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Himalaya      November 18, 2015

Beloved Himalaya

David Christopher Lewis

November 18, 2015   6:58–7:14 am MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Himalaya Provides Keys to Inner Stillness


I AM Himalaya, the original mountain man, or should I say manu? For long ago I entered the mountain in meditation and became that mountain in consciousness through stillness, and then an entire range of sacred mountains were named after me. I provide keys to stillness, insights into meditation, whereby you may contact within you, through that stillness, the Divine, by which and through which your emanations may be sublime, your radiance may truly shine.


Many yogis from the East have sought surcease within the caves of our ranges. And they have entered into the great stillness of these great mountain ranges and likewise discerned the keys to oneness in the Great Silence herein. If you would soar in spirit and fly with the eagles to our ranges in consciousness, then learn the art of inner beingness by quieting all in order to feel God; in order to know God; in order that, through love of God, you may enter the mountain of conscious presence and climb the summit of being to the allness of God-Selfhood.


I speak little to initiates, and yet the profundity of the Word who I AM is always my message. For the Logos speaks often through the silent ones, even the Silent Watchers, who bear testimony to the allness of that Presence, the oneness with all life. There are many techniques to meditation. Yet when you enter into the spirit of the mountain and the oneness of Presence, all these dissolve into the singular experience—through equipoise and inner knowing of the Great Silence within the heart, within the mind, within the soul—of the One. If you seek other than God within your practice of silence, then seek elsewhere than this fount of truth. For initiates of the sacred fire put the Divine first within their experience and find that Divine One within through union with the True Self, and thus All-That-Is.


The mountain rises from the Mother Earth. The mountain is still, rock solid until the earth moves and shakes and creates new mountains, new experiences. What can you discern from the mountain as he lies in presence, unshakable, except by the hand of God, resolved in that firm understanding of union with the earth not to be moved and only to experience the integrity of that union? If you are resolved to unite with God, it shall be so within the firmament of your inner and outer being, as the higher melds with the lower and the lower yields to the higher. And in this ye may be expressive of the mountain experience of union, the all-knowingness that comes when you have striven to reach the mountain peaks and have a new view of life as the new you manifests.


Many dance around the union with God through attempts to reach the summit without the singular purpose of love manifesting through them to resolve all issues of the lesser self and its yielding to the greater Self. You cannot force the experience, which must come to you as nature comes to you—through union, through understanding, by being compliant with the laws of inner beingness and divine truth. All who attempt to humanly manifest their divinity have not been awakened to the truth that their humanity may be experienced only through the higher walk within their divinity.

 In the coming class with the Five Dhyani Buddhas,1 I will be there to inspire through my inner resolve; to manifest the manu consciousness, the Buddhic presence, which will shine forth through the five elements—within the five mandalic sensory, virtuous siddhis—that higher mindfulness, which will bring you, each one, if you desire, through desirelessness, unto Buddhic presence, Atmic beingness. The five will shine forth their light through the apertures of Selfhood, and the Dhyani experience may be yours to know through beingness, even in the presence of Himalaya. Dare to enter the cave and meditate with Babaji, Lahiri, Yukteswar, Yogananda and those who, through their union with the All, have manifested from within pure light.

 The breath is the key. Do you live within the conscious breath of God, the fire breath, the Spirit breath of oneness? Have you entered that breath and allowed it to move you, in an unmoving state of inner resolve, to be God? My classes continue for higher initiates, as I shared some time ago that I would teach them. Few of you remember your experiences with me on the inner. Yet I encourage you to seek that oneness from within the great silence of your heart and the great stillness, which may perfuse your mind through Buddhic awareness and Atmic Presence.


Now there is an adjustment of the Earth in certain sectors around the world. And initiates may feel this new alignment, which comes with a price—greater resolve for that union, greater love to know and retain the ideal of godliness within. The summit peaks await you. Find me there, and you will find your Self, fully aware. I thank you.

1. The Master is referring to the upcoming class “A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddas,” in Tucson, Arizona, from December 17–20, 2015.

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