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Raphael      November 25, 2015

Beloved Raphael
David Christopher Lewis
November 25, 2015   7:19 ̶ 7:48 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Archangel Raphael Spreads His Wings to Enfold the Earth in Healing Love

I, Raphael, come to augment the words of my beloved this day. And I spread my wings around the world in anticipation of your Thanksgiving Day—your praise of God for all the graces and blessings of the Spirit and of physicality that you have received, and for the anointing that may come unto you as you give thanks to God, bless your food, your sacred repast, and gather with family and friends to celebrate a day of divine gratitude and awareness.

The harvest is presented—a harvest of fruits from the earth and a harvest of light from heaven. You may imbibe both, blessed ones. And when you put God first, and the fruits of the Spirit front and center, primary, in your life, then all that you require from this domain is also added unto you. For it is the Law of the One that those who obey the command to love God with their entire being do receive God's beingness, Presence and abundance in their lives because they have established the strong link betwixt heaven and earth through their focused awareness upon the one Source of light. And through that link and through a holy avenue of givingness from God, every blessing and form of spiritual and material abundance is theirs because God is present within their lives by their devotion, by their truing of themselves to that light and their alignment with holy purpose.

We the archangels are engaged in the battle of Armageddon. And concurrent with the great strategies that Archangel Michael is laying out for us and that we are fulfilling through intercession in so many ways in answer to your calls, there is also the raising of awareness throughout the Earth in the lives and hearts and minds of millions. And this higher awareness is what we perceive to be essential to move beyond the limitations that have beset this culture in recent decades and generations, that which has allowed mankind to bind itself to a matrix of illusion and ill-logic that is a part of that mayic life.

When men know better, they may do better. When all see with greater clarity the true vision of what life can be, then there is no other choice than to accede to heaven and to fulfill one's divine purpose, mission and vision and to set a new course to the zenith of being, to godliness and to a life fulfilled in spiritual awareness.

Within this and other ascended-master movements, you have been given many keys to higher consciousness through the teachings presented by the great chohans, the manus and the Lords of Life. And we, the archangels and archeiai, fulfilling the Word and the divine mandates of heaven through what has been presented, authenticated and now fulfilled through your words, through your decrees and invocations, through devotions and your oneness, are here again and again to serve that Word, that Logos, and to represent godliness in all that we are allowed to engage in within this greater anointing within the battle of Armageddon.

You may say, “Raphael, how is there an anointing within a battle?” Yet I say that in ancient times, before devotees of light entered or engaged in war, there was always the blessing and, through that blessing, the bestowal of protection. And in that light released, there was the grace of the archangels present so that devotees would be sealed against the intrusive forces of the astral plane and the inharmony of the wily ones who engage in war only for greed, lust and the anger against God, inherent in war. That anger you have seen outpictured in heinous crimes in this time. And you cry out to the Lord and say, “How long, O Lord, will war, violence and terror reign within this Earth?”

 We put the question back to you, O mankind: so long as you are separate from God in awareness; so long as you engage in acts within your own being that are not worthy of a true son or daughter of God by bringing into play darkness, lack and a sense of inharmony, which accrues to your aura by words and unspoken words that are less than the great Word of the Christ.

We stand upon the mountain peaks this day and ray forth light to call devotees to a new life of conscious awareness, of divine Presence and of authentic beingness. If you would live in the integrity of your God Self, then put aside all lesser manifestations of darkness within your lives. Let go of your past, your story and that which you again and again recreate that is offensive to the purity of the etheric planes and our domains. If you would live in heaven, you must let go of earth. It is a simple equation. Yet what you let go of is the darkness and the astral sewer that has come to Earth, even as you embrace what Mother Earth herself has accommodated of spiritual light and the bounties provided by the Elohim in the original creation of light here.

Some seek escape from this world, yet they will never escape if they have not mastered self or fulfilled the law of being by balancing the scales within themselves and honoring God by living according to the holy laws of beingness. They will return time and time again until they have learned the lesson of harmony and peace.

I aver to everyone who has been taught the lie that the ends justify the means and that violence and war are essential in order to bring about a world that is peaceful, harmonious and rich in the Spirit, that this lie is exposed now. And all false teachers who have perpetrated this darkness as unwitting tools of a Luciferian and satanic awareness that continues the warring upon Earth are judged by their words, by their deeds, by their ignoble acts, the terror that they have spread and the error that has been promulgated around this planet.

