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Jesus      January 13, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
January 13, 2016   8:55 ̶ 9:06 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus on Living Optimistically, Virtuously and Enthusiastically

I, Jesus, coalesce within your aura a star of love so that you may live optimistically, virtuously, enthusiastically. In your loving life, God is present. And the Christ models within you that true love of the Spirit, love of all mankind, even love of your True Self, whereby you may soar, through that love, into cosmic heights. As you live optimistically, virtuously and enthusiastically, love becomes the byword of your life. Love is impressed within you, into everything that originates from your mind, manifests through your heart and becomes activated by your hands.

When you are optimistic, you tap into the highest resources of what can be through what already is in the divine worlds; you utilize every opportunity for good, for blessings and bestowals of grace. When you live virtuously, the victorious sense of that virtue that manifests through you brings joy and an enlightened spirit to everyone with whom you communicate and interact. Your virtue, which of course is God's virtue, shines forth through your being, enriches and enlivens every life-form within your auric field. And that enriching spirit, because of that virtue, can make a difference for so many, simply through your beingness in God, your love front and center in your life.

The enthusiasm of the initiate leads one on his/her path of light to the ends of union with God. And this energy of enthusiasm can bring all into focus and every good and perfect thing into position for you to experience, for you to know intimately for your Self-realization and enlightenment.

So much has been spoken and written about love, dearest ones. Being love, as your conscious choice, may be your goal, whereby God loving through you recreates all in beauty, harmony and peace. And within this dynamic, the energy veil dissolves, darkness flees and light becomes your norm, your food, the grace by which you live.

To love is to fulfill your purpose. To be love through thick and thin requires the audacity of beingness. Living as a loving spirit, you tie into every ascended being's causal essence and holy frequency of light. And in this, as a nexus of love, God lives, moves, breathes and has his/her being within you. Love of God restores faith, hope and the charitable consciousness within every life-form as that love of God is expressed genuinely, sincerely, with the highest expectation for all and for a new way of resolution, equanimity and reconciliation to occur.

When you see anything within the world that is less than that love, stop, gather all the love that you can muster within your being and direct it into that darkness. For love is the key to the restoration of this Earth unto its original divine blueprint; and love, through that restoring process, will bring you, through your true identity, to your victory in the light.

Yes, living optimistically, virtuously, energetically and with enthusiasm, the initiate shines forth his/her light unto all mankind. And that light of love brings everyone to that same fount from which you have drunk in order that through that communion in love, life—revered and experienced with joy—is fulfilled now, in this moment, in this place.

I AM that love within you. I AM that light manifesting where you abide. Be that love, dearest ones. Be that light and live eternally. I thank you.

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