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Jesus      November 26, 2015

Beloved Jesus

David Christopher Lewis

November 26, 2015   11:40–11:54 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Jesus Blesses The Hearts Center Community with an Infusion of Light


My peace is with you; my Presence is within you. And the light of God that is that peace and that Presence instills here and deep within your soul on this Thanksgiving gratitude and divine blessings of the Spirit, which the Lord himself delivers to you, each one, because you are grateful givers, because you have invested your being in this mission of bringing the kingdom of God upon Earth through your conscious work, your love and your service.

Truly, dearest ones, every day is an opportunity to give praise to God for all that one has and all that one is. And when you begin and end your day with this understanding and with this energy of thankfulness and the givingness of your heart—and your love courses through your day as you wrap it within your service, your work, your study and your play—you are invested in that sacred work of God within this world. You are literally employed by the Lord through your life in this work of the ages and the establishment of the kingdom here in your domain.

The Pilgrims gave thanks with the native peoples in a ritual that has come down through the ages in the United States of America. Yet long before this, initiates of the sacred fire, priests and priestesses of Melchizedek, also invested the energies of the Logos in this ritual of gratitude before the partaking of a sacred meal with spiritual friends, lovers of humanity and of God, initiates of the sacred fire. And within the blessing that manifested, as heaven's grace descended through that thankful spirit that we accommodated in the ritual of giving glory and praise and honor and thanksgiving to the One God, there was the infusion within that meal and within the Earth of that grace. And you call that prayer, even today, grace, dearest ones.

This is the energy that is present during your repasts when first you bow your heads, hold each other's hands and turn inward into your heart to contact the eternal fire of God blazing there, and from that center point of being feel God's eternal Presence and thank the Lord for who you are as a son or daughter of the One. When you take even a few moments to understand the dynamic of the alchemy of this ritual and partake of it before the first crumb is placed upon your tongue, that infusion from angelic realms graces the table and all around it and expands through the divine nourishment. And all feel this as they lovingly share and express, with words of harmony and peace, their appreciation for one another and what they have been doing, feeling, considering and mindful of in their lives.

You see, dearest ones, part of the reason there is a decline during this generation and time upon Earth of the true principles and values of lives lived to the glory of God is because families have been disenfranchised one from the other and within communities. And that sense of oneness and peace has been diminished because people do not take the time to pray and give honor to the great Giver of All, to Providence him/herself.

Yes, you have the abundant fruits of this culture of the West, and yet there are greater fruits that can nurture your soul and spirit that you must receive. And you may only receive them through an attitude of gratitude, through a feeling of godliness and an understanding of how, through the spirit of thanksgiving, God blesses and bestows every grace, every opportunity for you as initiates to reach into your highest Selfhood and truly be who you are as a Self-realized one.

My Spirit, descend now upon this community and within the greater Hearts Center activity, which we the sponsoring masters expand and bless through the lives of each one who receives that Spirit this day, processes it within his or her consciousness and decides to lovingly grace the Earth and others with that love, with that appreciation, with that reverential fire of beingness and God-desire. This is my gift, as an endowment of the Holy Spirit, to each one. And I remind you that you have already been enfired by the Maha Chohan, some of you more than once or twice. And in that fire, there is the impressing upon and within you of this grace from heaven, which you may utilize in your work and service and in what you grace others with of that divine Presence in your midst.

The answer to every dilemma, every problem, every untoward situation rests squarely upon and within your heart, dearest ones. And when you go there, having made your peace with yourself and with your God, with your fellow man or woman and the inner child of your own heart, healing occurs and wholeness is restored. There the abiding, living, light Presence of God surges within you to bring you harmony, great joy and divine happiness.

Now my beloved Magda comes to you, each one, and breathes a message of hope, of caring and of her divine sharing with you in the inner recesses of your heart and soul. Her message is personal for you, each one. And if you are still enough and reverent enough, you may perceive that which she speaks lovingly and kindly to you. This is our Thanksgiving grace and our offering to humanity and to this planet and her people. Now go forth, multiply works of joy and grace and live in your Christic Presence, always awake and aware of the majesty of God in your midst and the light of the Presence around you. I thank you.

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