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Venus      January 27, 2016

Beloved Venus
David Christopher Lewis
January 27, 2016   7:08 ̶ 7:28 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lady Master Venus Perfumes the Earth with Her Essence


Dearest Ones,

Beauty is everywhere, and if you look for it, you will find it. Beauty is in the air, it is within all of nature and it is especially ensconced within your heart, one with the heart of the Divine Mother. Beauty is that which you may choose to live within as you consciously entertain angels, their presence, their song, their vibrations, their perfumes and the essences of God's heart that they lovingly extend to you, that they embrace you within, that they glory in representing and offering to humanity as expressions of eternality and the bliss of beingness that all true saints know deep within their souls.

When you choose to live in beauty, the harmony and grace of God abides and resides where you are. Yes, it is a conscious choice to live in this presence. And when you seek beauty in so many of its manifestations within the world, that beauty arises and speaks to you, shines forth unto you and coalesces within and around you its glory because you have recognized it, become aware of it and allowed it, through your awareness, to be present, front and center, in your life.

O, the gentle zephyrs of heaven that represent the feelings of God within the atmosphere—as Above, so below. O, the crystalline tonings of angelic voices as they are raised in praise to the Almighty, which all within the heaven world hear and feel and know as the ambience of grace and which is truly heavenly in its sounding, in its vibration, in its rhythm and pulsing action.

O, the perfume divine of the sisters of heaven, who represent the Divine Mother to all life in many realms and who would assist you in glorifying God within your form, your temple of light. For you, dearest soul, are truly beautiful in the eyes of heaven. And no matter what you may look like in form upon Earth, born in the image and likeness of God and regarded by the Divine Mother as a holy one who possesses all of the glorified essences of harmony and beauty in your true nature, you do shine forth to us. You represent an aspect of God, and that a beautiful one indeed.

If mankind could simply abide in a state of pure seeing as the saints do, they would understand the nature of life itself as harmonic, awesome and that which God created in the beginning—and still recreates moment by moment through his own, his beloved children; through her own, those upon whom she dotes with great anticipation of their sharing who they are in all manner of communications and sacred givingnesses.

Those who abide within the bosom of God know true beauty, true harmony, true peace. And when, through your devotions and the uplift of your soul and spirit unto God, you can feel the joy of love, the harmony of beauty in your offering to the One Eternal Creator and source of light, then love truly lives within you; then you have indeed found the purpose of life, which is, from our realization, to be love in all ways unto all.

I AM Venus, and I perfume the Earth this morning with my essence. And I arouse within the hearts of mankind something that will stir them to be more loving, kind, gracious and understanding of both who they are and who all of God's children are, with all of the struggles and the variations of beingness that exist within the matter planes of consciousness. Truly, when you are understanding of the eternal nature of God, of life itself and of the heartbeat of each one as an aspect of God's awareness, then you must live within that sacred space of love and represent it as best you can to others in a graceful and harmonic way.

Love is the root of beingness and is causative of, if mankind chooses, the resolution of all conflict, all dissimulation and strife. When you enter the presence of love within the heart of God, there can be no duality or friction or variance from the center point, the origin of light, life and love. For in this presence, the brooding presence of the Divine Mother, there is surcease from stress, distress, unrest; there is true peace, equipoise and beingness. Seek this in your meditations, in your prayers, in your offerings, through your givingnesses, in your service to life. For when love is there within every moment, the blessing manifests, the radiance exists consciously and you are uplifted within its grace and loving ways to nurture life in so many alchemical and beloved expressions and through many means in artistic renderings.

Each of you is an artisan of the Spirit who may engage love in all of your affairs of the heart. And when love is engaged in that which you represent and express, no matter how imperfect it may be in outer form or representation, when infused with love, truly it is the best of who you are. When a young child brings that first watercolor to her mother and says, “See, mommy, what I have drawn—do you like it?” of course she must say, “O my beloved one, of course it is beautiful; you have made it so.”

Dearest ones, your life is a watercolor of light. And there is movement and there is the amazing alchemy of many colors streaming through your consciousness, glowing within your aura, perfused out into the world through that love that is you, through that light that is true of you as a God Self-realized and awakened one.

Within this movement you have many opportunities to reach states of Buddhic enlightenment through the various disciplines, through that which you speak and sing and engage in lovingly. If you see all of this as a part of the coursing of the Spirit through you and that each engagement, each offering is a new opportunity to express love through the center point of your being and the full flowering of your divinity, dearest hearts, then it is so. And that which graces the universe bespeaks your essence, shares your light and truly is acceptable unto God because it is given with right intention, right motive, pure beingness.

The Buddhic path is not so enchanting in the sense that you must do something unnatural to who you are. Your Buddha nature state is the most natural sacred space that you may live within. And you do not have to try to be something different or something other than who you are in your true Selfhood, dearest ones. Knowing this, you simply alight into your Buddha nature when you reach that state of harmony and love, which is the most natural state of your life. For this is where God created you. This is the vibration that was present within your original blueprint of beingness, your pinkprint of loveliness.

O beloved ones, that which love may give birth to within the Earth is great if hearts of fire with true love will it so and determine at all costs to be that love, to be that light, to be that grace. I can assure you that when you engage in loving acts, I am there with Sanat Kumara within the center of your being, appreciating you, loving you as you love life, God and all sentient beings, including yourself.

I have an engagement calendar, and you may always have your name within it sometime each day, if you choose. And during our communion, our oneness, the infusions of Venusian love that I will offer unto your heart and soul will allow you to always feel cherished, divine and beautiful. Knowing this, my prayer this day is that you will feel fulfilled in God, always blessed by Spirit and graced in the eternality of God's Presence of pure love.

Yes, the pure in heart see God; they see God with and through loving eyes centered on that which is clear and beautiful. Be loving toward one another; be harmonious in your outer words and the inner expressions before words, acts and deeds. For when harmony resides deep within you, then that which moves through you as conscious emotion may be peaceable, sublime and graceful.

I accept you, each one, as an initiate of love and I bless your hearts, your bright hearts, this day with angelic love, even as I offer a communion cup of pure spiritual fire. Yes, it is fiery love that I give you this morning. Thank you.

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