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Arcturus      March 05, 2016

Beloved Arcturus
David Christopher Lewis
March 5, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Arcturus and Victoria Speak on the Miracle Manifestation of the Violet Light

In the light of picture-perfect Presence, I come to invest within your soul a charge of light from our retreat over Luanda, Angola. And this charge of light is for the development of your soul, the unfoldment of your soul, the enrichment of your soul, the perfectionment of every aspect of your soul that you, one with God, are destined to outpicture in this life and unto eternity in your higher soulfulness in God.

From our retreat, which represents the soul of planet Earth, concentric rings of violet radiant fire illumine the Earth as we speak to the souls of all sons and daughters of God this day, calling them higher, calling them to the light, to the truth, to the way of the ascended masters, their representatives, their teachings in this age and specifically to that which the Master Afra has released in his determination to unleash the souls of all toward freedom, brotherhood, divine love.

Truly, blessed ones, it is a pivotal time for the Earth when many are awakening to Spirit, to higher consciousness and to the more refined divine essences emanating from the Great Central Sun and even from the star Arcturus and all that it represents of the seventh age, the seventh wave, the seventh era of light for all of you upon this sphere. This seventh aspect of God's awareness—as alchemy, freedom, liberty, Self-realization in light—is one that all of you are feeling deep within your core, your soul in this hour and have been, I say, for quite some time. For the enriching process that comes to the sons and daughters of God is one that transcends time and space; is one that is felt in multidimensions of being; is one that represents, through many lifetimes, your soul journey unto God, your attainment of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. And it signifies the higher abilities of your true Divine Presence and Self when engaged with God in the glorification of your soul, in the ascension of your spirit unto the One Light.

Truly, many of you are feeling from the depths of awareness a new resonant presence of blessedness, of beingness perfusing your reality with this seventh-ray sense of eternal freedom. You must have your freedom, you have said to yourself. You must move into eternality in some way each day and experience your Godhood. You must reach up into the heaven world, reaching the stars, abiding there in higher mindfulness to accept these divine currents and the ministering rays of light from the eternal source of all God-good.

When you make the commitment, the declaration and then the consecration and the dedication to abide within your Presence and are able to facilitate these currents and frequencies manifesting within your life in dynamic and glorious ways, then the true alchemy of Spirit manifests. You can call yourself son or daughter of God and understand the depth of its meaning, the height of its awareness, the breadth of its beauty and divine glory.

Truly, dearest ones, God is great. And God is great within you, within your soul when you abide in that eternal light and decide, with the fullness of your being, to love your Lord with all your heart, mind, strength and soul. This allows you to fulfill your destiny, your soul purpose upon Earth. You have many purposes throughout many lifetimes, and yet you have that higher soul purpose that is the primary directive of your God Presence unto you, as an incarnate one, to fully comply with and to manifest through obedience to the law of love, the law of grace, the law of correspondence with your eternal Self, the laws of truth, wisdom and beingness.

When you abide within the lawful aspects of the seventh era of freedom, you distribute the frequencies of God-glory through your chakras and especially through your soul. What does this emanation look like? It is different for each of you. Yet I must say that when I observe you, each one, in that devotional state of pure beingness in your God Presence, when you are feeling the integration and the actualization of light from your core, this is when the fullness of that violet-ray frequency of seventh-ray joy emanates forth from you in a harmonious and cosmic manifestation to give birth within the Earth to something great that will nurture souls and allow them to rise out of mediocrity and their own lesser selfhood unto the Divine Presence—the true, beautiful and glorious aspect of their divine nature.

You facilitate all of this when you abide in presence, when you feel that cosmic joy bubbling up from within you, and especially when you give those thirty, sixty or ninety minutes of concentrated, focused dynamic calls, invocations, decrees, prayers, songs, mantras to the violet light—and especially when you invoke the light of Arcturus and Victoria. For we, blessed ones, place the capstone of Self-realization of this seventh-ray frequency upon you when you have realized the totality of that essence through the givingness of self.

