what you desire to see, what brings you joy in your own beingness in God.

In every moment of time, you influence life through your aura, which is a colorful field of beingness, the expression of your divinity and your humanity. If you find yourself in a state in which you are not quite influencing life as you know that you can through your creative self, choose to shift into that higher beingness of your true Self to express through your aura the radiant light of your Presence, the joyous spirit of your eternal nature. And see these colors as the oils of peace, the watercolors of peace, the acrylics of peace in any media that you choose to represent them, and I will come and bless your offerings; I will come and infuse Buddhic peace unto and within them. For these expressions are realities if you believe them. And I remind you that only in a childlike state can you truly believe them.

Now, dearest ones, in answer to your meditation, millions of elementals have come forth, working within the nature kingdom to express new aspects of peace both here in Maui, throughout the Fire Ring, within your individual nations and cities and states and provinces, and now throughout the world. And these elementals are carrying those images that you are even now creating with these colors and showing them to the child of the soul of every person, laughing and giggling and telling them how there are some on Maui who believe as Peter Pan did, who believe and accept that there is an Everland beyond the realms of time and space, as we have been taught to accept them. And in this ever Everland of beingness, the Buddhas reside, the Taras dance, the Shivas are real and the precious elementals play with children who do not grow up.

I see you now in your childlike state of inner purity, and I will continue to behold this ideal of you in your eternal light body forevermore, precious ones. And I give you a key this day—both to planetary peace and to your own health and well-being—and that is to accept again and again, even for a few moments in your meditation practice, that you are a child of God's heart, that you are pure, undefiled, whole, beautiful, and that this is the way that God and all ascended beings know you—in this real state of your pure Selfhood. And as you feel this, accept it and know it as the reality of your being, all of the colors of the rainbow and all the joy of the leprechauns, the nature spirits will be yours. And through your creative self within your imagination, a true world of peace, enlightenment and freedom will be restored to our Earth.

May I suggest from now on at your conferences and gatherings that you have Crayolas available? For you just may be called again to create with us these images of divine grandeur and beauty in your new childlike state of playfulness, colorfulness, peace and compassion.

I AM your Tara. I am green, I am clean, and I mean business. I love you, playful ones, and bless you with the colors of the Maui rainbow, which will appear in the sky after the rain when the sun shines again through the little droplets of water to bring new hope again to our world. Thank you.

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