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Afra      February 24, 2016

Beloved Afra

David Christopher Lewis

February 24, 2016   7:04–7:26 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Afra Calls Us to Live in a New and Abiding State of Love


O, the greatness of God, the glory of his splendor, the beauty of the Oversoul of the universe and its reach into the radiance of every heart beating in unison with his own, with the essence of her love—the dynamism of spiritual fire.


As your Afra, I come this morning to invest greater love within you, greater mindfulness that originates from your soul, your spirit wed to the Divine, your essence manifesting your divinity in many realms of being through that which you cognize, that which you discover of Self through oneness with the mind, the heart and the soul of the Divine.

Dearest ones, God has impressed within you an eternal essence that lives on through your threefold flame, that manifests as conscious awareness of Presence, if you choose to accept that reality and fan the fires of beingness in some way each day through love—love of God, love of Self in its highest aspect, and love of the God Presence and being of every creature so fashioned in the image and likeness of the Eternal One.

Freedom is on the march through those who are awakening and being quickened by the Holy Spirit in this hour to feel the refreshing winds of that radiance and Presence within their lives, and who then ennoble the race through the givingness of self in the highest aspect of service, which is love. When love is front and center in your life, when you put God into the equation of your consciousness by applying the principles and precepts of that love in action through service and charity, there I am within you as the soulful aspects of your being, flowing through you, manifesting through you, giving through you unto all in this selfless gift of your Divine Presence.

Yes, dearest ones, every son and daughter of God, every child of his/her heart, through the bonding of the soul with the Oversoul of the All-encompassing One, may self-discover something new, fresh and radiant each day in this givingness, in the alchemy of love, in the science of harmony, in the presence of peace that comes because you put God first in your life.

As your Afra, your master of soulfulness, I come to embed within you and within the Earth, deep unto its core, this reality of soulful living. And I urge you all to take up that tome,1 to read it, to devour it, to make it your own, to invest yourself in the process—which is a part of the greater process that I initiated within this book—of manifesting a greater outflow of conscious Presence to the Earth. And thereby all who feel in some way soulless or less than their perfect Self may have the enrichment of this essence, by God's grace, even through your witness to that Presence in your life, to that beingness deep within your heart.

For, dearest ones, soul by soul by soul, when all feel this Presence, when all accommodate the reality of their Godhood within their life, then the purpose of my coming and release of this dear book will be fulfilled. And though there will be a volume two, which will allow me to say more and to deliver the concluding words of this offering to humanity, the message must live on through you. The essence of that which I have encapsulated within this discourse must find harmonic resonance and an abiding reality within your soul so that together the victory is fulfilled as one brother/sisterhood is realized.

As a community of hearts, there is born within the Earth something grand and divine that God is now impressing within his own, that God is now delivering unto her children. The rich artistry of this tapestry of light is finding avenues of expression within thousands and millions of these quickened and awakened ones, who are coming into their own in terms of Self-realizing this new sense of oneness, beingness in the ever-present and eternal Now.

When you live in the integrity of the eternal Now and choose presence over dissonance, there I am in the unity field of beingness that pervades the sacred space where you live, move and have your being, blessed ones. For you are sacred, you are holy, you are divine. Get this into your minds. Accept this deep within your being, and then nothing can ever occur within your life that demeans you as a God-created one, that in any way causes you to manifest the disparate elements of the not-self, which must no longer hold sway within your life.

Truly, the virtuous ones across the Earth who love God with that impelling love, with their entire heart, mind, strength and soul,2 are the ones who are moving civilization forward into the new era. And when love permeates every nation, every people, every culture, state, city and environment, then that love, fulfilled in God's Word, in God's Presence, is the answer to every dilemma, issue and problem.

I send a ray into the Earth in this hour for the quickening and awakening of a certain ten thousand more souls who must hear of my message, who must have access to this book, who must Self-realize their Godhood in this incarnation and not at some future distant time in a heaven world that is evanescent, fleeting or inaccessible to them at this time.