Truly, those who have surrendered every aspect of their lesser self and simultaneously embraced all aspects of their cosmic Self know whereof we speak. For they have internalized the light of the Presence in a concentrated, focused way within their soul, and then their true soul emerges in all of its God-glory. And the Solar aspects of God-consciousness begin to play upon their being, involve themselves in their daily lives, express in all manner of creative and liberative activities that truly, in a cosmic and powerful way, allow the dream of God to be lowered into manifestation within this world, within your plane of being, within your active, practical life. We see those who simply talk and dream about the path and those who are actively engaged day after day in realizing it in manifestation through their will focused upon the holy will of God.

Yes, dearest ones, there is quite a wide gap between these dynamics. And we pray that you will lower or collapse that gap through the greater one, whereby the feeling that you have and know of God's present reality within you is the major aspect of what is manifesting day by day within your world; that you will shirk off and release and surrender those lesser aspects of your lower nature so that your true Self may surely and blessedly shine forth in all of its glory to all sentient beings.

I can assure you that if you concentrate and focus with the cosmic determination to imbibe, to represent and to emanate the violet-light frequencies of seventh-ray joy, your entire life will be one of fulfillment, ennoblement and happiness. For when you live, move and have your being within the seventh-ray frequency and the cosmic currents that we, the Elohim, bestow unto mankind through our creative gestures unto you, then, dearest ones, you fulfill the law of being, why you came to embody upon Earth, and why and how you are now in the ascension process to glorify God within you, whereby God glorifies you within himself/herself.

Angels of the sacred fire from our retreat now spark the souls of billions upon Earth in this hour to remind them of their high and holy calling, to refresh them in this spiritual, levitative fire. Yes, you heard me—this levitative fire. What does that mean? you ask. It is that which raises you up off the Earth unto heaven, even while you abide physically upon the Earth. It is that which allows you to feel your Godhood, your Christic Presence, your Buddhic Selfhood and all aspects of the Divine Mother manifesting within your soul so that that light, front and center and present within your life, moves you forward on your path to your destiny, your victory in divine joy.

Breathe in the fires of eternality that these angels now perfuse unto you in this moment and feel this cosmic refreshment of your being and ennoblement of your soul. [Arcturus releases the breath of fire three times.] This action is as a cosmic breath refresher for you, each one. You know how you feel when after a meal you require that little mint to make your breath smell and feel fresh again. Well, dearest ones, did you know that all mints themselves—peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen and others—have a concentrated aspect of both the emerald and the violet light? For this is our joy, to impregnate within the Earth itself, within nature, aspects of the violet light that bring about this feeling of joy and the essence of the Holy Spirit so that all can be new and renewed again.

Now, on behalf of disciples within South Africa, Ghana and throughout the African continent, we speak—Victoria and I—to raise you up, to adjure you to holiness and oneness. Put aside all division; see yourselves as one. Feel the integration of the light within you and within your beloved heartfriends, brothers and sisters of light, as one. When all divisiveness and any sense of greater or lesser, higher attainment or lesser attainment, is dissolved, then you will experience that state of oneness that we perfuse throughout the Earth, which is true freedom from banality in God-reality. For, dearest ones, every voice is precious, every heart is of God, every soul is a part of the greater Oversoul of humanity and of God, and every soul enriches the cosmos with its essences, with its emanations, so long as that soul looks toward God, feels godly and knows the reality of that beingness through love.

As you are loving toward one another—caring for each other, praying for those who may temporarily be sick or under duress or stress of any kind—the coalescing of the violet light through your love can make the difference through its transmutative effects in either raising that one or something else. The choice is yours always to ennoble, to embrace, to receive and to grace souls with your love, with your encouragement, with your conscious words.

And I direct the disciples of South Africa to take that teaching on conscious language1 and study it. Make it your own. Speak of it and remind each other of these higher truths, whereby you avoid words such as need, want, must, though I have used that word myself within this HeartStream. For, dearest ones, you may enjoy the buoyancy of the cosmic Logos, the eternal Word, when you understand the dynamics of that Word, the expressions and harmonization of life through your collaborative efforts to be that Word, to embody that Word through the graceful words that you speak, both audibly and silently.

