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Buddha of the Violet Ray      October 26, 2015

Beloved Buddha of the Violet Light

David Christopher Lewis

October 26, 2015   9:10–9:20 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Buddha of the Violet Light Raises the Frequency of Our Earth

I AM the Buddha of the Violet Light, come this day to emanate throughout our world and within your lives the living essence of godliness that the amethyst and the violet light and the heart attuned to eternal freedom emanate through their union in the radiant field of the seventh ray. Dearest ones, this frequency of eternal beingness that the violet light is may be yours to experience when you are truly free to be who you are as a Buddha being, as an enlightened one, as one who draws forth from the universal mind of God every aspect of the alchemical fires and virtues of the seventh ray.

Many of you have given almost countless hours to invoking the violet light on behalf of planetary freedom—freedom for the souls of mankind, freedom for elemental life, freedom for the nations and their peoples, and freedom for your own soul to experience the initiatic path toward the All-Buddha. In these invocations, prayers, supplications, affirmations, mantras and songs, you have entered my field of beingness. For I have always been there behind the scene to amplify, through that light, the living Buddha nature of God expressed through violet-joy light.

Long, long ago upon another star system, Arcturus and Victoria communed with many Buddha beings to seek ways and means, through the God-light and the co-creative energies vouchsafed unto them as Elohim, to invest within your world and many worlds this ray, this divine essence, this spiritual fire. And we were there witnessing what they accessed and coalesced from the Eternal One through ingesting the pure stream of that violet frequency. And we too were inspired in our Buddhic meditation to enter this field of beingness and to be expressive of all of the virtues that the violet ray embodies.

Therefore I bring unto you this day an acceleration of transmutation within your being so that you too, blessed ones, may access this higher frequency of violet-laser light, wherein, with pinpoint accuracy and through divine focus, you may enter God's being through this ray to be truly free in your soul essence, to be Self-realized in God through the freedom flame that you choose to embody every moment through mindfulness, through heart-centeredness, through being real and true to who you are as a God-conscious one. And the acceleration of this ray is for a certain duration within your being, if you choose to accept it, whereby atoms and molecules of selfhood may experience the release of all depressive energies and states of being outside of the All-Buddha, and where every cell of your being may be aligned with your Source, freed from the impositions of the not-self, Mara and all mayic fields.

Therefore I say, O angels of Buddhism, bodhisattvas from Arcturus, come forth to Earth now! Bind that which is unreal within this Earth, and by the power of the violet ray, free every sentient being to experience her God, her blessedness, her divine glory. Blaze forth that ray into the lives of the virtuous ones so that they may access greater gifts of the Holy Spirit and live in this integrative field of beingness and presence 24/7.

Now a certain adjustment of the Earth's atmosphere and field occurs by permission of the Great Karmic Board, the Four and Twenty Elders and great Solar beings. There is a repressurization of light from the sun of even pressure within the Earth, out through the core, the mantle and the crust and into the higher atmospheric fields of the aura of this planet. And many Buddha beings will hold the divine pressurization of light within this new atmosphere during the transition from Pisces to Aquarius and the onset of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

This gift from our hearts has manifested due to your constancy, due to your meditation practice, your entering into the Great Silence through heart-centered stillness and, by God's grace, because one has called it forth this day through self-sacrifice and the ultimate givingness of the heart upon the altar of the One.

Coalesced now within your own auric field, precious hearts, is the same dynamic that we have brought forth for the Earth. And if you choose to live in this state of being, fully free in the light, vibrating in synchronicity with your Divine Presence, with your Buddhic and Atmic selves as one, I will be there supporting your inner work, your divine service and this new state of being that you have entered, that you are becoming through violet-joy love.

[The Buddha of the Violet Light chants the OM.]

Come to the star Arcturus and know illumined beingness within the violet ray of perfection, glory and eternal joy. I thank you.

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