Bring the reality of heaven into earth through your active lives, lived to the glory of God. Ground heaven right where you are each day with some noble act, deed, word and givingness of your sacred gifts, of your talents, of your creative efforts. If you are not grounding heaven within earth consciously, then how can you call yourself an initiate? Following Jesus's words in the sacred Our Father, or Lord's Prayer, is what makes true spirituality manifest daily. Therefore seek ways and means of expressing this reality through your active, conscious lives. For when you do, I am there investing my essence within you. I am vibrating from within your heart and soul. I am emanating light, light, light everywhere you live, move and have your conscious awareness in God's Presence.

Truly, dearest ones, this day is an opportunity to love. This day is an opportunity to live as God-beings in the light. This day and this hour is an opportunity to rise into your highest Presence and awareness of who you are as a noble and true son or daughter of God, and then go forth victorious with the sense of soulfulness and of givingness in your life.

We the ascended masters have said it so many ways. We have emanated our message now for quite some time through our own, and yet how many have received it, accepted it and realized it deep within themselves? This is the challenge of the hour if you would have Self-realization of God within through love. If you can truly tell God each day that you love him/her with all your heart, your mind, your strength and your soul, and you mean it, you feel it and you deliver that light through your emanations, then the law of the Word is realized within you. Yet if you cannot feel that love, experience that depth of beingness through your heart, then I say find a new method. For it requires the feeling of love for your purpose to be fulfilled. And those who do not feel love for one another and judge one another through harsh criticisms, even within their minds, cannot truly say that they love God. For if you love not your neighbor, you cannot love God in the totality of what love truly is.3 Therefore make amends, transmute the negatives in your life, learn to love everyone as co-equals, as sons and daughters of the One God. And in that love and in that oneness state of being, then you will be able to feel a greater depth of love for God—for God is love, God is beingness, God is light.

I call to your mind that which must be resolved within you in order to be love in action, love in expression, love in reality. Where you have let go of love, where you have ignored love, where you have not delivered love when you could have, this is where you must go, in this new spirit of acceptance and intention, to then rise into that love by the grace of God, feel that love by the grace of God, know that love by the grace of the Divine One. For it is through grace that love is truly intimated, accepted and expressed. And if you would have that grace to know that level of love, then call it forth. Plead with the Divine One to move within you until you can feel that power of love stirring you—all your members, all your essences—into a new brew of the new true you, dearest ones. And in that alchemy, that science of love, God will truly deliver, through your life, miracles untold, blessings unbounded, joys that even now you may not be able to conceive of.

Unleash the power of love in your life! Let it flow, let it grow, let it sing, let it dance, let it move through every avenue of your self, every aspect of your being, every cell of your eternal nature. Be your Self—a discourse of love, an ocean of love, a sky, a mountain of love. Give everything so that love may be your life. When this love, impressed everywhere through you, fulfills its purpose, then and only then will you ascend to the heart of God. For God's heart is love, and the ascension is the completion of love in the final act of harmonization and equalization within the eternal light-essence of God's heart.


As I speak, millions and millions of angels have gone forth to bless souls who require that love this day, on every continent, within every nation. And in this blessing, there is an encouragement, there is the dynamism of the Spirit manifest so that each soul may begin to feel again who she is, what her purpose is, why she is alive upon this Earth. Through your work of loving, this encouragement, this dynamism, this alchemy will continue until every soul is free, every life is liberated in God. You, as bodhisattvas of the Spirit, may then finally be free to move on to higher worlds of joy, of divine radiance and peace. Yet this is the hour when love must be employed. This is the day that Armageddon is manifesting. Truly, it is a spiritual battle of light, and the only way that it can be won is through love.


So, my compatriots, brothers and sisters of my heart, I, Afra, call you to a new and abiding love. And I offer myself each day to those who would, by wedding themselves to Spirit, accept the reality of this opportunity to love God, to know God, to be God.


Thank you for this tome of light. Thank you to all who made it happen through your donations, your prayers, your beingness, your active, conscious lives. Thank you for making this book a best seller, not for the glory of the human—for the glory of God and true soulfulness everywhere. I thank you.


1. David Christopher Lewis, Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom, Volume 1 (Meru Press, 2015).
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