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Sanat Kumara      January 27, 2016

Beloved Sanat Kumara

David Christopher Lewis

January 27, 2016   7:36–7:48 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Sanat Kumara Comes for the Judgment of the Forces of Anti-Love


I, Sanat Kumara, come to also¹ lend the momentum of my heart unto mankind in this hour of earthly travail, that which you individually and collectively are going through during this time of transition and world conflagration. Dearest ones, we of Venus support you. We who model the life of love, divine love, are with you, and that which you experience now of strife upon Earth will not always be so. For it has always been God's intent that mankind live in peace, in brother/sisterhood, in love and freedom.


The Universal White Brotherhood is involved in the affairs of mankind and is active behind the scenes in engaging the best of heaven to activate within the worlds of mankind everywhere the rhythms of light, aspects of divine heavenliness that truly are the natural order of things upon many spheres of light and which we see one day fully engaged in and manifesting upon Earth.


Do not fret, dearest ones, with the temporary states of a lack of God-consciousness of many living upon this sphere. Stay attuned. Be diligent in your beingness, in your spiritual practices. And by this I can assure you that heaven will engage you in its affairs and that love will come to save you at any moment, at any hour when that which is anti-love beats upon your shores and attempts to wreak havoc with your lives, your freedom, your oneness.

Burn through, O holy love, this day that which is unholy upon Earth and must go, be transmuted and no more burden the souls of mankind. Burn through, burn through, burn through, O holy love, upon every continent, within every nation, within every heart! Burn through, burn through, burn though, O ruby-fire love! Caress the souls of the righteous and stir the wicked to a new life lived within the laws of God, which are all the laws of love.

Burn through, burn through, burn through that which has assailed women, girls, children upon Earth as the anti-Christic, anti-Buddhic, anti-light manifestations that have sought to denude them of their beauty, their purity, their chastity. Burn through, burn through, burn through now, O sacred fire, and let the judgment be upon the Nephilim within the Earth behind all division, all strife, all war, all terrorist acts and that which decries truth, beauty and harmony.

Yes, the hand of God descends now in this hour for the judgment of anti-love as it has manifested in that which taunts the souls through the media and stimulates that which is not lawful to be excited within the psyche, the heart, the mind. Burn through, burn through, burn through, O sacred fire!

I, Sanat Kumara, stand in Hollywood this day and declare that you must align yourselves with truth, purity and love else a great earthquake will come and dissolve unreality right where you are! This is my warning to those who would spit in the face of God him/herself with images of debauchery, darkness and evil.

            You have no power, you have no power, you have no power to enslave the souls of mankind through your unrighteous offerings of darkness! Therefore be resolved to change, to transform and to bend the knee before the Lord God this day, O you who create havoc and evil and broadcast it through all manner of deviltry, of defiled manifestations. This is the Universal White Brotherhood's final warning! For we have spoken unto you many times, and most of you have ignored the inner word of your own soul and spirit attuned to the Word of God.

          Now we also speak to Wall Street and say, if you do not turn and amend your ways toward heaven, you too, New York, will come under the very fiery judgment of heaven! Therefore honor integrity, truth, purity of motive. Greed must go from this planet! And the vile nature of that beast must be seen by all as not native to the soul of this Earth. Therefore the Universal White Brotherhood judges in this hour, through God's lieutenants of the Spirit outpicturing that will of God in the Earth, that which is created of and by greed and a lack of love, as the money beast's edge of darkness and its attempt to stifle the hearts and beings of lightbearers.

Bind that money beast now, O Alpha and Omega, O Purity and Astrea and legions of light from Sirius! Bind that money beast! This is the edict of God! And those who utilize laws upon Earth to enslave the soul, the heart and the mind must give answer to the Lord God this day, we say. And these words are etched in cosmic fire within the atmosphere of the Earth. And though you may not even hear these words on the outer, your souls know that this is Judgment Day for many.

You see, blessed ones, as the Flying Eagle I stand, I soar—I am that light of true love. And at times, after the Divine Mother has bathed you in her affectionate love,¹ I come to deliver the ruby aspect of that love, which frees all in its fire, in its glory, in its beauty.

Yes, today is a day of reckoning in the cycle of God-love, for eventually all must bow to God's love if they are to live in immortality. Therefore be love, all beloveds of our hearts. I thank you.

1.  Sanat Kumara dictated this HeartStream after his twin flame, Lady Master Venus, dictated her gentle and loving message earlier during the morning broadcast.

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