Often we, the Elohim, hear what you think—more than you realize. And we must emanate the violet light to transmute some of those unspoken words toward other disciples and even this messenger or the leadership of The Hearts Center or of local Heartfriends Groups and Hearts Centers. Watch your words before they become oral, when they are within your mind. For, dearest ones, if you can reconceive of perfection through the eternal Logos manifesting through the words as you conceive of them, think of them, embrace them before you speak them, then they will have those aspects of God-consciousness, divine glory and holiness that truly you will understand in your true Self to be of value, in harmony for all.

We are working miracles here and there through our disciples when they see that miracles are possible, realizable and now amazingly manifest. In fact, some have called us, Arcturus and Victoria, the Miracle Elohim. And it is so! When you require a miracle, dearest ones, of any kind, speak to us directly with the full intention of your being, with the full radiance of your heart, with the full mindfulness of your spirit and the depth of your soul feeling. Ask what you will ask for; receive it as already manifest; believe it and have faith that it is so in the eternal Now within the present moment. And through that acceptance, that faith, that total surrender to what already is, in that sacred moment of Self-realization within the miracle consciousness of God, we will coalesce that miracle right where you are and allow it to be. How and why and where and for whom and at what time? Always within God's matrix of light, to glorify God, magnify the Lord and to bring love into holy manifestation.

When you allow the sacred to be within the miracle mind and matrix of the Divine Mother right where you are, then Victoria is there, I say, coalescing her love within your call and acceptance—fruitfully, graciously, victoriously. Miracles are occurring. Miracles are the new order of the day in the lives of disciples who accept, who believe and who have the courage to completely dissolve all that is less than the manifestation of that miracle within their minds, hearts, wills and souls. Therefore you must utilize the violet light to dissolve all those disparate manifestations that in some way block the miracle. For this is the only thing, dearest ones, that curtails their manifestation—the dissonant aspects of your lower nature, which will not allow them to be for you right here, right now, giving glory to God within your life.

I say that the seventh ray is the miracle ray. Use it! Utilize it every day in some way. Call forth miracles! Call forth the miracle angels of light from the Great Central Sun and from our retreat over Luanda, Angola, to go here, there and to abide where souls require care, cosmic care. And you will see so many stories of how God interceded and answered the calls of the righteous, how babies in the womb were saved through a simple and yet powerful and dynamic prayer of a humble one. You will see those who miraculously avoid death and transition early by this manifestation of cosmic alchemy in your midst. For God knows the cycles of life and of transition. And in some cases, even life extensions have occurred, whereby the soul was brought to a new concept of Self-realization, a new opportunity to provide an impetus of light for others, of teaching, of sharing and of the dramatization of this alchemy of the Spirit for many to read about, observe and then experience.

O blessed ones, the glorified aspects of the violet light are many, and we teach of these in our retreat. Therefore for the next seven weeks we invite you to our home of light in the higher octaves of spirit over Angola. And we will dramatize for you in song and dance, in architecture, in poem, in prose and upon the screen of life, as we display it, the dynamics of the seventh age as they must come into manifestation through you, O disciple of light. When you find recourse to us, to God through us, you will truly realize who you are. And in that resourcing toward the Source, you will now have a new course of light to live, move and have your being within. Accept it, request it, be it—and it will be so.

I have heard a prayer in this very hour for mercy from a little child in Ghana. And the Elohim answer and grant the full realization of that prayer. You see, dearest ones, as you become like a little child again, in reverence and holiness toward God, and believe that anything is possible, even the Elohim, upon hearing that simple and humble prayer, go to the soul and manifest God's holiness and will, wisdom and love for the alchemicalization of light and for the victory of divine love.

Thank you for your listening ears, your observant eyes and your reverent souls. Thank you for your witness to the truth, your consecration, the dedication that you bring to the table each day as you sing and pray and dance and play with us.

We are the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria. We love you, and our soulfulness reigns supreme upon heaven and upon Earth through our own precious ones. Thank you. 

1. Arcturus is referring to the book Conscious Language: The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens.

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