And this day I announce to you, on behalf of Archangel Michael and our legions, that there is an action of light and a descent of karmic quickening and divine retribution upon those who continue to attempt to establish a kingdom of darkness upon the Earth. And this judgment calls them to task, and they stand before the Lords of Karma to give accounting of their misdeeds. And there is an acceleration, because of the prayers of the righteous upon Earth, of the return of that darkness, which descends and will continue to manifest for the foreseeable future as you call to Michael and his legions and as you give your rosaries, sing your devotional songs and pray without ceasing.

Truly, dearest ones, the battle of Armageddon will be ongoing for the duration of your lives. Therefore understand this equation and put first and foremost in your lives the effort to support God's eternal dream of oneness and peace, and, simultaneously, the work of the Spirit that is outpictured through the skirmishes in heaven, which will continue as the fallen angels are removed and great light is reestablished upon the Earth.

You knew before incarnating that you would be engaged in this dynamic. You were warned by the Lords of Karma to be true to Self, to rise up in your spiritual stature, to fulfill your word spoken to them and averred to the Lord God through them. We remind you of these vows and of your sacred mission to be that light, to invoke that light and to remain tethered to the Universal White Brotherhood as a devotee and an initiate of the sacred fire.

Let me state again that which this messenger has spoken on our behalf, that this movement is primarily for the quickened ones who would do the work, who would be an asset to the law of truth and beingness, and not for those who would simply be scavengers or unwilling to engage in the path of true devotion, true understanding of the initiatic sciences of alchemy and higher beingness.

We look for those who already have light glowing within their hearts to augment our work and to fulfill our purpose. There are other movements who love the simple and gentle way of children not yet quickened to their adulthood on the path of virtue, which include those who have not accepted, by the bodhisattva vow, that they will be there through thick and thin to serve, to save sentient beings. You know that this is your mission, that you came as an essential one in our bands to invoke fire, to be that fiery light and not to hide your light under a bushel.

Therefore embrace the path, embrace your higher calling and stay true and focused to that which you know to be your highest course. And daily engage, engage, engage in work, service and righteousness. For you will find at the conclusion of your lives, dearest ones, that when you were not evasive to God—hiding in the Solar fire of his being or sensing your lower self's lack and hiding in the shadows—and that when you were truthful to yourself and following the highest ideal, this is when you were fully supported by Raphael and Michael, by Mary and Zadkiel and many others of our bands.

We count on those who call themselves initiates and Keepers of the Lightning. We thrive when you thrive by imbibing light and manifesting your divine awareness. And though our work proceeds in many domains beyond your human understanding and vision, we can say definitively that the calls of the righteous, invoked with fire, are those that we answer first, as well as those of the humble child who has no rancor toward God, who is pure love and, through that love and humility, bends the ears of the angels and of the One Lord of Life. And in answer to that prayer, great light descends and intercession abides.

Mary and I have come to support you, to raise you up, to deliver you; for all require deliverance of some sort. For the dust of darkness does descend upon this Earth daily in some way and all require the benefits of heaven, the graces of the Spirit, the love of a true friend, an archangel or archeia. I am with you when you are living in your truth, singing throughout your day of your devotion to the One God and serving life with all that you can muster, through reverence, holiness and compassion.

May the healing light of the fifth ray, the emerald ray, be upon you. And may your vision increase, your abundance grow. And may that light from your Presence flow to each one, even as you use that again and again to glorify God and praise the One Eternal Father-Mother of lights.

Now my wings, having wrapped the Earth in healing love, flutter to carry waves of divine radiance to the children of every nation to safeguard them in the love of the Divine Mother and my own beloved Mary.

You have begun a focus this past Monday on the children; it will continue. And we encourage you to send stories, especially personal stories and anecdotes, of how children have been graced by God's love or have embraced higher consciousness through miracles, through teachings, through all manner of amazing manifestations. As we gather and collect these stories and examples of purity and childlike simplicity, of harmony and graceful attitudes and beatitudes, children everywhere will be quickened and a new life will emerge—a childlike, Christic life based on divine principles and values; hallowed, even as the tiny child in the crèche was hallowed by the presence of the angels on that sacred morn of Christmas.

Yes, we sang of his coming, of his descent and of a new world born through his light. May that world emerge though you, dearest ones, the light that you bear, the love that you share because you care for all, because God lives within you ever. I thank you.

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