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Amen Bey      November 13, 2015

Beloved Amen Bey

David Christopher Lewis

November 13, 2015   6:48–7:00 pm MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Amen Bey Leads Our Spiritual Work to Heal Paris from Terrorist Attack


I AM Amen Bey, and I come this night to send light, light, light into France.1 And there is an amalgamation of cosmic forces now and many angelic beings to receive the souls of those who have been murdered. Many are received into the retreat of Serapis Bey, and others into the retreats of Paul the Venetian and the Master of Paris.

Dearest ones, it is a solemn occasion when so many are snuffed out and terror has had its way, and yet the light of God that always prevails still moves in the affairs of mankind. And initiates of the sacred fire rise in defense of the light, in the honor and the integrity of that which they bear within their hearts to reinforce the bastions of light within and around this planet.

And from within the Earth, from Agartha, there now rise great souls and spirits who ascend to the surface to support the work of the Great White Brotherhood in this hour to safeguard liberty, divine justice and eternal freedom. And within the hearts of those who are on fire in this hour with the flame of compassion, seeking to understand why this heinous crime has been committed, there is a new resolve to reconcile all darkness and to infuse all life with that eternal fire-brilliance of godliness and sanctity.

Therefore angels of the sacred fire, descend now into, through and around those places that have been marred by these acts of death and hell. And there is a washing clean within the astral plane of that which has transpired by these angels now! And light is perfused through the streets of Paris, and new avenues of light are established. And flowfields of violet fire transmute on contact the pain, the anguish, the sorrow and the shock within the lives of many, all of those families and communities that will be affected by this terror. Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire!

There is now the descent of great cosmic light from the heart of Melchizedek into France through the nexus of the heart of the Master Omraam, and there is spread far and wide throughout that nation the light of the Sun Presence of Almighty God. And we send legions of angels everywhere throughout this nation and throughout Europe to answer the calls of the righteous and to safeguard that fire of truth, liberty and brother/sisterhood.

Dearest ones, during your service this evening, we ask you to invoke the light of Astrea and the great cosmic circle and sword to dissolve the cause, effect, record and memory of the error and the lie that has resulted in the mind-set of evil that acts through these crimes against humanity. Let there be the establishment of a pillar of fire in advance of where the strategies of darkness are set to ensue. And may the minutemen and women of the Master Saint Germain and those who serve with the hosts of the Lord upon Earth, as ye all do, be an electrode, wherever you are, and a talisman of protection of the light of eternal freedom.

Yes, blessed hearts, it is time for the full exposure of that lie that has resulted in all crimes against the light of eternality and, simultaneously, for a new wave pattern of light and godliness and divine justice to be born within the hearts of lightbearers everywhere.

Now the angels of comfort of the Maha Chohan do receive these hundred and more who have been scarred temporarily by these acts of ignominy. And there is an infusion throughout their beings and souls of an understanding of divine love for the healing to manifest within them. And Mother Mary herself steps forward with beloved Kuan Yin and many Mothers of heaven to receive these souls, and there is the washing clean of the atmosphere. And a great light now descends as many are in prayer for all who have been affected.

As you take a moment of silence now to go deep within your hearts and contact the God-flame burning brightly within you, see that light raying forth into France in this hour and supporting our efforts and the work of the Spirit, for this balm of Gilead to descend and for a new world of light and understanding to be born.

Thank you, dearest ones, for walking the razor's edge of the initiatic path, true to your Source, understanding the exigencies of the hour to remain steadfast and true to your vows. It is because of those whom we can count upon, who are the advocates of truth and divine freedom, that we received, and continue to receive, dispensations of grace for the mitigation of even greater calamities that had been envisioned by the dark forces. For, dearest ones, they had sought the killing of thousands rather than what ensued. And because of your calls to Archangel Michael of late, much has already been mitigated that could have occurred.

Therefore we applaud your efforts and we ask you to continue with the fervor and devotion of your hearts in coming days, months and years to safeguard the light through the work of the hosts of the Lord, including the great captain thereof, the Prince Archangel Michael, who now also stands in your midst to lead you on to the victory of that light. I thank you.

1. On the evening of November 13, 2015, a series of terrorist attacks occurred in Paris and one of its northern suburbs, Saint-Denis. Three suicide bombers carried out the attacks at the Stade de France, the national soccer stadium in Saint-Denis. This was followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and a music venue in Paris. In all, 130 people were killed and another 368 were injured.

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