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Maha Chohan      December 09, 2015

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
December 9, 2015   6:55 ̶ 7:14 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

The Maha Chohan Comes to Celebrate the Release of Afra's New Book


I AM the Maha Chohan, and this day I choose to be with you in spirit and in matter, within heaven and upon earth. For it is the acceptable day of the Lord, and we come on behalf of the Master Afra. Yes, the seven chohans and I are here to acclaim his victory and, in a sense, his second coming unto humanity.

Dearest ones, you know the office that I hold as the representative of the Holy Spirit. I reveal to you that ages ago, the Master Afra walked within this selfsame holy office of light as a representative of the Holy Spirit to the entire Earth and also to the people of that continent named after him. I reveal this because it is imperative that his message, his words of light go forth through each of you as his representative, and therefore as my own and of the Holy Spirit herself. For once a master has fulfilled this office, he or she remains within the sacred sphere of light of that office for all eternity. Even as you have heard that Sanat Kumara is the Regent Lord of the World, so, in a sense, the Master Afra retains this office of Regent Representative of the Holy Spirit.

This is why, dearest ones, many of you resonate with his heart and have been so dedicated to the request of the great masters Saint Germain and Arcturus for that weekly vigil on his behalf. This is why you feel an impelling energy current welling up from within your soul to be soulful, to be heart-centered, to be truthful to yourself, honorable in all things and to fulfill your mission upon Earth to be a representative of God as a son or daughter of the Most High embodied here.

You see, love, brotherhood and freedom, the bywords of this master, are those which we emblazon within the atmosphere of the Earth this day. And there will be, as you celebrate this evening here in this sanctuary upon Earth, likewise a celebration in heaven for this great tome of light to be released unto the Earth, unto humanity. And through the second coming of the Master Afra—a great incarnate God-man eons ago and now revealed to the Earth through this spherical awareness manifest in the teachings that he presents to humanity—there will be a great influx of light such as, I daresay, some have not seen for many generations.

You have seen even here in this area, dearest ones, for the last few weeks the great winds of the Holy Spirit come. And you have said, “Why, O God, do these continue day after day?” Well, it is a sign, dearest ones, of this great coming of the Holy Spirit through this master, and I proclaim it to all of humanity. And I aver that if you consume these words of light and allow them to become who you are in the full resonating power of the cosmic activity embedded within them, you will be transformed; you will be changed in the twinkling of an eye; and there will be manifested through you streams of God-consciousness, Christic awareness, Buddhic Presence and the Mother light that will nurture you for all eternity and allow you to rise into a new level of divine awareness, a frequency of beingness that few in all generations have felt, seen and experienced.

Yes, you have the ability, if you choose to so humble yourself before God, to rise into a new dimensional plane of being. Many of you have heard of the great shift that is occurring, and some have talked about the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and beyond dimensions of being. Well, I say that all of these reside within you, within your heart, within your Higher Self, your Atmic, Christic, Buddhic and Causal Presences. And all of these, being available to you each moment as you soar in spirit while walking gently upon the Earth, dearest hearts, may allow you to experience your full-flowering Godhood, your Divine Presence in all of its infinitude, divine greatness, harmonic beauty and joy.

Yes, if you feel the empowerment of my Presence this day, then you will remain joyful, both throughout this season of the Christ Mass and throughout all of your days. For the initiate is the joyful one, tethered fully to God, impelled into that higher awareness moment by moment by that flowering divinity and by that originality of perfection and creativity born of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit; whereby there is alit upon the face the very mien of God, and embellished upon the brow the sanctity of a soul wed to love.

O dearest hearts, we witnessed the sublime words of the Master Mother Mary this past Sunday. And there was even weeping in heaven at the amazing heartfelt outpouring to you of her immaculate heart and words—nurturing, nourishing in the most sublime and gracious ways. This same nurturing energy is within the soulful words of the great Master Afra. And when you imbibe them, there is inscribed within you this eternal spark of light; there is born within you the quintessences of God him/herself outpictured through the uniqueness of your spirit, one with the Eternal.

As you make them real and as you share them with as wide an audience as is possible through all manner of initiatives and creative projects, there will be a shift in the state of brother/sisterhood upon this Earth. Souls everywhere will cry out for the dissolution of conflict, war and the craziness of this age that you have witnessed in recent generations. Yes, dearest ones, many among humanity have gone mad because they have not been able to grasp the sense of oneness with the Eternal within them. They have been disenfranchised from light, love and the true teachings of oneness within all divine religions upon Earth.

It is time that a new way be established through the hearts of initiates who model the gentle yet powerful life of the arhat and the master-in-the-making. Would you be one of these for the Great White Brotherhood in this hour, dearest ones? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then fulfill your purpose! Impel the Spirit to be where you are each day in the totality of who you are, in the morality of the golden rule expressed through the divine uniqueness that is yours to proclaim, to manifest and even to adjudicate in your sphere of influence in your life.

Many of you do not even realize the power that you wield through your words, your voice, your actions, your thoughts and your meditations. Be gentle and caring; be cautious and humble. And yet be daring and dauntless in the pursuit of God-consciousness, Solar awareness and the perfectionment of your heart on our behalf and on behalf of the Lord God him/herself.

Now each of the chohans stands in the atmosphere of Earth and sends forth a ray, their ray, unto all of humanity. This is a projection of light into the deepest and dankest and darkest regions of the astral plane for the illumination of souls and as a great call for oneness, brother/sisterhood, harmony, peace and amiability to be restored—yes, an amicable outpicturing of one's life toward all life.

These rays now converge within the hearts of initiates in a sevenfold and eightfold action, whereby the seven rays of the Christ consciousness are now crystalized through the prism of your higher being, your own Christic Self. And if you choose to so blend the resource of your Christ Presence with the seven chohans and me this day, then, dearest ones, you will feel that uplift, that support, that bountiful Spirit born anew within you, reigning in your world with bright new effulgence, whereby divine designs may alight through your mindfulness, whereby the intuitive higher faculties of your Buddhic nature may begin to be absorbed and then utilized by your conscious Presence.

Come to Tucson, if you dare to be initiated by the great five brethren of the Spirit, the Dhyani ones. They have much in store as initiation for you as you walk in the light; as you perceive, with higher mindfulness, the new era come to Earth—even as Maitreya has returned in spirit to bless you of late and other Buddhas are preparing higher initiations for you, each one, as you are able to accept and receive them through true humility and patience.

Winds, I command you to be absorbed as the Holy Spirit-fire radiance of divine joy within these! And there is a new sail set within them for their sacred journey to the shores beyond samsara to the Pure Land. And as they absorb and receive my Spirit this day, they will be one with the wind, and they will no longer be intolerant of the message of the wind that we proclaim, that we affirm, that we ray forth.

I AM the Maha Chohan. From Sri Lanka I have come, and to the abode of Himalaya I go to meditate with him on eternal oneness within the Great Silence of perfect harmony. I thank you.

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