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Maitreya      March 10, 2016

Beloved Lord Maitreya

David Christopher Lewis

March 10, 2016   1:30–1:47 pm MST

Livingston, Montana


Lord Maitreya Emanates Loving-Kindness through You


Beloved Disciples of God, Beloved Roses of my Heart, Beloved Budding Ones Who Would Be Buddhas upon Earth,

I AM your Lord Maitreya. I come to you this day with great joy in my heart, great happiness in my being that you may experience in a moment of timelessness and spacelessness the same oneness that I feel and experience with the All-Buddha; with the energy that the Buddha manifests; with the compassion that all Buddhas know; truly with that mindfulness that originates from the very mind of the One, from whom you may receive higher knowledge and wisdom, divine truth and understanding of your path—the path of light that is part of the Middle Way of Sakyamuni.

I have meditated upon this path of light as I have walked my journey with Gautama to inspire mankind, both as a World Teacher and now as a Planetary Buddha. And in the understanding that I have gleaned from merging my mind with the mind of Gautama, I have understood, through the Lord of Compassion himself, how eternal light may arise within the soul when it receives the ministrations of Spirit from the Eternal One, the blessings of the Buddhas, and those rays of light from all bodhisattvas of heaven and from the Pure Land to benefit them as evolving sentient beings moving toward the ultimate stream of beingness in God.

Feel now your being engulfed within this stream, this river of light as I shower upon you Buddhic essences of joy, fields of harmonic love and all that this stream represents of your beingness as a part of the greater ocean of God's eternal consciousness. As you bathe in this stream, as you allow yourself to be washed within the crystalline waters of this divine ocean of God-good, I am there providing you with various resources of light, means of expression, creative energies and that which will allow you to fulfill your purpose as a Buddha being yourself.

Many upon Earth within the Buddhist tradition worship Buddha, thinking that they are very far from reaching that state of beingness that the Buddhas represent. Yet I tell you this day, dearest hearts, that when you are in alignment with your Source through mindfulness and compassion, the beginnings of your own Buddhic emanations flow from your heart and mind. And you yourself can begin to see yourself in the meditative posture as being a fully realized Buddha being yourself. When you feel the emanations, the frequencies, the currents of light flowing forth from within your being out to all mankind, all life upon Earth, and even beyond this planet, you begin to access the higher streams of awareness that we present to mankind from our office of light, from our home of Spirit, from our gardens of great beauty and joy. And in this experience, you too will be raised to know with us the infinitude of happiness and that reverent state of peace, of beingness, of godly joy.

I continue to radiate these light frequencies unto you, each one, as I cherish your soul just for who you are and see you evolving swiftly, by your commitment, by your vows, unto your Buddhahood and the enfoldment of the lotus of your heart, fully, in all its glory and divine brilliance. Yes, you are that lotus of light and love, of God, as one of God's children living upon Earth. Yes, you are that jewel within the greater lotus of humanity itself evolving upon this world—one tiny world amongst trillions within the cosmos—where sentient beings are ever learning and ever discerning the wisdom teachings of the All-Buddha, where sentient beings are learning how to feel their Presence and know fully that divine spark within their hearts, which is their connection with their Source and with every Buddha being evolving on all worlds of light.

Sparkling now within the atmosphere around you in Barcelona and wherever you are abiding now upon this Earth is light, glorious, bright. And this light shines into the deepest parts of your being for every cell to be touched, every essence of yourself to be raised up, every particle of your being to receive an infusion of this radiance, a perfusion of its grace and glory.

You, dearest hearts, are worthy—just because of who you are and because of your proximity with me this day—to receive this blessing, this bestowal, this holy grace of light. And as you experience this higher energy field and choose to live within it throughout your day, this bath of light will be yours always, to refresh you, to invigorate you, to allow you to know God in a greater intimacy, a greater inner sense of oneness within the great silence of your soul.

The World Teachers are here for you—beloved Jesus, beloved Kuthumi, beloved Omraam—to show you the way home to the heart of God through conscious living, through adoration of the One, consecration, dedication toward this holy purpose of union with your Source, especially through abiding within the compassionate heart of the All-Buddha. When you are that compassion and kindness, I am there. When you exemplify loving-kindness, I am there. When the lotus of your heart and the jewel within that lotus expand and shine forth their glory, I am there. Truly I am a witness to this light, this wisdom, this beingness. And I express through you, if you choose to have me as your guru, as your divine teacher, this radiance, so long as you utilize it only for the blessing of life, offering it both to alleviate suffering and to save sentient beings from darkness, from illusion, from maya.

O dearest ones, thank you for inviting me to be with you this day, which for many of you may be quite a day. For if you experience that tingling within your electronic body, that spiritual quintessence flowing through your being as I speak and emanate light, you are already now knowing the benefits of our relationship, the boon of communing with my heart, my mind, even my eyes.

In the glory of God, in the beingness of all Buddhas, I represent compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom for all. And it is my great joy to be of service and to give you the essentials of the path, the keys to your divinity, the blessings that I am privileged to extend to my humble and holy ones. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. OM.

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