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Manjushri      December 06, 2015

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
December 6, 2015   10:54–11:13 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Mantra-Meditation-Mindfulness with Manjushri

Mantra. Meditation. Mindfulness. These are the three Ms that we practice in our Buddhic retreats, dearest ones. The mantra invokes the light through the word—spoken, sung—and fulfills it through the acceptance of the matrix, the model and the magnificent energy field of that mantra as it is expressed within one and without one, from one and through one. And yet ultimately it originates from the one mind, the one voice, the one creative spark. 

Your mantras may be rich in your spirit, if you choose. You may enrich them with your essence, your beingness, your light. If they are simply mantras spoken without conscious awareness of their meaning, their import and their magnificence, then they may not work for you as they work for us. They may not change you within the changeless realms of beingness. Therefore be careful, be mindful, be accepting of the mantra as the metaphorical means by which you are morphed into the mind of God.

Meditation. For some, meditation is more of a medication to escape from reality. True meditation leads you to reality, blessed hearts, through a stream of cosmic activity that you enter only by stillness, where you access presence only through silence, where you enter a new door of beingness. For some, meditation has become a crutch of escape from work, service and the initiatic path. Yet for the Buddhic ones, meditation is always entrée into the realms of perfect service, perfect work and love, a mindful state of reality that is very active in its simplicity, that is dynamic in the way in which light and consciousness affect all.

 If during meditation you lapse into mindlessness and a careless, non-awake state, stop. Behold God before you and in your midst. Access the light, the Presence of God right within your aura, and learn and master the feeling of that light moving through you, enriching you in your meditation practice.

The breath is the major key to accessing stillness, yet it is only one key. Find the others through steadfastness, through following our lead, through reaching up into the Pure Land and being self-nourished in our stream of reality.

Mindfulness. Oh, how we would have mindful ones throughout the Earth who are always accessing the all-stream of the Buddhic mind, which perfumes the cosmos with joy, holiness and love. You may maintain a mindful state only after having first tapped into God and entered beingness through patience with yourself, through love of your Higher Self and through the humility of a cautious yet daring dynamism born of the golden-liquid light essence that can come upon you and live within you as you learn the art of caring for life.

Being mindful of every thing, every person, every situation and event means that you are aware, receptive, illumined and perceptive of that which God desires you to know and experience in the eternal Now within those many mindful moments that are a stream of awareness that you experience through your soul.

Soulfulness is true mindfulness. For when you are soulful, having accessed your soul essence, the mind is quickened and awakened to perceive with new eyes, to experience with new ears; and you may feel with new sensational, tactile gifts, which only the conscious receive due to the delicacy of what they have felt of God through stillness.

Mindfulness is the pure perception of the precepts of the Buddhas. Mindfulness is the ever-awakened consciousness that cares for life through every thought and the movement of thought; through every feeling and the movement of feeling; through every urge and the movement of that urge sensation that precedes action, speech and will.

You may will human mindfulness and remain in your brain. Or you may be absorbed into the divine mind by accessing the divine will, where you attain what is sublime. The choice is yours: mindlessness outside of God or mindfulness within the God-estate of being. 

When you dishonor life, you enter the mindlessness of the incarnate devils of darkness. When you honor God in all life, you enter the transcendent sphere of the angels and devas of love. Being mindful requires caring—caring how your vibrations influence and affect all life. Are your vibrations peaceful, kind, compassionate? If you find at times that they are not, be still and know your I AM Presence; and access, through that silent field of beingness, equipoise, patience and the placid pool of perfected light. 

I have released many nuggets of wisdom and truth in the past. And once codified and presented to the world as my offering of mindfulness, as sacred moments of reverent feeling and being, many will find the Buddhic fields of light and experience the peace of the Pure Land.

Buddha by Buddha, we raise you into the love-wisdom field of God's grace and eternality.

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